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Jaroslav Strouhal

Jaroslav Strouhal

Senior Software Developer at SolarWinds

Prague (+01:00)
Czech, English
I am full-stack developer focused on software architecture. I am pleased to research new technologies. I have experience with agile development.
Java expert help Java - 6 years experience
I am used to work on business critical applications/services. I had opportunities to work with many different technologies - for example I have experience with integration projects and building of reusable API - REST/SOAP/messaging. I am used to work on pure java SE (without any library), to use spring, spring MVC, JPA, Jersey, etc. and I have experience with Java EE as well.
Sql expert help SQL - 8 years experience
I have a lot of experience with designing DB schemas, tuning optimization, writing stored procedures on many different databases (such as FirebirdSQL, MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle).
Csharp expert help C# - 2 years experience
I worked on business critical systems: - The service (+ client), which provides licensing capabilities for all company products. Technologies: WCF + Entity framework + LINQ I have experience with integration projects: - Microsoft Dynamics / Jira integration + Azure service bus. (Linq, Azure service bus, WCF, RestSharp, Microsoft Dynamics) - NetSuite / Jira integration (RestSharp, WCF)
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
I am used to use git for more than 3 years
No icon Perforce - 3 years experience
I used perforce for 3 years
No icon Jira - 2 years experience
I have experience with creation of JIRA plugins and JIRA administration. My responsibilities were: updating of workflows, writing of custom scripts (script runner), using of JIRA-rest API on related integration projects.
No icon Amazon aws - 1 year experience
I am administrator of java based application (Style in cities) on Amazon AWS. This application runs on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, uses Amazon RDS (mysql) and uses Amazon S3 for photo storage. I am responsible for configuration, deploy and monitoring of all applications.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 2 years experience
I have experience on web based projects / java projects.. for example: combination of - PHP + JQuery - JSF + JQuery - angularjs + rest services
Php expert help PHP - 3 years experience
I created information system based on existing mysql + firebird database. Main purpose for this information system was to present production data from factory to support representative. The customer could easily ask such representatives about status on each order.
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Very knowledgeable - was quick to move through the flow i was trying to solve and came up with a simple solution.
Rasmus Sjørslev Nov 29, 2016