Dave Keen, freelance Elm programmerView Profile
Dave Keen5.0
Freelance Elm developer in Baden, Switzerland

Freelance full stack developer

I've been using Elm professionally since 0.16, and am now on my third commercial project. Specifically I've been using Elm with Cordova in order to produce apps that run in the browser, on Android and on iOS.
Léo Jeusset, Elm freelance programmerView Profile
Léo Jeusset
Freelance Elm developer in Luleå, Sweden

Freelance Full-Stack Developer

I have been working with Elm for about a year and got a job as Elm developer since May 2017 for a German company as an Elm developer. This job requires dealing and improving a large code-based, dealing with a lot of ports and encoders/decoders. I love working with Elm and look forward to helping people through their Elm journey. I've also written a couple of articles about Elm available here: medium.com/@leojpod
Robert Krahn, Elm freelance coderView Profile
Robert Krahn5.0
Freelance Elm developer in San Francisco, United States

Software engineer

I love the simplicity and robustness of Elm and give Elm project requests a very high priority.
Austin Kabiru, top Elm developerView Profile
Austin Kabiru5.0
Freelance Elm developer in Nairobi, Kenya

There's beauty in simplicity

I have experience building purely functional frontend web apps with Elm. Example open source project: https://github.com/akabiru/shufflebox-frontend. I'm also conversant with functional programming concepts; I love to borrow concepts from FP and apply them to my OOP code.
Paul Chiusano, top Elm developerView Profile
Paul Chiusano
Freelance Elm developer in Somerville, United States

Functional Programming expert (Scala, Haskell, Elm)

I've used Elm heavily for some personal projects.
Marcin Piczkowski, Elm freelancer and developerView Profile
Marcin Piczkowski
Freelance Elm developer in Lodz, Poland

Full Stack Java/JavaScript Developer and Architect

I'm experimenting with it in my own projects
Bogdan Zaharia, senior Elm developerView Profile
Bogdan Zaharia
Freelance Elm developer in Bucharest, Romania

Fullstack JavaScript Developer, interested in Functional Programming

I've been a big fan of functional programming for a long time, and have been experimenting with many functional languages over the years. I've recently discovered Elm and I got really excited about its elegance and ease of use. So far, I've published an Elm package[1] and gave a talk[2] at our local React meet-up about Elm and ways to integrate it into an existing JS app. I've also built some small Elm apps at two hackathons. [1] http://package.elm-lang.org/packages/zaboco/elm-draggable/latest [2] https://speakerdeck.com/zaboco/elm-for-react-developers
Nikita Tchayka, senior Elm developerView Profile
Nikita Tchayka5.0
Freelance Elm developer in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Clean code, SOLID, TDD, Functional programming

Did some tests and a desktop app using Electron + Elm, also we use this for small UIs in my company
LB (Ben Johnston), Elm freelancer and developerView Profile
LB (Ben Johnston)
Freelance Elm developer in Brisbane, Australia

Python developer, passionate to understand how things work, create and improve systems.

Elm is a great functional frontend framework, after a bit of a learning curve I have found this can solve browser UI problems like nothing else I have used.
Asaf Cohen, Elm freelance developerView Profile
Asaf Cohen
Freelance Elm developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

Elm and agile enthusiast

Working remote with ELM for Pickmister Ltd. enjoying every minute :)
Nicolas Fernandez, Elm freelancer and developerView Profile
Nicolas Fernandez5.0
Freelance Elm developer in Ashburn, United States

Developer, Mentor, Functional programmer and CTO @ SantiagoLab

I'm just starting with Elm, but I've already made some projects, pushed some limits, contributed with a couple libraries and with some code to the elm-lang repo. I'd love to help anyone using Elm!
Matthew Wright, senior Elm developerView Profile
Matthew Wright
Freelance Elm developer in Richardson, United States

Software Consultant

I've built several small, reliable, apps using Elm. When given the choice of front-end framework, I always pick elm now.
Oliver Searle-Barnes, Elm programmer and consultantView Profile
Oliver Searle-Barnes
Freelance Elm developer in Manises, Spain

Full Stack Web Developer

Led development of an embeddable realtime social webapp with elements of twitter/slack.
Giovanni T. Parra, Elm freelancer and developerView Profile
Giovanni T. Parra
Freelance Elm developer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

A programmer out of passion. Go, Python, Javascript, multiple stuff.

I've written some personal projects in Elm, one of them is live at http://estantevirtual.alhur.es/, but it is in Portuguese. I think I understand and like the Elm approach to single page webapps a lot.
Sonny Michaud, top Elm developerView Profile
Sonny Michaud
Freelance Elm developer in Ithaca, United States

Well Rounded Web Developer

Elm is my passion for side projects, and I have explored it in depth, but have yet to produce much with it.

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