Top Senior Elm Developers - Oct 2017

Freelance full stack developer

I am a freelance full-stack web developer and consultant specialising in Javascript, HTML5, PHP, Symfony 2, Flex and Flash. I am knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of technologies, languages and platforms. I am also highly skilled in software engineering and systems architecture and my work is always robust, reliable, maintainable and elegantly coded. I have over 12 years hands-on experience in the industry and hold a degree in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh.

Computer Scientist

Building things like software products and intelligent machines and systems is the best job in the world! So if you want to have a chat about computers, let me know.

Senior Software Engineer (Frontend Lead) at TravelBird

Passionate programmer and product developer serving since 2002 who likes programming, fintech, cryptocurrencies and strategic sectors. Successfully executed freelance, open source, startup and enterprise projects. With cross-functional and cross-cultural teams, I've had the opportunity to work with fascinating projects and people. I build scalable micro services, real-time apps and mobile apps using innovative technologies in Node and the JS ecosystem including React and React Native. Pure backend technologies I've experienced include Elixir, Rust, Python, Scala and good ol' PHP back in the day.

Young, curious fullstack developer with a focus on Javascript. Promoter of opensource, I help others whenever I can.

As a programmer I also like to stay up to date with everything. Doing this is no easy task in the frontend world. I co-organize Cluj Javascripters, a great meetup group (~1000 members), where friends and I have held around 50 workshops and presentations in the past 1.5 years: I always liked to share my knowledge and help others. The biggest benefit is seeing the moment people finally truly understand!

Functional Programming expert (Scala, Haskell, Elm)

I'm co-author of the book Functional Programming in Scala and have been doing FP professionally for many years. I look forward to helping teach and mentor other interested functional programmers!

Author, Hacker, Entrepreneur, Conference Organizer, Startup Mentor

@TheIronYard, @DestinationCode, @SpaceCityConfs, mentor @stationhouston, INFOSEC, Lisper + λ, @CapitalFactory alum, @HoustonJS, @toptal,

Problem solver and full stack developer

I am a problem solver that enjoys using software to answer difficult questions and build creative solutions. I have a passion for both science and technology and use my varied background in software engineering, product development, scientific research, mathematics, business to generate transformative applications. I have experience mentoring junior developers and have taught classes in both Angular and React. I would love to help you out with any Javascript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and SQL challenges, provide ongoing mentoring, or advise on architecture or business requirements. I have over 10 years of software development experience, including: - building enterprise Java and SQL (Oracle) applications capable of handling millions of trades per day for a large online brokerage with Java and SQL and PL/SQL (Oracle/MySQL) - modeling and simulating brain tumor growth and treatment using MATLAB as a mathematician and research scientist - managing and implementing the entire product lifecycle (requirement design, architecture, implementation, deployment) for greenfield and brownfield web and IoT applications for a variety of clients as a senior developer at an agency using primarily Rails, Javascript, HTML, and CSS


I program in a smattering of different languages. I speak English and a bit of Spanish, aside from my native Swedish. I'm inquisitive, fastidious, and enjoy sharing what I've learnt and finding ways of explaining it.

There's beauty in simplicity

Open source enthusiast • Continuous learner • Musician • Fascinated by simple solutions to complex problems • @andela Fellow • I am groot

Web developer with a focus on JavaScript and front end - 10+ years of experience

I'm an all-around web professional with a focus on front-end technologies, user experience and media applications while also having a good eye for visual design. I have over 13 years of experience as a developer, working on various projects that touched both very diverse use cases and technologies.

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Guy Jack
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