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Brujo Benavides

Brujo Benavides

CTO at Inaka

Buenos Aires (-03:00)
Spanish, English
I started using computers when I was 9, and programming when I was 10. Those days, I wrote many programs in Basic for Commodore, mostly small games. When I was 18, I got my degree in Computer Technical. At that point, I wrote some real-life programs in Visual Basic, like an administrative software for taxi agencies. My first real work was in a banking software company called G&F in february of 2000. I started working as a junior programmer and through the years I became senior developer, tester, project leader, tech leader and finally, software architect. Those systems had strong volume, performance and security requirements. There I met Facundo Villanueva, my partner at Mogosto Soft. We realized that most of the time we actually enjoy programming, solving problems and creating solutions, so we created this free-lance programming group where we work in projects just for the fun of it. After eight years on G&F, I felt the need to grow up and embrace new technologies. Then I switched to Novamens, where I started developing Erlang systems for a VoIP company. At the same time I was studying in the Buenos Aires University to became a computer scientist and that's what I am now. You can check out my final thesis project (a development platform built in Haskell, called λPage) at http://haskell.hpage.com. I spent two years working at Novamens, then I got my Erlang Solutions' Intermediate Certificate and met Chad DePue right when he was creating Inaka Labs. I joined the company and I'm working there since its very beginnings, developing highly concurrent applications for this new social world we're living in. After several years creating software solutions in Erlang, I feel very confident working with it and I keep learning new stuff every day. After all these years, what I liked most of my work were the chances to learn and the possibilities to use my creativity in a productive way.
Erlang expert help Erlang - 10 years experience
Erlang is my favourite language. I'm not only an Erlang architect, I'm an Erlang trainer at Erlang-Solutions. I love this language and the whole ecosystem around it.
Git expert help Git - 8 years experience
I'm the go-to guy in my company for git-related issues. I've been working with git since I've started working in Erlang, 8 years ago. I'll never say that I finally understand it all, because I said that already 3 times at least and I've been always wrong. In any case, you can check out my git[hub] lessons on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_QKSVBSe9s / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi-DIbu5OR8
No icon Nosql - 4 years experience
At my company (Erlang-Solutions), we provide support for Riak. I, particularly, have built more than 3 big systems with Riak backends and one huge messaging platform with a Redis backend. I was also the main contributor to edis (http://github.com/inaka/edis), a failed attempt at cloning redis in Erlang.
Sql expert help SQL - 8 years experience
I've worked with SQL databases since I started working 15 years ago. I'm very proficient at SQL syntax and data modelling. I'm not particularly expert in any RDBMS implementation per-sé, but if your issue is SQL-related I can totally help.
hPage 15   1
A scrapbook for Haskell developers
wxhnotepad 13   2
An example of how to implement a basic notepad with wxHaskell
syslog 7   4
Erlang support for syslog using a NIF
C Erlang
witchcraft 7   1
My personal assorted stuff
Shell Erlang
eprocess 6   2
*Very* basic erlang-like process support for Haskell
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