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Steven Kryskalla, Elb dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Ashburn, United States

Software Engineer

Full stack software engineer + operations.
Toby Hede, freelance Elb programmerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Lane Cove, Australia

Serverless Architect and Developer

I am an experienced Developer and Polyglot Programmer, based in Sydney, Australia. I specialise in Serverless Architectures and the AWS platform. I've been developing serverless applications with TypeScript and JavaScript, but I've experience with a bunch of other languages as well. I quite like databases, and distributed systems.
Shobhit Puri, Elb freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Coquitlam, Canada

Software Development Team Lead at TradeRev

Who am I? I am a Mobile Application Development enthusiast. I have been enjoying developing Android applications for 4 years. I got a chance to work on some exciting apps. Some of them include mobile payment solutions using Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC and QR code, app for drug relapse prevention for people with additive disorders, app for enabling user to securely login to web services leveraging 'something that user has'​, i.e chip cards and mobile devices. I'm passionate about Technical and Social Entrepreneurship. Currently I lead a team of developers at TradeRev, working on B2B app for live vehicle auctioning system. What I have to offer? I believe that for creating something useful, its necessary for people with diverse professional backgrounds to come together. If you have a great...
Silvio Moreto, top Elb developerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in São Paulo, Brazil
I would like to help newbies to challenge problems base on my skills
Valentine Zavadskiy, Elb consultant and programmerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Minsk, Belarus

Web-developer with 7+ years of experience.

Start doing web-development at the age of 16. Since that launched a lot of projects, mostly using Ruby on Rails. CEO of consulting company with 15+ people.
Murvin Lai, Elb freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Vancouver, Canada

Node.js / Express.js / MongoDB professional.

More than 14 years Web development experience on both Front & Back end, and 4+ years experience on Node.js development on various scale projects. Focusing on: Node.js, Express.js, Pomelo, MongoDB, Redis, JQuery, JS, AWS EC2 cloud, HTML 5, IPhone web app. Also: PHP, MySQL, Java, C++..etc My Github repo: NPM published: - - - - Related Certification: - Certified MongoDB for DBAs, issued by 10 gen. - Certified MongoDB Developer for Node.js, issued by 10gen. - Certified MongoDB Developer for Python, issued by 10gen. For Recruiter, Please read carefully: DO NOT contact me ...
Nick Peddy, Elb freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Glen Allen, United States

Ex-Amazon, Ex-Ebay, Current Startup VP of Engineering, Daily Coder

A true technologist at heart. Equal parts talent for critical thinking and enthusiasm for good engineering; as much about innovation and long-term thinking as about rolling up the sleeves and getting it done. Comfortable leading, working and collaborating in a team environment to design and implement high-scale, high-availability systems. Most importantly, a genuine passion for solving some of the most interesting problems on the Internet.
Mark Wilkerson, senior Elb developerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Molalla, United States

Node.js Principle @ Hightail. Former Blizzard, SpeakUp, Dell

Node.js Principle @ Hightail. Organizer jsoc. Formerly of Blizzard Entertainment, SpeakUp, and Dell.
Jason (@iDoMeteor), Elb software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Marquette, United States

Emergency support specialist, cloud consultant, lifetime coder, Linux ninja, security guru, developer-operations liasion, systems administrator. Often called 'rockstar', 'unicorn', 'hero', 'savior', 'recluse'; seldom called on the phone.

I put out cyber fires over donuts and camp fires. Polyphasic sleeper serving all timezones! Provider of live-help in real-time via video conference for technologies I have mastered and problems no one else can solve. Writer of re-brandable content management systems (every app has content, does it not?), re-usable apps & APIs, member of Mensa & Intertel, slayer of salmon. Human languages for fun, programming languages for breakfast. I left Detroit in the Dot-Com era to live deep in the north woods, I wear camo every day and kill my own food when I have to. I solve my own problems with grace and efficiency. I'll be happy to solve yours! My three most valuable skills: * Problem solving * Anticipation (of variables and user expectations) * Machine logic These skills, when applied t...
Joe McCullough, senior Elb developerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Ashburn, United States

Programming educator | Server debugger

Hello there! My name is Joe, and I'm extremely passionate about programming education. You can see the research I've done on the subject of teaching programming and computer science concepts here: I have experiencing teaching students with and without formal backgrounds. I took algorithm and data structures courses in college in addition to higher level mathematics. You can examine the comments on my YouTube videos, and you will see that many people find my explanations of concepts helpful: I'd be glad to help you reach the next level in your programming abilities!
Aaron Peterson, senior Elb developerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Sacramento, United States

Infrastructure Architect at iPyxel Creations

Multi-platform full stack developer specializing in event-driven architecture/infrastructure and project manager for a wide variety of business environments and industry with a relentless affinity for good design and solid code. Past clients include Ernst & Young, Ford Motor Company, Jaguar, Tower Records, Fraternal Order of Police, and Scale OUT, not UP.
Nikolay Kolev, top Elb developerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Irvine, United States

Cloud Architect

I am a well-experienced Cloud Architect and DevOps engineer. With more than 15 years in web development, and over 25 in software engineering, I can solve efficiently a wide-range of problems.
Hunter Sherman, senior Elb developerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Austin, United States

Software Development Manager and Architect

Software Development Manager and Architect
Alex Michael, Elb freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in London, United Kingdom

Python and JavaScript Software Engineer

As an engineer I mostly code in Python and JavaScript. I have worked extensively with the web, APIs, service-oriented architectures and data. I obsess over the details and customer experience and I love being involved in all product phases, from conception, to building, deploying and monitoring.
Narendra Vaghela, Elb dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Elb developer in Ashburn, United States

Co-founder at PNG Labz, Software Developer and Solution Architect

8+ years of experience developing web apps, REST APIs, backend systems, leading teams. I started my career in 2009 as a Jr Web Developer. I grew by developing and leading 20+ web-based products for small to enterprise level companies and clients. I have great hands-on experience with CakePHP, jQuery, MySQL, Firebase, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Git, CI & CD, DevOps, and project leading. I love to contribute to open-source projects.

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