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Fabio Garcia, Ecmascript freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Miami, United States

Laid-back personality, lean-forward attitude.

I have worked with ECMAScript/JavaScript in one capacity or another for the greater part of 20 years. Would love to mentor fellow knowledge seekers.
Sunny R Gupta, top Ecmascript developerHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Mumbai, India

Lead Frontend Engineer. UX/UI and Software Architecture.

Works have been featured in Apple Keynote Events at the launch of iPad Pro and iPhone 6S. I am a front-end expert with a decade of experience in building web applications. HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, React, AJAX, ES6+, SASS, Gulp, Node.js etc are some of the most common tech I work with. Started out early on during school with dynamic web-development and search engine optimization. I have specialised in crafting isomorphic front-end applications with responsive and elegant user experiences. I believe in thinking as the end-user and building something that everyone would love to use. The previous stints at various companies like Fab and Hem have helped me gain deep insights in achieving consumer satisfaction with intuitive design.
Alex Lubinsky, top Ecmascript developerHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Kiev, Ukraine

10+ years in Front End Development

I have been in Front End Development since 2000 and done a lot of large and small web projects. The main area of the development - Javascript with AngularJS and Html/Css . I’ve got a lot of experience in Yahoo/Aabaco Small Business. Also i can help you with WordPress customization. $$ Money-back guaranteed
Michael Safyan, senior Ecmascript developerHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Pittsburgh, United States

Senior Software Engineer at Google

Senior Software Engineer at Google Inc. in Search working on the backend serving infrastructure for Knowledge Graph, a massive database of millions of real-world things and billions of connections between them, which is used to power "cards" that summarize information about those things (such as when searching for famous books, movies,TV shows, music albums, celebrities, politicians, places, etc.). In addition to working at Google during the day, I also moonlight as a tutor and mentor. Answering programming questions is a passion of mine, as can be seen from my StackOverflow profile (where I am in the top 0.3% by reputation)
ClaudiuS, freelance Ecmascript developerHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Braşov, Romania

Critical thinker, algorithmic approach

Fighting to bring you the best.
Kirk Lashley, Ecmascript freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Chicago, United States

Founder of WeDeliver - Techstars alum, software engineer and entrepreneur. I started programming in 1986, people started giving me money for it in 1996. I'm best at Java and Android, and I love solving problems.

I'm the chief technologist and co-founder of a same-day delivery platform for local businesses (acquired 2015). My background is in software engineering and leadership, with well over 18 years of professional software development experience. I'm experienced in the all aspects of the software development life-cycle, and have successfully managed over 90 web application projects since the late 90s. I love to learn, and have mentored many software engineers over the last 16 years, and enjoy seeing more of them add entrepreneurship to their portfolio of skills in recent years.
Karlin Fox, Ecmascript freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Rockford, United States

Generalist Software Maker

I've worked in many business domains and with a variety of teams over the course of 15 years of professional experience. I have a passion for loosely-coupled and well-tested software that delights users and future maintainers alike.
Wojciech Bednarski, Ecmascript software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Krakow, Poland

Full-Stack Programmer

I specialize in designing and building high quality and secure custom software with a user-centric focus. I am my QA team, carefully reviewing both my own and coworkers code. I was born in Unix. Now I live in ES2015 and Ember on Rails. I am a software engineer with the expert level of client side technologies. I love typography and color theory but don't ask me why I'm not a designer. I wrote a book ISBN #9781782160205.
Mateja Trifunovski, Ecmascript software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Web Developer

Young and enthusiastic undergraduate Computer Science student. Currently mainly focused on web and frontend development. My work is usually described as fast and elegant, having great attention for details I provide amazing solutions for clients.
Tom Chadaravicius, Ecmascript freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Palatine, United States
Rahul Gandhi, Ecmascript freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Gurgaon, India

Front End Engineer at Roposo

Passionate about front-end web development and excited to work with emerging web technologies Few of my technical skills and specializations are: Javascript, ReactJS (JSX), Flux, Redux, AngularJS, jQuery HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap,LESS, Angular Material, NodeJS, ExpressJS, NGINX, Handlebars,EJS, REST APIs, Gulp, Grunt, Bower,NPM and other modern javascript based tools.
Daniel Kucal, Ecmascript freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Ashburn, United States

Angular+Typescript Engineer

Passionate and professional software developer for over 6 years. My current field of interest is Angular (version 2+) based on Typescript and I’ll be more than pleased to help you with it! Code quality is something I attach great importance to, so I’m always looking for the best possible solution and like to constantly improve the code and my skills.
Stanislas Ormières, Ecmascript software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Paris, France

Full stack JavaScript developer

I have a teacher background and I taught Biology and Geology for 3 years, until I decided to change job and become a Web developer. I started as a Java EE web developer before becoming really interested in what could be achieved with JavaScript, first on the frontend, and then, thanks to Node.js, on the backend. I love to work with people with convinctions, even if I don't share all of them, I love to get challenges, both intellectual and technical. I like to travel and learn from other people, and teach them what I can in return. I love to get to know at least some words of the language spoken in the countries I visit, and to learn from their culture.
Benjamin Zalasky, Ecmascript dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Ecmascript developer in Dedham, United States

I’d like to help you design and build your product

Over the last eight years, I’ve helped my clients design, build and market software products and e-commerce businesses with uncompromising craftsmanship. Now, I’d like to help you design and build your product. My specialties are large-scale JavaScript applications, interactive visualizations, rapid prototypes and user interface design. The spectrum of companies I've worked with includes established brands, such as Honda and Rawlings, late stage startups, like Lookout, and small startups, like Stipple and Winestyr.

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