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Darío Javier Cravero, Ecma2015 programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance Ecma2015 developer in Dublin, Ireland

Maker. React, Redux. Frontend or backend. You name it. I make it.

I make things. I've been CTO of a couple of startups for the last few years leading every technological decisions we faced. I'm currently focused on actively pushing the web forward by creating a new way of building the web which we call Panels. It's all open sourced at All in all, I see technology as a means to an end: to communicate; so going forward I want to keep on doing exactly that. I want to lead the way we make the web happen.
Merlin Patterson, Ecma2015 dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Ecma2015 developer in Baltimore, United States

Product Wizard at ClassTracks / Fellow at Venture For America

Advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I am a developer. I have strong interests in educational technologies, code literacy (and literacy in general), and startups. I primarily work on the backend but have frontend skills as well. I am a writer. I am currently writing a science fiction novel. I have a blog that is mainly about tech though occasionally my life slips in there (or is it the other way around?). And I wrote my dorm's weekly newsletter the academic year of September 2012 through April 2013. I am a self proclaimed efficiency expert. I am constantly looking for ways to speed up the unimportant things in life: like finding keys or getting ready in the morning: That way I can focus on the most important things in life: my friends and family, and my passions.
Mateja Trifunovski, Ecma2015 software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Ecma2015 developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Web Developer

Young and enthusiastic undergraduate Computer Science student. Currently mainly focused on web and frontend development. My work is usually described as fast and elegant, having great attention for details I provide amazing solutions for clients.
Richard Sumilang, Ecma2015 dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Ecma2015 developer in Northridge, United States

Lead Software Engineer at TMZ

Hello - I've been in the entertainment industry designing solutions for companies such as MTV, E!, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon Games, Neopets, MonkeyQuest, TMZ, and many more. I am always seen as the team lead with strong design principles on standards and patterns.
Lue Ik Hong, Ecma2015 freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Ecma2015 developer in Singapore, Singapore

CEO at Postin

a person who likes to develop a solution using software. Currently own a startup in Singapore.
Rahul Gandhi, Ecma2015 freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Ecma2015 developer in Gurgaon, India

Front End Engineer at Roposo

Passionate about front-end web development and excited to work with emerging web technologies Few of my technical skills and specializations are: Javascript, ReactJS (JSX), Flux, Redux, AngularJS, jQuery HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap,LESS, Angular Material, NodeJS, ExpressJS, NGINX, Handlebars,EJS, REST APIs, Gulp, Grunt, Bower,NPM and other modern javascript based tools.
Tristan Fitzgerald, Ecma2015 software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Ecma2015 developer in Deerfield, United States

Making Complexity, Appear Simple

The Gist: I am your Full Stack, Software Engineer, both passionate and determined to produce viable, maintainable solutions that meet stakeholders needs. In development, I believe that we must honestly consider our decisions and how they impact our team, the end users, and our organization's operations. Effective use of best practices and proven software methodologies is the best way to deliver stable solutions on time and budget. On any given day you are likely to find me: - Planning and reviewing development tasks, user stories, and other Scrum oriented workflow items to fuel development, - Developing feature branches to meet Sprint objectives and ensure persistent project progression, - Providing code reviews, offering feedback, and producing documentation to support my team in their...

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