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Pavel Dusatko

Pavel Dusatko

Swiftly writing Objective-C code since 2009

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Czech, English
iOS Developer at Clio
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
During my 4 years of iOS experience I have had a chance to acquire deep knowledge of not only the vast majority of Cocoa Touch frameworks but also third party libraries which became recently a fundamental part of everyone's code base with the wake of CocoaPods. I believe I have a great eye for detail and clean, functional user interface as well as code structure and best practices on the mobile platform. I'm behind the following apps: 1. Panorama 360 Cities - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/360cities/id581473726 2. Hornet - Gay Social Network - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hornet-gay-social-network/id462678375 3. iASPI Tablet - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iaspi-tablet/id480700059 4. Recepty.cz - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/recepty.cz/id418544428 I love to help people which is why I signed up for Codementor!
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
I'm exclusively using Git since 2010 for all my projects and I think you should too!
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Problem solved. Been working with Pavel for almost a year now and as my challenges grow, he still is able to help me understand them and solve them.
Laith Zraikat Feb 17, 2015

Awesome as always!
Laith Zraikat Dec 14, 2014

As usual. Solved my problems. Great learning experience!
Laith Zraikat Oct 17, 2014

Pavel solved my issues swiftly and with great attention to detail. Even though my code was very messy, he could easily understand the logic and refactor the code. He solved all my issues and explained the problems/mistakes clearly. I'll definitely ask Pavel again for help!
Bas Sep 28, 2014

Laith Zraikat Sep 08, 2014

Great guy, and doesn't give up until he solves your problem.
Kehlin Swain Aug 07, 2014

Reviewed our work flow with Pavel, got some good inputs. Will use his help again for future needs.
Nik K. Jul 23, 2014

Laith Zraikat Jul 18, 2014

Great session. All problems solved. Looking forward to our next session!
Laith Zraikat Jun 27, 2014

Great session. Solved all the issues I had listed. Pavel bot only solves my problems, but always helps me get a solid understanding of the solutions. A great mentor.
Laith Zraikat Jun 06, 2014

Pavel is a great developer and an exceptional teacher. I'm advancing so fast with his guidance. He's super committed. I highly recommend working with Pavel especially if you need long term mentorship.
Laith Zraikat May 22, 2014

Best teacher you can have to learn iOS the right way. Very dedicated and committed.
Laith Zraikat May 08, 2014

Pavel was great as usual!
jack lalley Apr 19, 2014

Great session. Always making progress and learning new things with Pavel.
Laith Zraikat Apr 15, 2014

Pavel was great as usual helping me with a tough bug.
jack lalley Apr 13, 2014

As usual. It's always very satisfying to work with and learn from Pavel.
Laith Zraikat Apr 09, 2014

Pavel was as good as ever.
jack lalley Apr 07, 2014

Pavel was great as always.
jack lalley Apr 04, 2014

Awesome! Pavel always emphasizes best practices and explains them very nicely and clearly. He seems like a very dedicated person because he always pays attention to the small details in the code and UX. I love working with him.
Laith Zraikat Apr 04, 2014

Pavel was incredibly helpful. Looking forward to learning more from him soon!
Erik Lukas Apr 02, 2014

Same to be said as usual. Very helpful. Will use again.
jack lalley Apr 01, 2014

Had another session with Pavel today. He was super helpful and I come away feeling like I've not only solved my problem but learnt how to tackle it on my own. Highly recommended.
jack lalley Mar 29, 2014

Pavel was great. He explained everything to me clearly and new exactly what I wanted to achieve. Would definitely recommend.
jack lalley Mar 28, 2014

Great progress. We tackled quite a few challenges today. Pavel is always very patient. Excellent teacher :)
Laith Zraikat Mar 27, 2014

Always very rewarding. Pavel is very patient and invests time before and after the session to make sure I get the best value from everything we discuss in the sessions.
Laith Zraikat Mar 22, 2014

Great as always. Pavel is an excellent teacher.
Laith Zraikat Mar 21, 2014

Another great session. I had quite a few questions and we went through all of them. Pavel explained the solutions very well and implemented them in my code. Pavel is a great teacher. It's always a pleasure learning with him.
Laith Zraikat Mar 20, 2014

Third session. Pavel had done the code review in advance and we discussed it thoroughly. With the screen share he was able to show me how to go about completing some functionality. I look forward to the next session.
Laith Zraikat Mar 15, 2014

Excellent session. Very clear communication. Pavel looked at my work beforehand and prepared his notes. I will be working based on his instructions and come back for a follow up session, hopefully very soon!
Laith Zraikat Mar 12, 2014

Pavel was great. Responded immediately. We had an intro session that was very helpful. I look forward to doing regular sessions in the coming weeks.
Laith Zraikat Mar 09, 2014

Pavel was fantastic! He had already solved my problem before the session started. He then guided me through the solution and we were done within 10 minutes.
Nicolai Safai Mar 03, 2014

Awesome, to the point and very helpful. Pavel came prepared with the code to solve the problem that helped us directly solve our problem. He explained it very clearly. Highly recommend him!
Deepinder Gulati Feb 18, 2014