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Programming is a mindset

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There are three questions that every good kid asks before he/she jumps into the action: 1. What do I need to make? 2. Where is that going to be used? 3. What should I use to achieve it and http://caniuse.com it? Once we have that determined we just need to develop the ideas in our <head> and say with confident console.log('Hello World'); Being an great developer is very similar to being an great person. It is all about the choices we make... If we make a good choice it will be of a huge benefit to us later on. But if we make a bad choice, it will become the horror version of perpetuum mobile, problem that generates problems. One of my students said to me, while he was in the middle of intermediate JS course: “I have problem with this, no matter how good I make it, it is bad. There are hundreds of ways to do the same thing!” He was wrong, since there is actually near to ∞ number of possible solutions! Yet he spotted one very important fact. Such thing as perfect solution for the given conditions and environment can exist, but the perfect universal solution is an insult. Be aware that the people who are trying to sell you that approach are just selling themselves, not the solution that you need... With that being said I can conclude that the developer is person who at first develops him/her self and then the software he/she makes. var solution = new Mind({ state: 'open' }); solution.idea({ thoughts: array });
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Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
I am full stack developer that found his love. Have in total 9 years of web development experience and 7 years of plain OOP JS experience...
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 9 years experience
Have in total 9 years of HTML/CSS practical experience...
Php expert help PHP - 7 years experience
I worked on some serious OOP php apps...
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
I am super happy that JavaScript have its backend implementation!
Jquery expert help jQuery - 9 years experience
The good old library that can save lots of time...
Mysql expert help MySQL - 7 years experience
I love when query is not jquery! Have years of experience in building SQL databases. Structure and planning are what makes the difference...
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 3 years experience
Fast and efficient database...
Wordpress WordPress - 5 years experience
I done it all, from custom themes to plugin implementation...
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Great experience again
Michael Noe Dec 30, 2016

Great developer and easy to work with.
Travis Campbell Dec 29, 2016

Awesome and super patient!
Ashley Williams Dec 29, 2016

The best
casper Dec 28, 2016

Very helpful and able to help mentor on correct syntax and procedure. Would give a 6 if I could.
Tiffany Sumuel Dec 26, 2016

Dusan was very quick to sort out my d3js problem and took time to explain exactly what was going wrong. Highly recommended.
Eoin May 08, 2016

Dusan is very knowable and easy to work with. He is a great help and a professional. I will enjoy working with him again.
Lorenzo Mateo May 02, 2016

Great Mentor. Easy to understand and communicate with.
seth jenners Apr 30, 2016

great mentor, an expert in Javascript and a very nice guy. I really recommend him :)
david lasry Apr 30, 2016

Dusan is an awesome Mentor! Great communication, and is very knowledgeable! I certainly plan to work with Dusan again! Thank you!
Jon Malave Apr 29, 2016

He was so fast and he is master in php. I highly recommended him
SAMIA Apr 28, 2016

This guys is the best!
Thomas Niemczewski Apr 28, 2016

Very skilled and fast.
Eddie Bryan Apr 27, 2016

Awesome !
Thomas Niemczewski Apr 25, 2016

He's a great mentor! I learned a lot even in our first session. Looking forward to upcoming mentor sessions with him. Thanks
Israel Apr 25, 2016

Excellent! Friendly, very knowledgable, got it done!
Phil Warton Apr 17, 2016