How I learned Python

Published May 05, 2018Last updated May 14, 2018

About me

I have started learning python for myself so that i can be enhance my skill and work on different languages.

Why I wanted to learn Python

I find myself Python is helpful in working with different kind of data analysis and it provides a different approaches to do the case studies on different data

How I approached learning Python

I have just started now , i find myself quite interesting to earn and easy as well , currently learning variable, data structures etc, lets see how far its going and bringing change in my skill set

Challenges I faced

as of now i find there are almost paid way to learn this code , it should be free to learn and get the certificate for professional person

Key takeaways

Tips and advice

if you really keen in analysis data and working with different data for case studies and algorithm then python may help you to get rid of will able to provide new approaches as well

Final thoughts and next steps

i will be learning Ruby on Rails in the Next

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