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David Tsao

David Tsao

Formerly acquihired engineer at Groupon. Now a PhD student at Rice. Princeton grad.

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)
Full stack engineer. I've worked on machine learning, big data, SEM and web app development in Python and Clojure. Best bang for the buck is for me to provide code review and help you become productive with your tools (pycharm, emacs, git, cursive clojure, leiningen). Also happy to teach basics.
No icon Emacs lisp - less than 1 year experience
Clojure and clojurescript using CIDER
gyptis 43   2
A library for generating and viewing vega.js plots from clojure
CSS Clojure JavaScript
xvsy 24   1
Grammar of graphics plotting for Clojure
CSS HTML Shell Clojure JavaScript
gmail-filters 5   1
Filters for Gmail
rpi-thermostat 3   0
Raspberry pi powered home thermostat
CSS HTML Shell Python JavaScript
home-theater-remote 1   0
Use your iPad as a remote control