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Freelancer with 6+ years of experience in web development with Ruby on Rails.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 3 years experience
Be it rails 2 with ruby 1.8.x , rails 3 with ruby 1.9.x or rails 4 with ruby 2.0 Used them all :)
No icon Elasticsearch - 3 years experience
recently moved entire infrastructure form Solr To ElasticSearch. It was a tiring but a very good learning experience.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 3 years experience
I simply love the language.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
I live git :) . If you tell me you you do not use git i will probably get angry on you. If you want to know how to use git , then probably i am your guy. I am a big fan of git pull requests approach and we do that not even for forked projects , but even on the main common project. You can learn more about it on: http://codeinthehole.com/writing/pull-requests-and-other-good-practices-for-teams-using-github/
No icon Stripe - 1 year experience
Used Stripe as a payment Gateway on one of the projects, and project covered all the functionalities that stripe offers like Multiple Plans, Multiple Subscriptions, Multiple Cards Per user, one time charges etc
No icon Ssl - 2 years experience
Expertise in moving websites over HTTPS and also a big supporter of Letsencrypt revolution( https://letsencrypt.org/ ) to make SSL available to everyone for free.
Wordpress WordPress - 1 year experience
Expertise in integrating wordpress with payment gateways using plugins like woocommerce, s2member and also writing custom plugins.
No icon Digital ocean - 2 years experience
Expertise in deploying Ruby on Rails apps on Digital ocean using capistrano 3 ( and also old capistrano ), unicorn, nginx, whenever( for cron), rbenv/rvm, god
No icon Heroku - 1 year experience
Familiar With deploying rails app on heroku, and adding new add ons, adding new hosts using GoDaddy.
No icon Getstream - 1 year experience
Enabled Facebook like feed for a rails project using `stream_rails` and `stream-ruby` gems
No icon Single sign on - 2 years experience
Enabled single sign on for many clients as an `Identity provider` as well as `Service Provider` with digitally signed and encrypted small assertions exchange using SAML2.0 . Libraries used https://github.com/digidentity/libsaml and https://github.com/onelogin/ruby-saml
No icon Rspec - 3 years experience
Writing Rspec form last 3 years and is very comfortable in testing out Models, Controllers and Routes.
No icon Sunspot - 2 years experience
Have worked on beginner to advanced features of solr using Sunspot Gem .
Mysql expert help MySQL - 3 years experience
On mostly all my projects we used mysql as database . So hands on it.
No icon Sendgrid - 2 years experience
Well versed with sending, tracking clicks, web-api, analytics using sendgrid
Server expert help Server - 1 year experience
I am not a full time server guy , But writing capistrano script(mostly for rails) is something i do a lot. Automating deployments , setting up solr and occasional server management.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 1 year experience
We were creating a rails app and were expecting a lot of unstructured data our way , so used MongoDB as database for the application. Used mongoid gem as an ORM.
No icon Postgresql - 2 years experience
No icon Responsys - less than 1 year experience
Integrated Webservices Api of responsys with the system to trigger Custom events, campaigns etc
angular-scheduler 0   0
CSS HTML JavaScript
bond-grocery-list 0   0
CSS HTML JavaScript
booksmaina 0   0
sell or rent books
CSS Ruby JavaScript CoffeeScript
Camfed 0   0
Camfed EpiSurveyor to Salesforce data import tool
Ruby JavaScript
compass 0   0
Compass is a Stylesheet Authoring Environment that makes your website design simpler to implement and easier to maintain.
Ruby JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
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Detail oriented and very knowledgable.
Peter Belden Oct 22, 2016

Sahil is an awesome RoR developer who adheres to the conventions. Besides that he is trustworthy and really dives into your project and makes himself a part of your team. In order to be successful doing that, a developer must have enough experience to quickly learn what your project is about, provide guidance, and execute. That's exactly what he did.
Thomas Calhoun Oct 18, 2016

Sahil helped me not only to fix my code, but created a custom solution and taught me something new! Thanks again!
Branden Sep 29, 2014

I couldn't have asked for a better session with Sahil. He is very knowledgeable and explained things thoroughly. I highly recommend Sahil as a mentor. I will certainly be using him again.
Jay Sep 23, 2014

Sahil nailed my queries and offered many helpful tips. An absolute project saver. I really appreciate his help and looking forward to working with him again. Thanks!
Shyaam Ramkrishna Deshmukh Sep 14, 2014

Good guy, very experienced on ruby and kindly
David Bedussa Aug 26, 2014

he help me with my issue swiftly :)
Dewayne Brooks Aug 23, 2014

Sahil was great, but I could establish a good connection. I had some server echoing. on my end. We are going to get back soon.
bedford williamson Jul 09, 2014