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Won't help you fix that one bug, sorry. Will help you understand that kind of bugs and learn you how to prevent or fix these bugs yourself in the future ;)
Ruby expert help Ruby - 2 years experience
Ruby is beautiful, not verbose and very fast to write in. It combines, like javascript, many functional and imperative (OO) concepts, but the latter very radical, which makes it fun to work with
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
Javascript has been my language all my life. Now I found coffeescript I moved away, but still coffeescript is 'just javascript'. I really think javascript (and so also coffeescript) will be the language of the future! Even more with es6/es7, javascript has takes much of my projects again!
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 2 years experience
Easier, implicit and code over configuration. Although it is easy to start with, later on you need to dive into the concepts and you need to know how stuff works instead of 'just letting RoR handle it.', unfortunately. Luckily there are some smart mentors around here who love to help you!
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 3 years experience
I love coffeescript, even though it has some nasty quirks, the nice and beautiful syntax makes up for that.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 4 years experience
Throughout all my projects with Angular I found that is hard to get stuck or trapped in a bad practice. In Angular it is very important, after the very easy introduction, to know what is actual happening, to become better at it. That what makes the Angular learning curve a lot stepper after some time, but when you master it beautiful things are to follow ;)
No icon Functional programming - less than 1 year experience
Using functional programming throughout all my projects, it makes my applications more predictable and beautiful.
No icon Docker - 1 year experience
Being able to make environments immutable is like making a linux machine, which is very imperative normally, into a function machine that is predictable and fun to work with again. That's why I use docker for all my deployments, tests and development. I can't say it enough: "Dockerize all the things!"
Reactjs expert help React - 2 years experience
Armed with love for functional concepts, React felt like home. When you see the big picture it all makes sense and is 'just javascript'. One of my goals is to give more people this insight, and make them love React just as I do :)
No icon Rxjs - 1 year experience
cycle-firebase 20   3
Cycle driver for my favorite realtime database :)
Endothermic 11   1
Link up react components with firebasem the es6 way!
cycle-time-driver 2   0
Create intervals and timeouts the cyclejs way!
Exothermic 2   0
Firebase.js mock with javascript object input
react-native-transition 2   0
Transition between views that have things in common more easily
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Michiel has a deep understanding of React. Awesome mentor!
Francisco José L. Magalhães (Franzé) Apr 26, 2016

MIchiel is awesome - very up on best practices, yet practical and good at explaining things.
Caleb Everett Dec 15, 2015

Very helpful - walked me through setting up and pulling data from Firebase into React.
Justin Handley Dec 04, 2015

Simply Amazing
Maborukoje Adebayo Oct 23, 2015

Michiel is really helpful and I can just learn easily on him. He just explain things so simple that I could understand really quick. So far he is still the best mentor I have here. Looking for our next session again. :)
Mark Ortiz Sep 05, 2015

Michiel is such a wonderful mentor! patient and detailed.. I love pairing with him
Maborukoje Adebayo Sep 04, 2015

Helping me understand the actual code by breaking it down. Thank you!
alec Aug 25, 2015

Superb Mentor....Help to understand the code so easily.
satya prasanna Aug 23, 2015

Michiel is really good. He is very nice and help me to solve my 2 days problem in less than an hour. Thank you very for your help! It really works! :)
Mark Ortiz Aug 15, 2015

Outstanding !
Samesh Aug 02, 2015

awsome knows his stuff
miguel Aug 01, 2015

Very Helpful
don mclamb Jul 29, 2015

Michiel helped me fix my several hour headache in under 10 minutes. Great session.
Greg Crossfield Jul 29, 2015

Michiel did a fantastic job stepping through the few problems I was having. He explained things as we went along and was great to work with.
Jeremy Moore Jul 28, 2015

Michiel Fixed a ton of problems with the front end of my app and taught me how to troubleshoot them myself along the way. Awesome work, couldn't be happier.
Mike Jul 26, 2015

He's great, very patient and helpful
Jay Jul 17, 2015

Really helpful, perfect english and super friendly
Nathan Monk Jul 17, 2015

Fast worker! A++ Highly recommend!
Andres Rivera Jul 16, 2015

Very knowledgeable!
Ife Jul 14, 2015

Great Mentor, thanks!
Patrick Hofer Jul 11, 2015

Super quick solution to my problem!
Thorsten Marks Jul 03, 2015

Good and Nice
Maborukoje Adebayo Jul 01, 2015