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Douglas Vann

Douglas Vann

Drupal Trainer, Consultant, Developer, Community Organizer, & President of SynapticBlue Inc.

Indiana (East) (-05:00)
I TEACH & DEVELOP Drupal! For many years now, I've been helping institutions of Higher Education, State & Federal Governments, & Private Companies to leverage Drupal solutions. Training, Consulting, & Developing Drupal is all I do, and I do it a lot! NASA, The US Federal Court, Highlights Magazine for Children, The Ohio State University, Cal State, A.C.T. & many others have counted on me to deliver Drupal in a practical and engaging way. Whether onsite or remote, let me help you get where you want to be in your Drupal adventure. BIO I entered Geekdom as a fifth grader in 1983 with a Commodore 64 & a 300baud connection to CompuServe. 31 years later I started the Indiana Drupal Users Group & develop websites in Drupal and teach Drupal full-time. Catch my blog at www.DougVann.com. Google "Drupal Song," and you're likely to find a few videos of me, jamming on the guitar, unabashedly proclaiming my passion for Drupal! My love for learning and experimenting in Drupal is overshadowed only by my love to teach and evangelize it. I have presented in Minneapolis, Toronto, Indianapolis, Ohio LinuxFest, DoItWithDrupal, and DrupalCamps in New York City, Madison, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Charlotte, Chicago, Orlando, Nashville, Chattanooga, Denver, etc. You can often find me on the FREENODE IRC Network in Drupal-support helping people get through the learning curve of Drupal. I reside in Indianapolis, Indiana with my wife of 18 years, & our 4 children. Specialties: Individual training, Corporate training, Module development, Project discovery, Information architecture, Site Development. Being a good geek is not enough in this high-tech era. I understand that technology means business & business means money. Wether I'm training you, building your project for you, or building your project with you, I understand that you have expectations that the final product will deliver solutions and positively impact your business. I make sure that happens.
Php expert help PHP - 10 years experience
I'm self taught so I am really hoping to help ppl get past the early hurdles of wrapping their minds around PHP.
Devops expert help DevOps - 3 years experience
My preferred method of DevOps is using Pantheon's automated workflow, but I've helped others build their own.
Seo expert help SEO - 19 years experience
Having launched so many sites I've had to acquire a firm grasp of on an doff page SEO. My training clients have always expected me to include SEO in context to the other topics that I teach.
Drupal expert help Drupal - 8 years experience
I live, eat, sleep, and eat Drupal! I've delivered training to NASA, The US Federal Court, many major Universities, etc. I believe in the power of Drupal to empower individuals and organizations to own their own websites while they leverage a scalable, flexible platform.
No icon Information architecture - 19 years experience
Any good project started off with a pre-defined Information Architecture. I enjoy the discovery exercises that aid in the fleshing out of the underlying Information Architecture.
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Awesome mentor!
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He was quick and efficient getting to my issue.
Erik Hartog Apr 13, 2016

Exceptional support for Drupal and all things related. Guided me around Command line, was very patient clear and explained everything. Awesome Educator
Robert Wilde Feb 04, 2016

This is one of the best Drupal 7 mentors around!.......I'll highly recommend him for anyone that wants to learn and understand Drupal!
gilron charles Jan 27, 2016

Douglas was very knowledgeable and patient. He fixed my problem quickly and was able to help me with another issue. I will definitely schedule another session with Douglas again.
Laurie Reynolds Jan 26, 2016

Doug is awesome. He has an excellent perspective of seeing both the larger overarching issues as well as being able to dive into the minutia of what was going on with my Drupal migration challenge. I am very grateful for his expertise and assistance. Thanks Doug!
Amanda Dec 29, 2015

Doug is my new Drupal Go - To!!! THANK YOU!
amanda webb Nov 04, 2015

Helped to solve an issue that was blocking me quickly
Teenum Applegate Oct 15, 2015

Doug was just the Drupal expert I was looking for to turbo charge my Drupal skills. Besides sheer skill, he was also very good and patient at explaining processes. I will definitely use again.
Scott Hause Sep 23, 2015

Very helpful and friendly. Look forward to speaking again
Teenum Applegate Aug 11, 2015