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Started programming at age 12 in 1988 on a Commodore VIC-20. Worked in multiple industries developing various types of software. Decades of experience.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
Development of complete web applications in javascript and php, using LAMP and MEAN stack. Extensive expertise in JQuery, I have authored custom UI components as JQuery plugins. I can implement and debug complex asynchronous Javascript.
No icon Html5 css3 - 4 years experience
I have developed complete HTML5/CSS/JS web applications from scratch.
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 16 years experience
Experience with crossplatform linux/windows, 3D graphics, Qt, Win32, WinForms, GDI, OpenGL, Winsock, Windows Threadpool and synchronization, C++11 standard concurrency, parallelization, compression, custom containers, custom allocators, optimization, GPGPU with OpenCL.
Php expert help PHP - 2 years experience
I have developed RESTful SQL database backends for custom commercial web applications. I am experienced with data concurrency and implementing bulletproof SQL transactions.
No icon Cmake - 2 years experience
Experience with cross-platform builds, including cross-compilation.
No icon Gcc - 22 years experience
Have been using gcc since DJGPP on MS-DOS 6.22.
Csharp expert help C# - 5 years experience
I have developed GUI applications, and console tools in C#. I have strong multi-threading and concurrency skills. I have experience with building highly robust implementations that can recover properly from error conditions.
No icon Winapi - 16 years experience
Worked at Microsoft in Windows Server for three years as Software Engineer in Engines and Protocols. I have experience with UI and system development.
No icon Win32 - 16 years experience
Thorough knowledge of Win32 due to employment at Microsoft for three years. Had full access and learned about the (hardly known) extensive debugging and performance analysis tools built into windows.
No icon Debugging - 20 years experience
Experience with many tools like MSVC, GDB, Qt-creator, WinDbg, cdb, remote debugging in windows and linux, cross-platform remote-debugging cross-compiled binaries, leak detection tools, memory corruption detection tools, gflags, windows kernel debugger over TCP, VM serial port kernel debugging, valgrind, callgrind, gcc sanitizers, app-verifier, ETW.
No icon Multi threading - 12 years experience
Experience with C++11 concurrency, and pthreads and Win32 threads.
No icon Assembly - 10 years experience
In the past, used assembly extensively for optimization. Lately a LOT less, but still very capable of going down to the metal when necessary. I have experience SIMD optimizing with assembler and intrinsics.
No icon X86 64 - 6 years experience
I have detailed knowledge of x86-64 ABI and usage of compiler intrinsics, including system instructions.
No icon X86 - 15 years experience
I have extensive knowledge of the whole x86 architecture, including system programming facilities like debug registers, performance counters, paging, segmentation, descriptors, exceptions, gates. I have extensive knowledge of SIMD.
No icon Microcontroller - 1 year experience
Experience with AVR ATmega and PIC microcontrollers.
No icon Performance testing - 4 years experience
Strong knowledge of XPerf (aka Windows Performance Toolkit), using windows performance monitor, automated performance test reporting. Experience with callgrind (a tool that is part of valgrind), and gprof. Experience with developing automated stress and scalability tests. Experience doing performance analysis to find root causes of excessive memory usage, disk I/O, context switches, CPU usage.
No icon Operating system - 20 years experience
Years of experience in both Windows and Linux.
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Doug has a very deep knowledge in computer graphics. He explains to me in details each element and helps me understand more about the core of graphics concept. He's also very professional and patient with me given I'm relatively noob at coding and he has a vast experience. A great mentor!
Lien Ly Mar 11, 2015

Extremely helpful. He answered my quick question then showed me another way to code it out and why I may want to choose that other coding pattern.
Julie Myers Mar 05, 2015

Doug was patient, knowledgeable and quick to understand the outcome I was looking for.
john Mar 01, 2015

Great help with javascript and web audio. Very friendly.
Ricky Jan 23, 2015

Very smart. Has a knack for debugging higher level javascript issues. Would recommend.
Marshall White Jan 11, 2015