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Dom Kiva-Meyer

Dom Kiva-Meyer

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I work at (paren), a software consultancy that specializes in dynamic web applications. These days I primarily work with Clojure[Script], ReactJS, and Rails. I have mentored at Dev Bootcamp and Hack Reactor and really enjoy helping people reach their goals.
Clojure expert help Clojure - 4 years experience
I have built web applications with Clojure, written Clojure libraries, and published articles about Clojure.
No icon ClojureScript - 3 years experience
I have built front-end applications with ClojureScript, written ClojureScript libraries, and published articles about ClojureScript.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
What does one say about JavaScript experience?
Reactjs expert help React - 2 years experience
I have used React to build front-end applications (often in conjunction with ClojureScript) and have written about it.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 3 years experience
I've used Ruby (with and without Rails) for several years to build web applications and command line tools.
No icon Rails - 4 years experience
I've used Ruby on Rails for several years to build web applications, mostly for startups.
No icon Postgresql - 3 years experience
I've used Postgres countless times. It's my RDBMS of choice. I use it for its reliability, performance, advanced features like JSON datatypes, and extensions like full-text search.
silk 203   9
Routing for Clojure & ClojureScript
omelette 126   12
Isomorphic Clojure[Script] Example
CSS Clojure
100-days-of-hacking 11   2
Starting 2014 with 100 days of hacking.
CSS Clojure JavaScript
optimus-sass 7   4
Sass/SCSS asset loader for Optimus
Shell Clojure
isomorphiclj 5   0
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Friendly and helpful, Dom was very patient and determined when helping me with my problem.
vasko Feb 24, 2015

It was an awesome session, he helped me a lot!!!
Enrique Salceda Feb 18, 2015

Nice guy. Very helpful.
Steve Lawson Feb 10, 2015

Answered my question, :) very knowledgeable.
Tristan Klintworth Jan 25, 2015

Second session with mentor, very knowledgeable and left me with some good reading to increase my knowledge of the subject.
Patrick Campbell Jan 20, 2015

He know's his stuff and is very clear with his explanations. Dom is a great teacher and mentor for anyone trying to learn to build software.
Warren Kushner Jan 19, 2015

Huge help, definitely has a lot of expertise in Rails. We were able to track down my issue in a short period of time and figure out a solution. Definitely would recommend and will probably use again in the near future.
Patrick Campbell Jan 16, 2015