Michael Leanos, senior Document store developerHire Now
Michael Leanos5.0
Freelance Document store developer in Berkeley, United States

The best products come from innovation through healthy, non-competitive, and agile collaborations.

For the majority of my career (over 15 years), I have focused on enterprise level applications primarily working with Microsoft tools & technologies. I've been working with Node.js, Angular.js, and other similar frameworks. In particular, I have been working with the MEAN Stack (https://github.com/meanjs/mean), and have become a main contributor to the project. Software development problems are not too different but the infinite ways they can be resolved through new innovative methods inspires me. As a consequence, I have abundant experience in learning new technologies quickly. I may not know the definition of every technical term, but chances are I know it well in practice. I've always had the ability to look at a project from bird's eye view and calculate how any change will affect th...
Karthik Srivatsa, Document store dev and freelancerHire Now
Karthik Srivatsa5.0
Freelance Document store developer in Bengaluru, India

A backend developer who loves to connect the dots!

Work Experience: 1. Infra and Devops Team at HackerEarth (2 year and 4 months) 2. Backend Engineer, Rare Mile Technologies (10 months)
Scott Moss, Document store freelance developerHire Now
Scott Moss
Freelance Document store developer in Elk Grove, United States

Well known top JavaScript Engineer (full-stack and Mobile)

I'm considered one of the best JavaScript engineers in the industry. From working with startups to top fortune 500 companies, I've accumulated experience in many JS frameworks and technologies. I'm also a regular conference speaker, author, teacher, and open source contributor. You can find my work anywhere online.
Ashish , Document store developer for hireHire Now
Ashish 4.9
Freelance Document store developer in Jaipur, India

Consultant | Technical Speaker | Startup Founder | Full Stack Developer | Chatbots | AI | Machine Learning | JavaScript | jQuery | NodeJS | AngularJS | MongoDB | MeteorJS | ElasticSearch | Firebase | Android | Ionic | Mocha | Digitalocean | MySQL

** Full Time Consultant, Entrepreneur, Developer. ** ** One Minute Quick Video Intro : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylxt9a-izOw ** Consult Startups and Development Teams. ** **Go Ahead and Schedule a Session with me, would love to talk to you ! **
Victor Igbokwe, senior Document store developerHire Now
Victor Igbokwe4.9
Freelance Document store developer in Turku, Finland

Full-Stack Software Developer

I munch on code for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Scala, JavaScript and iOS enthusiast. Lover of God and Family. Love cars; bad dancer.
Sam Uresin, Document store freelance developerHire Now
Sam Uresin5.0
Freelance Document store developer in Tampa, United States

Software Architect & Developer

I've been in IT sector for almost 30 years now and played all the roles one can imagine from network administration to application development, database management to Chief Information Officer. My primary passion is web application architecture and development and currently building a major app with a distributed architecture that runs on Microsft Azure.
Jonathan Milgrom, Document store dev and freelancerHire Now
Jonathan Milgrom
Freelance Document store developer in Los Angeles, United States

Love teaching as much as learning. No such thing as a bad question.

Lead client-side architecture for a SAAS company in ad-tech. Current stack: React, Redux and Typescript and PHP 7 (JSON only) API; Legacy stack: Angular 1.5+ (built with Grunt) and a PHP (JSON only) API. In my free time, I dabble in other languages like Scheme - next up will likely be C or Go.
Alan Plum, freelance Document store programmerHire Now
Alan Plum5.0
Freelance Document store developer in Münster, Germany

Seasoned web developer with 10+ years of experience

I have spent the better part of a decade working on various web-related projects as a freelance developer and have co-founded an online education startup in Germany in 2014. I have a history of contributing to web standards and open source projects. I'm currently an active core maintainer of the NoSQL database ArangoDB and lead maintainer of its JavaScript driver as well as its microservice framework "Foxx".
Elad Meidar, Document store freelance programmerHire Now
Elad Meidar4.0
Freelance Document store developer in Yaqum, Israel
Hi! My name is Elad Meidar and i have been working in the web industry since 2005. I have been a part of some major projects like seekingalpha.com and fiverr.com. I have a lot of experience when it comes to ruby on rails, scaling, nosql and overall constructing a stable (but still fast) web app.
Karan Gupta, Document store freelance programmerHire Now
Karan Gupta
Freelance Document store developer in Ashburn, United States

Automation and Backend Enthusiast

I am a technologist who loves to dabble with a bit of everything. I have a strong liking for backend technologies and love to automate things, right from small server side tasks to builds and deployments at scale. I do not restrict myself to particular technologies and am open to working and learning new ones. I specialise in a few that I have been working on consistently for the last few years, like Elasticsearch, Ansible, nginx and web technologies in general.
Paul Crashley, top Document store developerHire Now
Paul Crashley
Freelance Document store developer in Manchester, United Kingdom

PHP software and web application engineer

I'm a skilled web applications developer with 15 years of industry experience. My main areas of expertise lie in creating dynamic, data-driven websites, e-commerce solutions and web based applications with a strong emphasis on usability, performance and adherence to standards. Specialties: OOP PHP, Laravel, Zend, REST APIs, MVC, MySql, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Apache.

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