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Levente Pánczél, Doctrine orm software engineerHire Now
Freelance Doctrine orm developer in Budapest, Hungary

Remote working evangelist, MSc. Software Architect & Lead Backend Developer

In the past 5 years, whenever I had to persist complex data structures of important business logic into DB I used Doctrine. I have wast experience with isolating workflows of a modular application, using multiple EntityManagers simultaneously and avoiding/debugging issues that can arise when the in-memory image gets out of sync from the DB, especially in cases of mixing queries with simple (ID-based or unfiltered) retrievals.
Justin Workman, senior Doctrine orm developerHire Now
Freelance Doctrine orm developer in Orlando, United States

Full Stack Engineer

I have worked in the Web Development & Design industry officially for over 6 years now. Proud to have worked on numerous fortune 500 companies, and other well known brands. I mainly work on DevOps stacks, back-end code, as well as front-end. I do it all.

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