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Julián Romero

Julián Romero

 Senior iOS Developer.

Madrid (+02:00 DST)
Spanish, English
Making iOS apps since before the iOS SDK was a thing. 20+ years experience in all kind of languages and platforms.
Ios expert help iOS - 7 years experience
I code Objective-C (and now Swift) for a living since 2008. Currently I freelance for an app store publisher that is preparing his next big thing.
Swift expert help Swift - 1 year experience
I 💛Swift. After a weak start (optionals...WTF!) I'm a Swift converted. In the last year 99% of my new code is Swift.
No icon Objective-C - 7 years experience
I've been coding and debugging Objective-C since 2008.
No icon Xcode - 7 years experience
I've been working with Xcode since version 3 circa 2008. I know it inside out: xcconfig files, provisioning profiles, link errors, build settings...
No icon Json - 10 years experience
Model design, libraries, parsing, mapping.
Git expert help Git - 10 years experience
Branching strategies, rebase, merge conflicts. Command line expert.
No icon Elasticsearch - 2 years experience
Design index, complex queries, multisearch.
PopoverMenulet 56   11
Mac test app with status bar menulet and an attached popover using NSPopOver class.
django-thumbs 23   20
Easy powerful thumbnails for Django: http://code.google.com/p/django-thumbs mirror ('original' branch) and fork ('master' branch).
HTML Python
AVFoundationQuestions 12   1
Answering StackOverflow AVFoundation Questions
iDiff 8   0
Minimal image difference command line tool using "Google Toolbox for Mac". For Mac OSX.
Python Objective-C
iOS-Framework 3   0
How to create, develop, and distribute iOS Static Frameworks quickly and efficiently
Shell Objective-C
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Arian Mazumder Mar 14, 2016

Very friendly and helpful.
Daniel Springer Mar 08, 2016

Very helpful, kind, and elegant code.
Maximilian Maksutovic Feb 05, 2016

Julian was very helpful, understood my need and was well prepared for the call. I'll definitely be using your skills again.
Steve Schofield Dec 15, 2015

Really helpful.
Sagar Chandarana Apr 17, 2015