Robert Roskam, top Django queryset developerHire Now
Robert Roskam5.0
Freelance Django queryset developer in Greenville, United States

Full-Stack Software Engineer

I am an experienced full-stack software developer, primarily in Django development for web applications. I lead a team at a custom software agency in the South East of the US.
John Ryan, freelance Django queryset programmerHire Now
John Ryan5.0
Freelance Django queryset developer in Grand Forks, United States

Full-Stack Web Developer & Hybrid Mobile Developer (Ionic 1 / 2 / 3 + Angular 1 / 2 / 4) | Previously: Senior Software Engineer @ SmartThings / Samsung

Web (JavaScript, Python, Django, Angular) & Mobile Developer (Swift iOS, Hybrid Ionic, etc) passion for building awesome apps that wow. Also have experience teaching command-line tools, Git + GitHub, JavaScript to over 200 engineers at large corporation. Really enjoy teaching programming & application development to anyone looking to become a developer. More Projects can be found on my GitHub: Languages & frameworks I have experience with: Python Django Javascript jQuery NodeJS AngularJS MeteorJS UnderscoreJS PostgreSQL MySQL Front-end Design: HTML5 Twitter Bootstrap Foundation CSS3 Responsive/Adaptive Design Media Queries Mobile UI Design Mobile Development (Native) iOS 9 + Swift 2.1 Mobile Development (Hybrid)...
Samuel James, Django queryset freelance coderHire Now
Samuel James5.0
Freelance Django queryset developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full-Stack Software Developer.

I am more interested in efficiency rather than getting things to work. I believe software development is an Art and not just using codes to achieve any task. You would normally find me investigating how technologies can be coupled together and used to achieve something great or just watching cartoons and having fun. I also consider the users of a product above all things and that allows me to critically consider steps and ways of continuously improving on whatever I find myself doing. Software development is an Art.
Karthik Srivatsa, Django queryset dev and freelancerHire Now
Karthik Srivatsa5.0
Freelance Django queryset developer in Bengaluru, India

A backend developer who loves to connect the dots!

Work Experience: 1. Infra and Devops Team at HackerEarth (2 year and 4 months) 2. Backend Engineer, Rare Mile Technologies (10 months)
Aur Saraf, freelance Django queryset programmerHire Now
Aur Saraf5.0
Freelance Django queryset developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

I design, develop and teach software for the last ten years.

I'm doing this because I love introducing people to programming ideas. I have lots of teaching experience spanning from Python to x86 Assembly language. I also have a lot of experience designing elegant code, as well as diving deep into existing systems to debug or add a small feature.
Pulkit Pahwa, Django queryset freelance coderHire Now
Pulkit Pahwa5.0
Freelance Django queryset developer in New Delhi, India

Web Developer with expertise in python and django

I am a freelance consultant. I help companies to scale up their infrastructures and in development of their products .
Andres Pérez-Albela H., Django queryset coder and engineerHire Now
Andres Pérez-Albela H.5.0
Freelance Django queryset developer in Lima, Peru

Software Engineer / Web Crawling & Data Scraping Specialist @ AirPR

Python, Django, Data Scraping, Web Crawling, Scripting, Data Processing, Linux, Servers.
Raul Gallegos, top Django queryset developerHire Now
Raul Gallegos
Freelance Django queryset developer in Arequipa, Peru

Software Engineer

I am very passionate on what I do, love programming and being part of big projects. I would also like others to have more opportunities than I did, that's why I am really involved on ACM-ICPC competitions and teaching programming. I teach school kids programming on my spare time, and it is fantastic. I prepared the COAR Arequipa high school for the CEP 2015 and CEP 2016. On 2017 I hope to teach a school the entire year as a voluntary course. On 2017, with some friends we founded FOPI, a non-lucrative organization in charge of selecting the Peruvian students what will represent Peru in the IOI.
Tim Fechner, Django queryset freelance programmerHire Now
Tim Fechner
Freelance Django queryset developer in Hanover, Germany

Python developer from Germany

Do you need help in any section of my experience? I can help you in English and German (primary language)
Doniyor Jurabayev, Django queryset freelancer and developerHire Now
Doniyor Jurabayev
Freelance Django queryset developer in Munich, Germany
passsionate django developer, i work in detail and love to help people.

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