Top Senior Django celery Developers of August 2017

Full-Stack Software Engineer

I am an experienced full-stack software developer, primarily in Django development for web applications. I lead a team at a custom software agency in the South East of the US.

Data-driven engineering strategist. Consultant at Trailblazing Technology LLC

Expert programmer proficient in Python, Java, SQL, C/C++, and pretty good with JS/CSS/HTML, too! The main things I can probably help you with are Python/Django/Celery/etc., Java/Spring projects, and DevOps (AWS, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, Heroku... everything from managed deployment services like Elastic Beanstalk or Dokku/Deis to Jenkins, Active Directory/LDAP, and custom ETL solutions).

Expert Python developer with 3 yrs of experience

You give me anything, I will try my best to reach to the solution. > I am a Python tutor, and active open source contributor and a philanthropist. I do Codementor because I love to help people out within my areas of Expertise. > I have won, and participated in couple hackathons. My projects can be viewed at > I am an active Volunteer , Speaker at Python conferences and Meetups. > I have total of around 2 years of experience into Python and pretty confident to help out others.

Principal Engineer at LodgIQ

Building something at the intersection of analytics, machine learning, and Internet technologies. Revenue Management ReImagined. Specialties:- Python/Django/Flask | REST API Development | Data Mining Interests:- Machine Learning | Data Science | NLP. Domain Experience:- Fintech | Real Estate | Revenue Management

Software Developer at Treebo Hotels

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) from Indian Institute Of Information Technology.

Django/Python expert

I am working in Django/Python for more than 2 years. I have also done a lot of bash and javascript programming and worked in technologies like mysql, postgres, celery, memcached, ansible and aws.

Python Trainer

Backend developer with 3+ year experience who would like to go out of his comfort zone, learn new things at the core and challenge common practices. Right now, I'm working on my side-project based on Elixir. I would like to share my knowledge and experience on Python and engineering software applications.

Full Stack Python Developer

Four years of experience as a Python (webapp2/Django) web developer with focus on Paas (GAE, AWS, Heroku). Proficient in both SQL and noSQL databases. Conversant in Flask and I have basic knowledge of C, C# and Java. Front-end stack consists of Bootstrap, Javascript/jQuery and Angular.

Backend Developer, Loves all things Python

I'm a backend developer in Python+Django with tons of experience setting up servers.

I would like to help newbies to challenge problems base on my skills

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Jodie Lee
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Guy Jack
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