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Jonathan Dizdarevic

Jonathan Dizdarevic

PHP/Symfony2 Lead Developer with 10+ years XP.

Paris (+01:00)
French, English
I'm experienced with Symfony2, I was Lead developer on some major projects.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
@see AngularJS & Node.JS section, same language :)
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 10 years experience
I've 10 years+ of XP with HTML&CSS. I'm very aware about new things that appear on github and on the web. I've developed many things on mobile & desktop.
Php expert help PHP - 10 years experience
I've got a strong experience in PHP, I used many frameworks, from codeigniter to symfony1 and now Symfony2. I'm very confortable with theses technologies, and I'd like to help you with it and give you the "best practices" to have a maintainable code. I can also help you to create a RESTful API with Symfony2.
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
I've developed many applications for customers (web oriented with expressjs & angularjs), but also an Arbitrary Trading bot for bitcoin, and a web scraper (crawler) to get datas from real estate websites.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 10 years experience
I've 10 years of XP with MySQL, I have seen almost everything with it.
Git expert help Git - 2 years experience
I use it everyday, and also with github & gitlab. I'm not skilled, but I can do normal stuff with it.
Server expert help Server - 8 years experience
I managed around ~10 servers in my last company.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 3 years experience
I used MongoDB, on many projects. But the most interesting project was to use it as a big data storage to scrape many data.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
I made a lot of applications with AngularJS, frontend and backend as well! And even web mobile applications.
No icon Symfony - 4 years experience
I worked on 20+ Symfony2 projects, as a Lead Developer. Some of them was very large projects, with 30+ languages and ~50 countries. I am also confortable to help you to create a RESTful API with Symfony2.
No icon Casperjs - 2 years experience
I've scraped many websites, some with AJAX login, and more complicated stuff.
No icon Bitcoin - 2 years experience
Well, I've developed some websites around bitcoins. I do not like third-party services to manage a wallet, so I've created mine, a Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets Multisig wallet which provide an API system designed for servers. Each signer can sign transaction from the browser, so the private key will never be sent through the network. I didn't communicated about this project yet, but if you need more informations, you can contact me.
CloudBackupBundle 146   45
Be able to backup your database(s) and upload it to the cloud (Dropbox, Amazon S3, GoogleDrive, etc.)
bitdepot 9   1
The safest wallet to store your coin on your server, with an API system
CSS PHP HTML Makefile ApacheConf JavaScript
OnesignalApiBundle 6   3
OneSignal API Bundle for Symfony.
BitdepotClientBundle 2   0
A Symfony2 bundle to interoperate with the Bitdepot bitcoin wallet.
dropbox-sdk-php 1   1
A PHP library for the Dropbox Core API.
PHP Shell
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(39 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Jonathan is very competent and friendly. Very good indeed!
Andrea Jun 02, 2015

awesome guy
Ruben May 08, 2015

Experienced, good english
Ian Golden Apr 28, 2015

Very knowledgable and professional - would recommend to use again!
Dominic Ceraso Apr 23, 2015

Great developer! Walked me through the solution step by step and explained it every step of the way!
Thomas Apr 23, 2015

Great understanding of complex topics and functionality of PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.
Zayed Mar 19, 2015

Was super helpful, scheduled a follow up to make sure everything worked right, awesome mentor.
Benjamin Hendricks Mar 16, 2015

Follow up was great, this mentor is really passionate about making people succeed. Thanks!
Benjamin Hendricks Mar 16, 2015

FR: Une aide rapide, professionnelle et directe. Je recommande! ENG: A fast and profesionnal support. I recommend!
Lucien Dubois Mar 11, 2015

Fantastic Chap! Had a tricky problem, but he was more than happy to spend time debugging and solving it. Very intuitive programmer.
Ravi Feb 14, 2015

Jonathan was great and I would highly recommend to use him with your projects!
Chandler Feb 05, 2015

Amazing to work hire him
Steve Feb 05, 2015

This was my second session with Jonathan. He again helped me out a lot and taught me about many of the concepts of Angular.
Bryan Knight Jan 29, 2015

It was a pleasure to chat with Jonathan, I was clueless why my server didn't run properly but we found the bug together!
Emanuel Jan 28, 2015

Jonathan was very good during our session. He worked through my issue very efficiently and while I ran out of time to complete the project during the session, I will be completing it with him the following day. I recommend!
Bryan Knight Jan 26, 2015

He was very helpful and very clear explaining exactly what he was doing.
Sean Jan 25, 2015

Jonathan is a delight to work with, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. My bug was quite convoluted, and he tackled it with confidence and ease. I look forward to working with him again, next time the opportunity presents itself.
Josh Miramant Jan 23, 2015

Great guy got everything working will use again
Derrick Jan 22, 2015

Jonathan is an excellent communicator, is clearly knowledgable and was very helpful in resolving the issue. Excellent knowledge of Symfony.
Oswaldo Caballero Jan 20, 2015

Great. Easy to deal with.
Varma Bhupatiraju Jan 18, 2015

Fantastic! Really great job helping me out. Took less then 20 minutes and he solved a problem I've been stuck on for an hour.
Adam Smith Dec 30, 2014