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Published Dec 04, 2017

About me

My name is Dakolo Diepreye Micah. I am a Software Developer. I build desktops, web and mobile apps using any of these languages: C#, Java and Javascript. I believe all problem has solutions. I love to solve complex problems in the most simplest way.

Why I wanted to learn Core

I was building web apps and APIs with mvc and web api respectively. The issue of these two was performance because both frameworks are built on Microsoft System.Web library so even when I wanted to build a simple web api, I have to reference System.Web which made my api to be slow when hosted. Therefore, I resulted to learning core as soon as microsoft brought it to limelight.

Secondly, visual studio which is the only tool used in building web apps for mvc and web api was just too heavy, but core made microsoft to introduce visual studio code, a light weight, cross platform IDE for development.

How I approached learning Core

Since I am familiar with mvc and web api framework, learning core was really not a difficult one. The difference was not that much. I learnt core from the core documentation in msdn.

Challenges I faced

One of the challenges was the tooling, unlike visual studio where you can easily reference a class library, it was challenging to reference a class library in visual studio code. Another was that most of the libraries were not yet created for core.

Key takeaways core is fast in terms of performance and its cross platform, you don't need visual studio to learn or build web apps with core, visual studio code solves it.

Tips and advice

Learning core is easy. It is cross platform and visual studio code is a great tool to get you started.

Final thoughts and next steps

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