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Richard Dyce

Richard Dyce

Information Generalist

Rome (+01:00)
French, German, English
I enjoy working with people, helping them to understand and solve their problems. I'm familiar with a wide range of development tools and cross-platform environments: from shell scripting, through compiler-based, and off-the-shelf applications. I have developed mission critical applications on LAMP stacks (MySQL, PHP, Javascript), using database products (FileMaker, Access), rapid application development tools (AppleScript studio, VBA). I am a quick-study, and enjoy the challenge of a new language/environment. Recent projects of interest include: a template-based charting tool for a City of London web analysts firm; Writing & presenting 3-day PHP MySQL training course for international publishing company; the complete mechanical design of an innovative pressure switching assembly for a downhole tool in the oil industry; response analysis tool for a UK standards body; web-based planning tool for NZ-based University; project management system for large multi-national oil services company; business process redesign and documentation for an oil company; magazine layout tool for car magazines. As former technical journalist, with experience in education and training, my particular interest is in the clear presentation of information, through software, the written word, or the design of info-graphics. I have a broad range of personal interests - music, languages, history, philosophy, maker electronics, personal fabrication, and crime fiction.

I'd be happy to add the ability to create and update a static website from your FileMaker solution. Your FileMaker data can be used to create a static web pages, and uploaded to a hosted server.

No icon Filemaker - 23 years experience
I've been using FileMaker Pro commercially since 1992. I have given lectures and demos on behalf of FileMaker UK, and have developed and maintained everything missing-critical enterprise-sized systems down to iPad data capture apps.
Php expert help PHP - 7 years experience
I've been using PHP since v. 3, and am happy to write both procedural or object-based code. Like all good PHP developers, I've written more than my fair share of MVC frameworks ;-) I'm also proficient with getting PHP to act as the glue between legacy processes.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 7 years experience
I've written several MySQL-backed websites, using PHP, FileMaker, and Applescript as front ends.
Server expert help Server - 20 years experience
I've been managing Apple and Unix/Linux servers for over 20 years. I currently maintain several VPS's for clients in various locations.
No icon Applescript - 20 years experience
I have over 20 years experience using AppleScript (and now shell script) to simplify Mac-based workflows, with a special focus on publishing systems using InDesign & Quark.
No icon Macintosh - 30 years experience
I've been a Mac user since 1986, worked as the technical editor for MacUser UK magazine in the early 1990's. I have worked in software development, database development, hardware procurement, networking, and software training for over 25 years.