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Daniel Hug

Daniel Hug

Frontend Dev: JavaScript, Web App Architecture

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I mentor others in Front End Web Dev on a daily basis. I enjoy using JS to create modular and scaleable web apps.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
Been programming in JS for a long time, and learned a lot since I've started about how to write code that lasts. Now I love to help others have some of the same epiphanies!
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
Been working with HTML and CSS for years, and have made several modular CSS packages that I can drop in when I want tooltips, tabbed panels, or some other style pattern. I've also helped others find the solution to their many CSS layout woes!
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
jQuery makes it easy to write less and do more. But without an understanding of how to write modular JS it's easy to write spaghetti code!
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
Git is an invaluable tool I use in development. Understanding how to use branches to their fullest is huge.
Seo expert help SEO - 5 years experience
I build websites with SEO in mind. I use only white-hat (ethical) techniques, and have promoted sites from a 0/10 Google pagerank to 6/10 within months.
No icon Html - 7 years experience
Often times a webpage bug may be due to invalid markup. I enjoy guiding others into a greater understanding of HTML best practices and I have lots of resources to help.
No icon CSS - 7 years experience
I've helped countless people with their CSS problems: layout, positioning, aesthetics / style, understanding selectors, what 'cascading' means, etc.
No icon Javascript oop - 4 years experience
I write JavaScript in the object oriented and functional styles depending on the use case. I've also mentored a lot of others in this area, and enjoy helping people refactor their code to be more modular.
speech-input 91   37
Simple speech input for <input>s —replaces the now defunct x-webkit-speech attribute
CSS HTML JavaScript
tabbed-panels 14   0
A declarative tabbed panels JS module
CSS HTML JavaScript
DOM-Builder 4   0
Simple DOM building in JS
HTML JavaScript
subscribable.js 4   0
A tiny extendable JS constructor for custom event listening (implements mediator pattern). Use it in the browser or in node
object-subscribe 3   0
Subscribe to changes on an object
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Average Rating
(58 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Daniel was efficient, honest and above all, able to articulate solutions above and beyond what was in the scope of my request.
socrates bossner May 27, 2016

As always super helpful and accurate at correcting my css issues. Thanks!
Tiffany Sumuel May 26, 2016

Great Work Definitly work with him again in newer projects
Mauro Soto Del Valle May 07, 2016

Very Kind and Patience
Mauro Soto Del Valle May 06, 2016

Amazing mentor! Very knowledgable and right to point. Very happy!
Nicole Apr 27, 2016

My session request was for a class on mobile first CSS. He created a great example to show me the basics and let me ask questions to ensure that I understood. Very helpful.
Tiffany Sumuel Apr 18, 2016

Very helpful. knew different debugging methods that allowed me to look at the problem in several ways.
Froi Nunez Jan 26, 2016

Best CSS coder I've come across. My application is a single page app done in Angular with lots of templates and directives making it difficult to debug. On top of that, the UX is complex. He was able to both fix everything and explain what he was doing. One of my best experiences on code mentor.
Guy Jacks Jan 17, 2016

Superman of CSS! My code was terrible and he was able to troubleshoot and correct easily.
Tiffany Sumuel Jan 16, 2016

Terrific. Jumped right into my year-old code, and helped me get done what I needed to do.
Marjorie Roswell Jan 13, 2016

This guy is a must for all things CSS. He helped me fix my newbie mistakes and offered to make sure that I not only fixed the issue but learn proper CSS.
Tiffany Sumuel Jan 09, 2016

Amazing mentor! Helped solve the issue very quickly! Will use in the future too! Thanks!
Aarush Gupta Jan 08, 2016

As always, Daniel is knowledgeable and gets the job done quick.
James Dec 29, 2015

he is good.
Asrizal Dec 27, 2015

Daniel was super helpful. Got my issue solved, and got some feedback on better ways to write my webapp.
Zack Russell Dec 26, 2015

great help . ty
David Vais Dec 23, 2015

Super friendly and helpful. Got the job done and helped me totally understand the stuff.
Adam Smith Dec 20, 2015

Couldn't solve my issue (yet) but he put his entire energy into trying to find a solution.
Sadok Cervantes Dec 20, 2015

Although my issue with liquid syntax was outside his primary knowledge set, Daniel made every attempt to help me and was very kind.
Rob Alan Dec 19, 2015

Thank you.
Samuel Morhaim Dec 18, 2015

Daniel rocks at all things Javascript and CSS!
James Dec 15, 2015

He is a CSS master! Every problem I've had, he's been able to solve super efficiently! Highly recommended!
James Dec 11, 2015

Good teacher! Understood my css problems really fast and explained how to solve those.
Menno Dec 09, 2015

Daniel worked on a project with me and did an awesome job. He was really helpful, fast working and I'd highly recommend his services :)
Chris Dec 07, 2015

Very insightful and his experience helped us
Richard Dilig Dec 07, 2015

Quick and to the point. Definitely recommended.
James Dec 04, 2015

Very Good at explaining things to me will come back for sure
Grant Givrad Dec 04, 2015

Four minutes to solve the problem. Thank you.
Guy Jacks Dec 03, 2015