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Dmitry Grekov

Dmitry Grekov

Experienced Software Craftsman

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
Russian, English
I am a consultant with a Big 4 firm, I also am an experienced developer, architect and mentor with over 14 years of experience. I have been programming professionally since 2001. My experience covers many languages and technologies on the desktop, mobile, web and cloud.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 12 years experience
Php expert help PHP - 10 years experience
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 8 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 8 years experience
No icon .NET - 6 years experience
Sql expert help SQL - 10 years experience
Average Rating
(81 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Excellent and patient with me, a novice. Worth every penny.
James Botts Sep 25, 2016

I have use Dmitry on numerous occasions. He was awesome as usual during this session. I used him for a problem with an Android app and he solved it. While his main expertise is with iOS and Java and not specifically Android, he was able to solve a problem I would not have been able to solve. I give him my highest recommendation
James Botts Mar 20, 2016

Always fantastic!! Patient with me, a neophyte. Listens and explains thoroughly. Give him my highest recommendation.
James Botts Feb 22, 2016

Excellent as usual. He is good about explaining things to me and is able to quickly identify problems and solve them. He is patient with me. Worth every cent.
James Botts Dec 13, 2015

Fantastic! Dmitry was able to solve my problem and teach me. I give him my highest recommendation.
James Botts Nov 15, 2015

As always.. helpful
Shahaleel Nov 14, 2015

Very knowledgeable. I will definitely have my second session with him
Shahaleel Oct 30, 2015

Great mentor
Avinash Kunaparaju Sep 21, 2015

Excellent help and very on point. He is able to spot the problematic code and correct the code to effect a working application.
James Botts Sep 10, 2015

As usual, Dmity was very helpful and has the ability to recognize quickly solutions to problems. Very helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. I give him my highest recommendation.
James Botts Jul 11, 2015

I have worked with Dmity on several occasions. He is consistently helpful, respectful and very knowledgeable.
James Botts Jul 09, 2015

Extraordinary. Very helpful and patient.
James Botts Apr 27, 2015

Dmitry was very helpful and I plan on working with him again.
Samuel Mar 17, 2015

Consistently great. I give him my highest recommendation.
James Botts Mar 01, 2015

Great mentor. Patient with me, knowledgable, punctual and listens well.
James Botts Mar 01, 2015

A pleasure to work with and a very knowledgable mentor. He is patient with me and I always learn from him.
James Botts Feb 09, 2015

Extremely good! I recommend him to anyone.
James Botts Jan 23, 2015

Although we weren't able to completely resolve the issue I was facing, we were able to narrow in on some possible causes and avenues to pursue.
Tom Dec 31, 2014

Honestly? Could troubleshoot his way out of a black hole. Demitry is extremely patient, and knows where to push you and when to let you fail. I have been extremely fortunate to have Demitry as a long term mentor for the past two months and I gotta say, since I've started this journey of learning to program just 6 months ago, I've never learned more or as fast I have under Demitry's guidance.
Jeffrey Lawlis Dec 14, 2014

Very knowledgable, concise, punctual, and was able to perceive my questions with very innovative suggestions. I give him my highest recommendation.
James Botts Dec 11, 2014

Very helpful and had a very good understanding of the issue I had. Would be happy to recommend Dmitry for any IOS issue
Steve Dec 07, 2014

I am a novice, and Dmitry was very patient with me. He figured out what I needed to know and how to show it to me in a way I could take in and understand. He's very helpful and kind and intuitive about how to teach and guide.
Laura Paxton Nov 25, 2014

Excellent, thorough and understandable
Steven Hertz Nov 20, 2014

Very knowledgeable and a great teacher!
Jason Kapadia Oct 27, 2014

Dmitry was very helpful and patient with me. I would be happy to work with him again soon.
Peter Haymond Oct 26, 2014

Very knowledgable and friendly. Very helpful.
James Botts Oct 19, 2014

Explained the solution step-by-step and is very patient.
Ricky Oct 16, 2014

Awesome Mentor!!! Very helpful and patient!! If I need help in the future I will use him!!
Jason Smaltz Oct 10, 2014