Why some programmers rant about Agile and consider it nonsense?

Published Jun 13, 2017Last updated Sep 26, 2017
Why some programmers rant about Agile and consider it nonsense?

Agile has become a buzzword and for some it’s a way to leverage their marketing rather than to enhance a project workflow. Though can you really be agile in a way it was meant when the manifesto came out?

The problem was comprehensively explained by Jasmine Adamson on Quora. It takes the critical and elaborate reading of all 12 principles and 4 values in order to realize that once you fail to abide by at least one of those you’re not agile anymore. And it happens quite often as the Agile software development is understood in a very arbitrary manner.

Also, there is a humongous spectrum of claimed Agile flaws. Just to name a few of those:

  • The Agile software development welcomes changing requirements in the midst of a project life cycle. Developers don’t.
  • Scrum as one of the agile methods discourages seniority of developers as there are no team leaders and everyone is just a part of a cross-functional scrum team.
  • Agile isn’t one-size-fits-all and must be considered only for the projects with a high level of uncertainty about outcomes.
  • Short iterations are likely to result in bugs and unfinished features.

Read our piece on Agile and Scrum here:[ http://ddi-dev.com/blog/it-news/scrum-and-agile-when-you-should-adopt-them/]
Do you consider Agile to be as much efficient as it seemed when the manifesto was composed? Please share you opinions in the comments.

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