Django vs Ruby on Rails

Published Jun 09, 2017Last updated Sep 26, 2017
Django vs Ruby on Rails

Which framework is better? DDI Development has prepared a short yet comprehensive material which compares advantages and disadvantages of Django and Ruby on Rails.
These two rivals are designed to provide a convenient environment for the developers who work with both sophisticated software solutions and projects that require short development terms. Thus, their evangelists make use of available automation features. Otherwise, developers would have to burden themselves with repetitive code writing, which disrupts the smooth delivery of unique elements.
It’s hard to define a cert since both two were used by web market tops. Among Django captures are Instagram, Washington Post, Pinterest, The Guardian, Bitbucket, and some more, while RoR was applied to build Bloomberg, Twitter, SlideShare, Heroku, etc.

We tried to cover the most important aspects of the Django and Ruby on Rails environments: models, migrations, queries, controllers, views, assets, routes, authentication, and testing powers.

Are you still unsure about the framework which is going to fit your project? Considering what should you learn next? Feel free to check our Django vs Ruby on Rails review

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