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Devendra Desale

Devendra Desale

Data Science | Data Engineering | Architecture | Web Development | Python | Java "Scala| R

Singapore (+08:00)
I have worked on the web and big data projects. Helped organisations to build ETL tools and data science pipelines using JVM based languages and Hadoop ecosystem. I have also worked on REST based architectures and build systems to handle thousands of requests.
5 Python
4 Apache spark
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Excellent tutor on exploratory data analysis with python.
Brian Maimone Nov 19, 2016

I hesitate to let the community know that Devendra Desale is the codementor star of pandas. I don't want to have to compete for his time. He's also an excellent mentor. Beyond having a phenomenal knowledge base, Devendra has an intuitive explanation style and exceptional clarity in his communication.
Miriam Oct 19, 2016

Fast, knowledgeable, excellent mentoring capability.
Miriam Oct 17, 2016

Devendra was exremely helpful, very professional, and helped us get right at the best sources of speedup for our Spark pipeline. I would recommend him to anyone with Spark related questions
Mark Brenckle Sep 21, 2016

Devendra was great!
Mark Brenckle Sep 12, 2016

Dev was extremely helpful and took he it one step beyond what I was asking for. I highly recommend him! He knew exactly what my issue was and walked me through the solution.
Stephen Ayang Ako Jul 28, 2016

Awesome help! Answered all my questions perfectly.
Daniel Cazares Jun 27, 2016

Very helpful and creative at problem solving. Excellent communication skills.
Ivana Jun 07, 2016

Very good
Maria Dehala Apr 12, 2016

Devendra is very knowledgeable, patient and communicates steps clearly . Excellent skills in javascript and d3.
Ivana Mar 19, 2016

Very patient and helpful
Eric Nov 22, 2015

Dev is a professional.
Tolulope Awoyemi Aug 19, 2015

This mentor is really helpful and professional. He doesn't waste time and really tries to solve issues.
Francesca Jul 09, 2015

Friendly polite and really easy to follow. A great help.
Francesca Jul 06, 2015

I will definitely use this mentor again.
Francesca Jul 02, 2015

Really helpful and didn't waste time. I will be happy to work with again.
Francesca Jul 01, 2015

Today was my first day with Devendra and already liked him, he pays attention to details.
Tolulope Awoyemi Jun 19, 2015