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James Qualls, Designing cli tools freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Designing cli tools developer in Boston, United States

JavaScript and Node.js Ninja, Python Enthusiast, and Distributed Systems Architect.

I go by the motto "Automate All The Things". If I have any kind of repetitive task that needs to be completed I always write a script for it. I have written replacements for the mongodb import and export tools, they are 10 times faster and relieve you of the 16mb limitation of the OEM tools. I write CLI interfaces for most API's that I design. Especially those who were developed for handling bulk data. I have also written an in house CLI for manage our elasticsearch cluster.
Dushyant Rathore, Designing cli tools dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Designing cli tools developer in Delhi, India

Pythonist | Web Developer | Love to scrape the web

I am a full stack software developer experienced in the field of Web development, API development, GUI application development, Web scraping and machine learning. I spend most of my time learning new tools and frameworks and building simple yet interesting projects. I also love to attend conferences and participate in hackathons.

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