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Dennis de Greef

Dennis de Greef

9+ years experience, Senior backend developer. I can patiently explain the basics, as well as advanced topics

Amsterdam (+01:00)
Dutch, English
As a senior backend developer at one of the largest hosting providers in the Netherlands, I've written automated systems for our webhosting and VPS services. I am also an active member of the PHP community in the Netherlands, attend a lot of meetups, try to help people in any way possible and trying out public speaking to aid that goal.
Php expert help PHP - 9 years experience
I have years of experience working with PHP, I know it's strengths and weaknesses and am monitoring the PHP community actively, and contributing where I can.
Node js expert help Node.js - 1 year experience
I've created a home automation system using NodeJS, in which i've written about on my blog, given unconference talks about, and having the implementations available on Github
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
I've worked with a few strategies for using git, and know which one will work in a given context.
Server expert help Server - 6 years experience
Working at a hosting company, over the years, I have had a key role in designing and implementing the webhosting and VPS platforms for services we offer.
Devops expert help DevOps - 3 years experience
I actively follow the DevOps community, and know it's all about communication rather than it being a job description. All the tools cannot fix your problems if the foundation isn't solid.
No icon Arduino - 2 years experience
I've been playing around with hardware as a hobby, and using that in my home automation platform.
mqtt-hue-bridge 7   4
This NodeJS application listens to MQTT messages and transforms them into Philips Hue API calls
mqtt-mongo-recorder 5   5
This NodeJS application listens to MQTT messages and records them to MongoDB
ansible 2   0
Ansible LEMP provisioning
ESPixel 2   0
ESP8266 driving a WS2812B LED-strip
C++ CMake
hp-officejet 2   0
PHP Implementation of an HP OfficeJet J6400-series scanner, to scan in an automated way
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Dennis has been of great value from the very first second. He was very helpful, fast and to the point. He explained everything in detail where I lacked knowledge. He has a lot of experience and is very professional. Highly related and will call again when I want to learn something else.
ernst Mar 07, 2016

Amazing mentor! Simply brilliant!
Ife Mar 06, 2016

Dennis sure knows his stuff. Very helpful. Excellent communication and really easy to work with. I'm most certainly going to work with him again.
Ife Mar 06, 2016

The troubleshooting session for a very specific problem within my Dockerfile and app was answered with a lot more wisdom than I expected. Dennis explained every additional command which was unknown to me. He explained the flags and the purpose of commands and how they were chained. He is gracious and easy to collaborate with. He even equipped me with the right "train of thought" that I should use for solving Docker related problems, moving forward.
Pulkit Singhal Mar 06, 2016