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David Sparks

David Sparks

Custom Web Developer

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
My name is David - I have been working with and building web based applications for years using the PHP OOP framework, WordPress, HTML and CSS. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out problems that a second pair of eyes could have figured out in mere minutes. I would like to be able to pass on those solutions to you.

WordPress can be a bit intimidating if you have no experience setting up the environment. I can set up your WordPress on a live server or create a child a theme from an existing parent theme for you with a couple hours turn around time.

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

$100 - Delivery in 1 Day

Complete SEO Audit of your existing website. We will go through each page of your site and make recommendations on how to increase page speed, code structure and text on your website in order to optimize your rankings in the search engines.

12 jQuery
11 JavaScript
11 Html
5 WordPress
4 CSS3
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
I love building apps using jQuery and JavaScript to handle back end data calls for a seamless user experience. Years of trouble shooting various projects has laid a strong foundation that I draw upon to help you with your JavaScript needs.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 10 years experience
HTML/CSS is the backbone of programming. I can write properly structured semantic markup and CSS in my sleep backwards - enough said?
Php expert help PHP - 5 years experience
I have been Developing web based applications using PHP OOP methods for years. I can help solve mundane problems that are as simple as leaving out a semi colon, to uncovering bigger issues such as classes not being loaded. No problem is to big or to small with my PHP skill set.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
I work with jQuery, AJAX, and JSON on a daily basis building custom data drive web applications.
Wordpress WordPress - 5 years experience
I have been writing custom themes for WordPress for over 5 years. Every theme I write is responsive and W3C compliant. I take theme development beyond the core themes and into editing the WordPress core files when needed to achieve standards compliant websites.
Seo expert help SEO - 5 years experience
I have been doing SEO for about 5 years. Like everyone else I wanted to have that one stop shop to push a website right to the top of Google. Through delving in to SEO, and what works, and what doesn't - I realized there is no one stop answer, and moreover there is a highly overlooked piece of the SEO puzzle, and that is coding to W3C standards.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Top mentor, definitely my favourite mentor on this website!
michale bane Dec 01, 2016

David was able to quickly spot my coding errors and get me back on track with my javascript problem. Nice to have instant help online when you need it!
Bruce Dowdy Nov 30, 2016

He was super helpful, helped me with everything I asked and very quick too, definitely worth asking him for help.
michale bane Nov 30, 2016

Asked David to fix one item, and he was straight to the point. Being my first time, I was concerned about wasted time, but there was none of that. Would definitely use David again.
Bobby Burton Nov 29, 2016

It was a big session and he made sure that we touched on all the elements of the current objective. By the time we had finished I had learned to use the tools that would be needed in order to complete the current work.
Oran Nov 22, 2016

He was very helpful in getting past issues and catching mistakes that I had made as we moved along. The knowledge gained has created future options to better develop our application. The session lasted a while but I don't regret a minute of the time spent, it was one of the best sessions I've had to date.
Oran Nov 21, 2016

Very helpful, questions answered and honest feedback! Will be using him again.
Tracy Nov 16, 2016

Friendly, useful advice. Was able to provide clear informative instructions and guide me through my problem from start to finish. Highly recommended for your projects!
Tom Nov 16, 2016

I got clear answers from David. He was very quick, knew what he was doing, and I feel confident with his instructions!
Maya Nov 13, 2016

David was great, very helpful. Thank you so much!!!
Joe Curreri Nov 12, 2016

He was excellent! Took the time to work through my mess of coding and helped me out significantly I strongly recommend him to anyone needing help, especially with HTML and Bootstrap!
Kaylie Bergkamp Nov 11, 2016

David is great, he helped me figure out a problem and thought me programming knowledge at the same time
Daniel Nov 10, 2016

David was great. He was patient and very efficient.
Mon Nov 06, 2016

Really really helpful, patient (I think I did some quite amateur mistakes!) and good at explaining.
Esteban Ruseler Nov 03, 2016

Good quick session
Debanshi Bheda Nov 03, 2016

Very friendly helpful mentor
Tony Nov 03, 2016

David was great. My problem, though it was small, ended up taking more time than originally thought due to admin problems such as lack of login info, etc. David was understanding and patient, and it all ended up being solved quickly.
Mel Oct 28, 2016

I liked that we jumped straight in and he told me what to do right away. Clear instructions.
David Dodd Oct 26, 2016

Outstanding! Found the errors, and was able to give me the background information that I needed to finish my project. Very pleasant to work with as well.
Craig McCormack Oct 26, 2016

David was friendly and helpful
Tom Clarkson Oct 24, 2016

Very helpful and through was willing to talk through till the end
Anubis Oct 24, 2016

I appreciated David's professionalism and efforts, would recommend.
Adam Oct 23, 2016

Very intelligent and well spoken. Thank you David!
Joe Riccairdi Oct 03, 2016

Great session as always!
Froi Nunez Jun 12, 2016

was professional and took time to make everything look awesome.
Mahen May 12, 2016

Awesome at what he does, using him for the second time.
Mahen May 06, 2016

David was immensely helpful with my issue with PHP and Wordpress. Extremely clear communicator and very knowledgeable! Thanks for your help! Highly recommend.
Nicole Lee May 05, 2016

Very helpful
casper May 03, 2016

David was extremely helpful and a fantastic communicator - he was fast and ensured all of my issues were thoroughly solved. Will look first to him the next time I'm in need!
Bryan Mojica Apr 25, 2016

David's very energetic and eager to help. Really enjoyed having his assistance!
Ted Pearlman Apr 19, 2016

David is awesome!! He's brilliant with CSS debugging. A pleasure listening to his advice. Choose him for all your CSS issues.
Codementor Apr 13, 2016

David is very knowledgeable and a great communicator. Would work with him again.
Shaun Glassman Apr 13, 2016

solved in minutes!
Nicholas Togias Apr 11, 2016

Stephanie Hughes Mar 29, 2016

Very professional and well done. Thank you so much.
Scott Allen Mar 28, 2016

Very helpful, friendly, and quick to get to get to the root of my problem. When the inevitable bumps in the road came up, David was able to solve them swiftly. After my immediate issue was solved, he invited me to follow up with him if I encountered any more problems - something I would definitely do given how helpful he was the first time.
Damon Mar 22, 2016

steve bryan Mar 18, 2016

Helpful and knowledgeable, easy to work with / communicate with.
Sean Mar 17, 2016

David gave me great insights into fixing a Google Adsense issue.
Matt Jennings Mar 16, 2016

Thank you! This talking and walking through was very helpful and much better than other freelancing websites. David was very helpful and on the ball about the problem. Solved! :)
Lara Mar 16, 2016

Great help
Froi Nunez Mar 10, 2016

Very helpful, as usual. Recommended
Froi Nunez Mar 05, 2016

Froi Nunez Mar 04, 2016

David is a great mentor
Candace Cohen Mar 03, 2016

Very patient and knowledgeable.
Guanjie Hao Mar 02, 2016

Helped solve issue quickly
Mai Xiong Feb 29, 2016

Excellent mentor. Fixed all my shopping cart issues and had a nice conversation about flying. Thanks for all your help!
G romero Feb 28, 2016

David was worth every penny. Quick, efficient and personable. Quality call.
Shazam Feb 27, 2016

As usual great session. Very helpful and informative.
Froi Nunez Feb 27, 2016

Amazing! Such a little coding error on my end and he saw it instantly! Wonderful work and it saved me hours of stress. Thank you so much!
Douglas Weittenhiller Feb 27, 2016

David is awesome! I would recommend him for any Javascript and Jquery issues.
Candace Cohen Feb 25, 2016

I dealt with a very difficult OOP problem in WordPress doing a freelance project for a client. David was patient in trouble-shooting the problem with me and we solved it. I'm sure the client will be very happy!
Matt Jennings Feb 24, 2016

David was awesome! He was very knowledgeable and saved me loads of work typing in unneeded code. I would recommend him and use him again.
Candace Cohen Feb 22, 2016

David is the real deal. Took time to understand the problem fully before beginning charging for the session. Walked me through exactly what I needed to do. If you need help with jQuery/CSS/Javascript he can help.
Brock Gion Feb 22, 2016

Great session! Issues with WordPress were solved and he did an outstanding job at explaining the content.
Froi Nunez Feb 21, 2016

David is very knowledgeable and made quick work of the issue. I will be returning to him for all my future issues.
Brian McDonough Feb 17, 2016

David was a great mentor. He walked through some of the code and explained why he coded as he did. Would request his expertise again!
Sabrina Feb 14, 2016

Been through a few different mentors all with different complex ajax calls etc etc, Davids solution works. plain and simple. Saved me a lot of headache.
Doug Feb 10, 2016

Great mentor. Thank you!
Nicole Feb 10, 2016

Knowledgeable, good communicator, uses time well. Very helpful and effective.
Sean Feb 10, 2016

Knowledgeable, patient, and easy to communicate with. Would recommend!
Sean Feb 09, 2016

Excellent mentor. Very interested on fix the problem and provided excellent guidance on the further steps to be taken.
Andres Benavente Feb 08, 2016

Clear that he just wants to help and solve your problem! Super knowledgable and open to any instructions.
Johnny Feb 02, 2016

Very knowledgeable, thanks for the help
Cameron Jan 29, 2016

David is the best. You won't regret meeting with him.
John Balladares Jan 28, 2016

David is always a pleasure to work with.
John Balladares Jan 27, 2016

Another great session. very informative and focused on finding the best solution for a problem.
Froi Nunez Jan 24, 2016

He fixed my problem in no time. He is very clear and quick to speak with. 10/10
Peter Bendtsen Jan 20, 2016

was mindful of time being spent. friendly. easy to talk to. easy going when explaining how to fix problems. will repeat biz.
hamid ali Jan 19, 2016

David was great, he was efficient, got to the point and helped me move forward confidently with my site.
Aaron Jerad Jan 14, 2016

David was helpful and persistent at making sure the problem was solved. He made sure that I learned along the process.
Kim Sarabia Jan 05, 2016

Knowledgeable, great bedside manner.
Brad Miskell Jan 03, 2016

he was extremely helpful
John Graybill Dec 21, 2015

Fabulous :) Thanks
Heather Dec 15, 2015

David helped me to clear the concept of validating form fields which I was struggling with.
Vishal Dec 11, 2015

David was super helpful! Solved my problems in no time.
Stephen Young Dec 10, 2015

Great mentor
John Balladares Nov 30, 2015

Very helpful. Gives good explanations about the topic.
Froi Nunez Nov 30, 2015

had problem and idea of solution, not sure how to write it. David offered to continue with solving and had "out-of-my-box" idea on accomplishing goal that worked better than my original idea. Perfect.
steve bryan Nov 20, 2015

Very cool!
steve bryan Nov 18, 2015

A complicated issue but David was helpful getting it across the line! Thanks David.
Harry van der Nol Nov 17, 2015

David once again helped me solve my problem quickly and effectively. I now know more about wordpress and can continue developing a project that was on hold for a long time. I will most definitely be seeking David's help for all my wordpress needs! Thanks David
Michael Paccione Nov 13, 2015

Helped me round out some last minute details for my LAMP app quickly. Nice guy.
Jeffrey James Nov 13, 2015

I am happy with the result, David was able to help me to solve problems with Bootstrap.
jack Nov 11, 2015

Great session for a second time !!
William Nov 11, 2015

Outstanding !! nailed it !! Was very quick !
William Nov 10, 2015

All the highest praise for David! In a Wordpress theme with a lot of stuff going on he still succeeded in getting the job done - and it wasn't an easy task. I'll definitely ask him for help another time.
Christian Bach Nov 09, 2015

Very helpful.
Froi Nunez Oct 27, 2015

Once again the master at solving obscure html problems. I had a positional problem with CSS and David dug deep to figure out the root and fix it. Super fast response time, fantastic guy, great audio/video quality, couldn't recommend him more!
Stephen Sauer Oct 27, 2015

He figured out exactly what I needed and helped me fix it quickly!
Taj Carson Oct 20, 2015

knows his stuff about wordpress themes! Very helpful!
Scott Oct 16, 2015

Saved my butt! thanks!
Danette MacGregor Oct 16, 2015

Great to work with and easy to talk to about getting my CSS to work properly.
Joshua Oct 14, 2015

Once again, David was a fantastic help! I had some difficult issues buried in my bloated CSS files and many JS files. He waded through all the mess and targeted what needed to be changed. Fast, efficient and super nice!
Stephen Sauer Oct 14, 2015

David was an awesome mentor! He was very calm, and walked me through step by step. I truly appreciate his help! I can stop crying now!
Chan Oct 08, 2015

I ran out of time. Not his fault that it isn't resolved yet.
Taj Carson Oct 07, 2015

My session with David was my first time using Codementor. I have very little experience with WordPress/HTML, but David was patient and resolved my issue. I recommend his services.
Claire Oct 06, 2015

If I need help and David is online he is always the first mentor I go to. He's even taken time to help me out while he was on the road. If you're looking for quality instruction and a friendly mentor definitely schedule some time with David!
John Balladares Oct 03, 2015

Great mentor, always gets the problem solved.
John Balladares Oct 02, 2015

David was great. Got right to the problem.
Bill Latka Oct 01, 2015

David was extremely helpful. He was my first session and walked me through everything. He took his time, didn't make me feel rushed and expertly handled my problem. He was super fast too. I would HIGHLY recommend him and will be using him again.
William de Long Sep 30, 2015

David is the man! Highly reccommend.
John Balladares Sep 29, 2015

David has been super reliable for me in helping me on a long-term project. I appreciate all his advice and skills.
mikiah Sep 28, 2015

David is my favorite mentor to work with on the site. I know for a fact that I could not have gotten my company's wordpress site up and running in time for our relaunch without him. If you have any wordpress related issues, David is your guy!
John Balladares Sep 28, 2015

David was FANTASTIC!! I needed quick CSS help with positioning elements on a Shopify site. He answered my call immediately and fixed everything for me in 15min. Definitely going back for any future problems!
Stephen Sauer Sep 28, 2015

While my issue wasn't resolved, David's efforts are greatly appreciated. He worked hard for the time we spent. Definitely would recommend.
Alex Sep 25, 2015

David is a very knowledgeable and friendly Software Engineer. It's unusual to find a developer who knows how to interact with people (without using "geek speak") as well as he knows how to write code. David is that guy, he explained everything and quickly helped me solve my issue. I highly recommend David! Thank you for everything David!
Jay Wilson Jr. Sep 24, 2015

Great mentor. Always patient and the issue is always resolved
John Balladares Sep 22, 2015

great job in debugging some jquery. product is ongoing but he moved me further along.
mikiah Sep 22, 2015

He has clear voice and can explain the steps clearly.
Anna Sep 22, 2015

very helpful - dug right in..!
josh Sep 22, 2015

David answered all of my questions concisely and precisely. Saved me countless hours of research.
Eric Sep 17, 2015

David thinks on his feet and was very helpful. He troubleshooted multiple problems and resolved everything I asked of him. Would highly recommend.
Tom Sep 17, 2015

David is always very helpful.
Phil Warton Sep 13, 2015

Awesome precision and quickness.
Edoardo Sep 10, 2015

Patient and thorough. Gotten farther than anyone else on this issue and explains things well.
Jay Sep 10, 2015

Prompt response. Not only helped me solve my problem but explained the logic behind the code and made it very easy to understand. Definitely recommend.
angelica Sep 08, 2015

Great help, I couldn't ask for more. Very valuable session. He goes beyond to make sure the concepts stick and you get a good grasp of the project. Highly recommended.
Froi Nunez Sep 07, 2015

David was quick and a great help with my issue
Adam Sep 07, 2015

I just started with David and so far he has been friendly, helpful and easy to work with!
Tania Leonian Sep 06, 2015

David is an excellent mentor. Whereas other mentors were unavailable, I was able to log on and immediately have a session. My problem and hours of frustration were alleviated all the while I felt in good knowledgeable hands. I recommend David as the expert for your problem!
Michael Paccione Aug 08, 2015

Excellent mentor, there is a reason I have used him more than once—he's fantastic.
Charles Blevins Jul 29, 2015

Excellent mentor, did not waste time to pad the time. Knew exactly the issue and the fix, and explained the fix and why it would work. Moreover, answered other questions I had. Would highly recommend. This is the type of mentor this site needs.
Charles Blevins Jul 22, 2015

David was very helpful in walking me through various options and their positive and negative implications.
Trevor Jul 14, 2015

don mclamb Jun 19, 2015

Another great session with David. He was able to fix the issues that I was having quickly. He is always patient and takes the time to make sure I understand the changes he is suggesting. He also made a great recommendation for a plugin that I have spent time trying different ones. Next time, i'll save myself the time and ask David first.
Laurie Reynolds May 22, 2015

I am super thankful to David for helping me with such a great speed! My whole homepage was not working responsively. The pictures were not reducing correctly, the text not aligned, and many other elements. David was incredibly fast in correcting the entire page from not functioning responsively to making it work on large screens as well as mobile. David's value is worth every penny. Thank you so much!
Marcela May 18, 2015

David always has the answer and does not waste any time to provide it. Great mentor! I connect with him whenever I get stuck.
Marcela May 08, 2015

David is very friendly, honest, and knowledgeable. Great mentor
Tyler May 06, 2015

Communication is clear, my responsive issue is solved. Thanks a lot!
Rich Apr 30, 2015

Great Mentor! Helped my quickly and was very friendly! Would recommend.
Chad Apr 29, 2015

very helpful and reliable. willing to stay with me until the problem is solved
Febby Gunawan Apr 28, 2015

Fast, Reliable, Explained the issue and explained the fix as well as showing me where the new code was located. Will be using David again.
Huw Rowlands Apr 27, 2015

Was a great help in debugging.
Adam Hodson Apr 25, 2015

David was a total pro and built a new theme for me in an hour to replace the subpar theme I had on my website.
jonas kleiner Apr 21, 2015

Get's the job DONE!
Basileo Apr 19, 2015

David was extremely helpful. Not only did he solve my problem, but he taught me several tips along the way as well as alternatives I could have used. In short, he's a really awesome mentor.
Benjamin Bond Apr 19, 2015

Marcela Apr 17, 2015

Marcela Apr 16, 2015

David came through again on short notice. Highly recommended! Knows his stuff.
Phil Warton Apr 16, 2015

Knows what he is doing. Can solve any problem.
Basileo Apr 14, 2015

Very knowledgeable and helpful, fixed my issue quickly.
Froi Nunez Apr 14, 2015

Knows his stuff. Grate to work with. Gets straight to the answer quickly.
Basileo Apr 10, 2015

Awesome as always.
Phil Warton Mar 31, 2015

Awesome guy to work with. Extremely knowledgeable. I"m very exited to work with him again. If you have a problem he can solve. I would schedule time to work with him. Great personality and works with you at your pace/level of knowledge.
Basileo Mar 23, 2015

A great help.
Phil Warton Mar 17, 2015

Excellent mentor!
Phillip Walker Mar 16, 2015

Problem solved very quickly. I'm a repeat customer. I don't even ask for anyone else.
Tiffany Sumuel Mar 15, 2015

Terrific session. David helped me out on a number of issues on two different websites. One of the issues, I'd been trying to solve for several days and even the theme vendor hadn't been able to provide the answer, but David figured out the problem quickly, and provided a solution.
Laurie Reynolds Mar 11, 2015

As always super fast to get the issue and then assist in correcting or finding a solution.
Tiffany Sumuel Mar 11, 2015

Very fast, much knowledge and good help!
William Assaad Mar 05, 2015

I AM IMPRESSED! After spending weeks and weeks trying to find help with responsive text overlay, David showed me how to do it, probably, in less than 10 minutes. The money was totally worth it! Now, for sure, I will be requesting David's advice on my programming needs. Thank you so much David. Now, I can breathe, again!
Marcela Mar 02, 2015

David was super!! He explained everything well and answered questions above and beyond. 5 stars all around!!! Will return.
Tiffany Sumuel Feb 28, 2015

This mentor was completely honest in his ability to to troubleshoot the problem, but he was able to strip down the symptoms and narrow down the issue as well as teach me some new things about CSS which was extremely appreciated.
craig hancock Feb 26, 2015

David is great. He was patient, efficient and helped me solve my problem. Highly recommended.
Mark Feb 25, 2015

Ruben Feb 24, 2015

Great once again
Ian Jarrett Dec 11, 2014

David is a great problem solver. I've had some weird issues with a custom template for WordPress and he's been able to zero in on the issues quickly and find solutions. I'd highly recommend him to anyone needing help.
Susan Weaver Nov 04, 2014

David has helped me a couple of times now. He zeros in on my problems quickly and finds solutions. He's nice to work with. I'll be calling on him again in the future. Thanks!!!
Susan Weaver Oct 21, 2014

He was a great help. We were able to one by one go through the problems in my CSS and get them fixed. Thank you so much! Now I get to have my weekend :)
Susan Weaver Oct 17, 2014

Very helpful, thanks!
Robert Pielanen Oct 13, 2014

Great help! Dave was very thorough and patiently walked through the challenges I setup for him. He was also very diligent about pausing the session at the appropriate times. I would happily use again.
Brenden Oct 04, 2014

-Very Knowledgeable and professional -Great Communication Skills -Inquisitive Session
Abraham lagarde Oct 02, 2014

A+++++++++++++++. Very knowledgeable and worked with me until we got everything figured out. Would highly recommend.
Ian Jarrett Oct 01, 2014

David was great to work with! He took my request on a Sunday afternoon, helped walk me through resolving all the issues I had that prevented my wordpress site and plug in from working the way I wanted. He was very diligent and helped think of new ways to solve my problems and it ended up saving me time and money! He has a fast connection so the video conversation was fluid and smooth.
Brad Durbin Sep 28, 2014

David was sharp, quick, understanding and – most importantly – was able to help me (in ~25 minutes) find 2 bugs in 900+ lines of code and squash them. Very grateful! A real professional who knows his craft and Google too.
Arlen Byrd Sep 27, 2014

Phenomenal job. Communicated clearly every step of the way and completed the task in a very efficient manner. Highly recommended!
Sam Kim Sep 26, 2014

Clear, Precise, and Thorough.
Daniel Sep 25, 2014

Awesome person & great help!
Chris Sep 24, 2014

David is great. Very skilled, quick to respond, and really nice. Great experience. Would definitely do it again!
Chris H Sep 23, 2014

Great help!
justin botros Sep 22, 2014

Great mentor. Focused, quick and a great communicator/problem solver. I would definitely reach out to him again.
Greg Mena Sep 21, 2014

David was great! Even though he had to trudge through an exorbitant amount of files, and deal with mismatching variable names he was still able to help me identify exactly which lines of code needed to adjusted. Not only that, but I have very little programming knowledge and Dave never made me feel stupid even though I'm sure I asked a few silly questions. If I ever need help with my site again Dave will definitely be my go to.
John Balladares Sep 21, 2014

Quick help! Thanks!
Nicole Sep 18, 2014

Knowledgeable and pragmatic - David gave me some good advice in this session
Steve Ardagh-Walter Sep 17, 2014

He was fast, helpful, & knowledgeable!
David Streever Sep 16, 2014