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David Brumbaugh

David Brumbaugh

WordPress Core Contributer - Full Stack Expert - PHP|MySQL|JS|jQuery|OOP

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)
David has been a software engineer since 1986. He is a full stack web developer with a wide range of experience. He is *very* good at figuring out solutions that stump engineers with less experience. David has been a Web Engineer at 10 Up, where he had the honor of working with a world class WordPress development team. With the release of WordPress 4.5 he is proud to add "WordPress core Contributor" to his list of accomplishments. David has been the chief software architect and CTO of 3B Alliance, an SaaS provider focusing on eCommerce and business to business solutions. In this role he implemented complex payment processing in a distributed environment. David has over 30 years of Software Engineering and IT experience. Involved in internet development since 1994, David has worked as the Director of IT and Software Engineering for an International Insurance Company and the Chief of South Eastern Operations for an International IT Consulting Firm. His professional writing has been published by Sitepoint, DICE, Microsoft, C/C++ User's Journal, PC Techniques and John Wiley & Sons. He has served as an expert witness in Federal court in a software copyright infringement case. He has worked as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing and financial industries. As an Artificial Intelligence and Physics Simulation Programmer for a major game developer his credits include NFL Full Contact Football, Indy Racing, Jeff Gordon XS Racing and Centipede 3D. Specialties: WordPress, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Web Development, Software Design, Technical Writing, PHP, mySQL, C++, Application Security, eCommerce, API Based Programming, Game Development.
I Will Speed Up Your WordPress Site

I Will Speed Up Your WordPress Site

$100 - Delivery in 2 Days

I will install and test the proper WordPress plugins to address your specific issues found on Google Page Speed Insights. (I will not usually address improvement to Server Response times, as that is more of a hosting/DNS issue.) https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

I will migrate your WordPress installation to another server - even if the other server has a different URL.

23 WordPress
19 PHP
18 JavaScript
10 Wordpress plugin
10 MySQL
9 jQuery
6 Git
4 Html
Wordpress WordPress - 5 years experience
I am a WordPress core contributor and have done plugin and theme development for some of the most respected digital agencies in the world. I have been a featured speaker at WordCamps on the topic of WordPress security.
Php expert help PHP - 16 years experience
I've been coding PHP since the late 1990s. I've written SaaS applications, WordPress themes and WordPress plugins. I can help you set up both REST clients and REST servers in PHP. I can help you with obscure errors and remote debugging. I am quite familiar with all versions of PHP (3 - 7).
Jquery expert help jQuery - 6 years experience
I've been using jQuery to build interactive web applications since 2010. I've had tutorial articles published about it.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
I've been working with JavaScript since the early days of web development. I'm especially adept at helping people transfer knowledge learned in other programming languages to JavaScript. I understand how to use JavaScript in WordPress Properly
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 15 years experience
HTML has matured over the years. I've got extensive experience with both hand coded and machine generated HTML.
Seo expert help SEO - 8 years experience
My expertise in SEO is primarily with the on-site side of SEO. I have been able to get my sites to go from un-indexed to ranking first within a few weeks just by adjusting a few key on-site pieces. I can discuss effective backlink strategies as well.
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 7 years experience
I wrote a book on C++ that was published by John Wiley and Sons in1993. My last professional experience with C++ was in 2004 when I used it on an embedded inventory tracking system.
C expert help C - 5 years experience
I used C primarily during the game programming when size and speed were absolutely critical.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
I can help you set up an effective GIT workflow, whether your are working alone or on a team.
Backbone js expert help Backbone.js - 2 years experience
I have a good understanding of the backbone framework. My backbone.js experience is primarily in the WordPress arena. I've used it in conjunction with the WordPress REST API.
No icon Database - 30 years experience
I've been doing database design and optimization since 1986. I've been working with mySQL since about 2003 or so, mostly in PHP. I am certified in and have taught about MS SQL Server.
No icon Cpanel - 15 years experience
I have owned a small hosting company and have been using cpanel and a variety of web-hosting technologies for well over 10 years.
No icon Ecommerce - 7 years experience
I've built PCI Complaint Payment processing systems from the ground up. I have a solid understanding of both credit card and ACH based payment systems.
No icon Restful architecture - 3 years experience
I can help you design, implement, use or debug a RESTFul API, especially in PHP or JavaScript. Authentication issues, including OAuth are of particular interest to me.
No icon Software design - 30 years experience
I've been designing all sorts of software from small apps to large systems for over 30 years. I would be happy to help you design your software.

How to Secure Your WordPress Site

  Mon, Nov 28, 10:00 AM (PST)
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cleanshortcodes 2   1
WordPress plugin to remove unregistered shortcodes from posts and pages
give-it-a-REST 1   1
PHP JavaScript
adventures-in-cyberspace 0   0
This is a theme I'm building for a personal blog
js-scoreboard 0   0
This is me playing around with Javascript, jQuery and CSS and FontSquirrel to build an animated "Scoreboard" to look old school.
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Pretty good for the first time seeing the code. Wish price was lower lol
Brian Dec 04, 2016

I always come to David, if I have questions for which a programmer with many years of experience would be able to answer i.e. architecture questions.
Stephen Huh Nov 28, 2016

Great guy awesome work
Jeremy Schoemaker Nov 10, 2016

Thank you once again David. Look forward to talking to you again..
Daniel Nov 09, 2016

Outstanding session! Highly recommend David for help with MySql and other database issues!!!
Burton Milnor Nov 07, 2016

Spent 7 hours with David tonight. If that doesn't testify to him being a great mentor, I don't know what does.
Stephen Huh Nov 07, 2016

David is a great mentor and a teacher. I'm learning a lot and look forward to working with him.
Masis Pazarjian Nov 03, 2016

Broad background and experience without sacrificing specific technical knowledge. Very helpful in getting my bearings on a project and picking a path forward.
Chester McLaughlin Nov 02, 2016

David is a great guy, he has great empathy and helped me find an alternative solution that was simpler
Daniel Nov 01, 2016

David was great. I had an issue that was well above my head and we worked together to gain insight as to the issue and what needed to be done to fix it. As it was an extensive issue, David provided me with ideas on what to do and how to proceed for resolution. Our time was very efficient and enjoyable. Thank you David.
Brooks West Nov 01, 2016

Top mentor! 5 Star! is Fast, helpful, friendly, has integrity.
BachOfCadence Oct 28, 2016

In terms of Database creation, MySQL, ERD Diagrams,Normalization and SQL - David is the best mentor,teacher,coach,lecturer i've ever seen on the topic.
BachOfCadence Oct 27, 2016

I came out with a product which was far superior to what I was working with beforehand. Thanks David. Top mentor here.
BachOfCadence Oct 27, 2016

David was awesome I would recommend him 100%
Ron Smart Oct 24, 2016

David knows his Sh!t!!!
Casey seymour Oct 22, 2016

Excellent mentor, always on time and super helpful.
mikiah Oct 20, 2016

Awesome session! David was very helpful.
Brenden Oct 18, 2016

David is excellent, professional and always very communicative. Always a pleasure to work with him.
mikiah Oct 16, 2016

Excellent as usual! Precise work and proactive offering extra improvements.
Julian Oct 05, 2016

David is exceedingly knowledgeable, his work surpassed expectations and I will definitely be recommending him 110%.
Julian Oct 03, 2016

My experience with David was brilliant. He's understanding and made sure I had a good first session with Codementor. +1
Bhanu Chawla Oct 03, 2016

David is a brilliant, professional and humble software engineer. He came up with a solution for us immediately after I start the session with him. Highly recommend him.
Jane Oct 01, 2016

David was kind, smart, authoritative, likable and informative - everything you would want if you were in my position. This was my first impression of your service and it was a great one - I'll be back ;-)
Eric Lingenfelter Oct 01, 2016

I find David to have a wonderful array of tools and information at his fingertips and to also be a good teacher---showing me clearly, concisely and easily how I can utilize those tools to make my project work. He is extremely knowledgeable, and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure it all works right.
Levanah Sep 29, 2016

David has excellent communication skills so he can easily hone in what you need done and find the best way to implement it.
Levanah Sep 28, 2016

He was very helpful
Steve Sagert Sep 24, 2016

Great help! Very knowledgeable and insightful. I would certainly work with David again in the future.
Brenden Sep 24, 2016

When you need someone knowledgable, quick to put it all together who can see both the details and the bigger picture David is the pro to go to.
Levanah Sep 23, 2016

David is quick to assimilate what is needed, to break down complex issues into basic points and to find a way to address what is needed. And he is kind and easy to work with.
Levanah Sep 22, 2016

Love working with David. He's eloquent and thoughtful. We went over some software construction patterns and it was probably one of the most insightful lessons I've had so far. I love seeing mentors take the time to really deliver the highest quality sessions to mentees. I think David does that.
Stephen Huh Sep 21, 2016

David is not only a pro in Wordpress, but also he has amazing kindness, perfect in communication, and has that sense of humor. I am happy since he solved my problem with patience and high attitude standards. He is fair, and he do that extra mile.
Ali Basheer Sep 20, 2016

Great session. I came in with one project I thought would take a couple hours and ended up knocking out that project and an additional project in just over an hour. David is very patient, easy to understand, and explains things thoroughly. Very knowledgeable about not only the code but also has general business acumen to understand how the code will apply given the business case. I will definitely use David again. Couldn't be more pleased. 5 stars...
Tim Whitaker Sep 20, 2016

Great mentor as always! every minute is worth your time!
John Villamor Sep 19, 2016

Master in wordpress and javascript. Thanks for the help :)
Vladimir Sep 16, 2016

Ido Goldstein Sep 15, 2016

Excellent work. Friendly and very helpful
Andrew Underhill Sep 14, 2016

Extremely patient and understanding; I have enjoyed every session with David, customers should value his passion for teaching and his overwhelming degree of empathy. He will make sure that you understand the problem before leaving you to your own devices.
joe Sep 14, 2016

mentor was very thorough and patient! he walked me through each step and thought me what each step meant and did!
John Villamor Sep 12, 2016

David is fantastic at being direct and quick to answer questions. I'm a big fan of going to David for database architecture questions. In addition he really does seem to enjoy helping out fellow programmers and is EXCITED to learn about new things and is willing to put in the work to help the mentee out. Definitely coming back to David.
Stephen Huh Sep 12, 2016

Very responsive and quick with correct answers to my problems. Highly recommended.
Tiffany Sumuel Sep 12, 2016

Very helpful!
Jfrevert Sep 10, 2016

Dave got my job done quickly and efficiently with great communication.
David Berkwits Sep 09, 2016

David was great. I had two problems. First, I had messed up my wordpress account. He quickly figured out what file I had clobbered and how to recover it. He also walked me through upgrading my wordpress account. Fast and helpful! Second, I want to do continuous deployment on a shared server. He told me he couldn't help, but actually, he effectively solved my problem. We created a remote trigger where I can I pull from master without logging into my server. I can now trigger the pull as I push to master in github -- problem solved. Well worth the 37 minutes!
Mike Weiksner Sep 08, 2016

Received a lot of great programming advice, easily one of the most competent mentors.
joe Sep 07, 2016

Patient, knowledgeable, friendly - solved the issue and I learned a couple things
Jill Sep 07, 2016

Still awesome!
Casey seymour Sep 06, 2016

David is my new bestie! LOL AWESOME!!!!
Casey seymour Sep 06, 2016

Perhaps the friendliest coder on the internet? As a beginner programmer, it took while for me to battle my yahtzee simulator issues with David, but he gave me a ton of useful advice to alter my code and showed me great general programming practices. Given the task took longer than expected, he actually stopped the clock after 2 hours and kept giving me help for a long period of time. Will recommend to friends.
Dan Sep 05, 2016

Really helpful and got to the root of my Wordpress issue very quickly
Andy Sep 03, 2016

I had a database design question for David and he totally clarified every question I had for him. He designed a normalized DB on the fly, then when I asked him questions about certain motives for the steps he took, he explained them to me in a logical step-by-step manner. What I really appreciated was his communication skills (I often find that technical people are unable to communicate well or fail to empathize with other parties), I found his explanations clear and will come back to him for more questions.
Stephen Huh Sep 02, 2016

Top notch from beginning to end. Highly recommended.
eric shew Aug 31, 2016

David walked me through resolving github conflicts and clearly explained the process along the way. Highly recommended.
David Gariepy Aug 31, 2016

I really liked Dave. I found him to be a genuine guy who is very knowledgeable. While we were not able to resolve the issue (through no fault or lack of knowledge on his part) he was able to provide me with a few options to work with and taught me something as well about the code. I would definitely recommend him and I will be coming back to him when I have more questions.
Phil A. Marshall II Aug 31, 2016

David is the guy you are looking for :)
Vlad Ronosson Aug 30, 2016

patient, helpful
kenneth muiruri Aug 30, 2016

knowledgeable honest
kenneth muiruri Aug 30, 2016

David is phenomenal! He's patient and gives thorough yet concise explanations.
Sarah Sareh Aug 30, 2016

SOS call, was not displeased.
Carlton Davenport Aug 29, 2016

David was very helpful and knowledgeable. He didn't just do what I asked, he provided a better solution to my problem at much less effort. When he could have really milked time with me, he put my interests first and not money. I really appreciate that, and cannot recommend him enough.
gabriel Aug 29, 2016

David was very helpful. Thanks David for the recommendations
EC Aug 29, 2016

This guy was FANTASTIC!!! He patiently guided me to a perfect resolution on all my WordPress issues. I kept saying 'have time to fix more things?' and unlike other sessions I've had in the past with other codementors he was patient and stayed the course until all issues I threw at him were resolved. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!
Thomas Dorsher Aug 27, 2016

Second time using David. He was able to easily remember and refer to past documentation to make this case a low quicker. A great source.
Carlton Davenport Aug 26, 2016

David is wonderful, helped me with some tricky jQuery problems. Great teacher. Highly recommended!
Benny Aug 26, 2016

David took the time to work through each of my problems with me, helped me set up a workflow for my future tasks and overall made my life a lot easier. Great session!
Ian Chan Aug 25, 2016

David was great, Fast and required little input. Function turned out awesome.
Tiffany Sumuel Aug 25, 2016

was able to help with my entire wordpress situation. A+++++++
David Vais Aug 24, 2016

David is a great mentor. He has helped me out in several ways. Very good with problem solving and JavaScript.
Darrin Jones Aug 23, 2016

Fantastic! Stayed up overtime to help
David Vais Aug 23, 2016

Very good! Intuitive, instructional and helpful! Thanks so much!!!
tate price Aug 19, 2016

David was a great help to me. He took time to listen to my issue and to break it down into steps to get a working solution. He is great with JavaScript and trouble shooting code.
Darrin Jones Aug 18, 2016

David was very helpful and savy in javascript he helped me solve my problem so quickly and easily. i will be working with him more in the future if i have any troubles.
CODEMONKEY Aug 18, 2016

knowledgeable, friendly, funny
kenneth muiruri Aug 18, 2016

Knew exactly what to do immediately! Really nice guy too.
Meir Hauser Aug 17, 2016

Great Stayed up until done A+++++++
David Vais Aug 17, 2016

Helpful, worked on the issue, walked me through the problem I was having.
Brian Christensen Aug 17, 2016

Working with David is easy.
Randi Aug 16, 2016

Worked hard to solve my problem
Thomas Welsh Aug 16, 2016

David was excellent in his approach and going the extra mile to help me. It was greatly appreciated. Simply brilliant customer service.
Tony Aug 16, 2016

David tackled unseen code with great procedural skill. We managed to implement a new feature with a live site and another developers API. I cannot recommend him enough.
Carlton Davenport Aug 15, 2016

David was extremely helpful and easy to work with. Will work with again.
Adam Holsten Aug 15, 2016

David always has a solution.
Randi Aug 12, 2016

I am new to web development and tech. David was extremely helpful and a great tutor.
Tara Larsen Aug 10, 2016

A++++ WOULD use again in a heartbeat!
David Vais Aug 10, 2016

Great to explain. Worked with me on took a while to fix bugs and explain each step. Would work with again in a heartbeat!
David Vais Aug 09, 2016

David went up and beyond to help troubleshoot and solve coding problems. Thanks David!
Randi Aug 09, 2016

Thanks for such a quick help! I appreciate it.
Akiko Turhanogullari Aug 08, 2016

David was a pleasure to work with and has a very intuitive mind and an incremental process of debugging and exploring how the code was firing that was ultimately the way that we identified what needed to be done in my project to get the desired result. I would hands-down recommend David to anyone and would be pleased to hire him again.
Amanda Aug 06, 2016

Excellent as always, clear information, very detailed. I will definitely be in touch again. Many thanks David
Jon meadows Aug 05, 2016

Excellent, pertinent advice. Recommended
Jon meadows Aug 05, 2016