How and why I built Database Security Broker Application

Published Sep 21, 2017
How and why I built Database Security Broker Application

About me

Analytical, entrepreneurial, and highly adaptable professional with far-reaching experience building and managing sophisticated technology service and security solutions for cloud services organizations and financial institutions. Utilizing extensive leading-edge IT experience in delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and improving overall operations.

The problem I wanted to solve

Preventing un-authorized access to organisations live database!

What is Database Security Broker Application?

Database Security Broker Application is a software solution i designed to prevent un-authorized access, manage threats before they occur, keep stakeholders informed of activities that occur with the Database.

Tech stack

DotNet Technology was used to build this solution, due to the operating system target was Windows and windows server. Several mode of authentication was implemented (e.g Remote Active Directory Auth), to ensure just authorized individuals only have access to the Data.

The process of building Database Security Broker Application

I simply identified the problem to be solved, penciled down the necessary requirements needed, drew a flow of the processes i am to follow, then started to model the flow pro-grammatically then i got Coding...

Challenges I faced

The basic challenge i faced was simply time of delivery for the complexities of components i was to build.

Key learnings

Learnt better ways to impersonate users by ensuring all tracks to activities are monitored.

Tips and advice

Ensure you do a good research on what you are to do and get the right guy to do it!

Final thoughts and next steps

I am done with this project! Currently building projects with machine learning/AI focused...I simply love to make life better by providing more value

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