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Kevin Farst, Datamapper freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Datamapper developer in Tampa, United States

Ruby on Rails + AngularJS + iOS = I'm The Mentor For You!

Hey there! I've been a Ruby on Rails developer since 2010 involved with many different configurations and setups including Ruby 1.8.7-2.2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DataMapper, Rails 2.3-4.1, jQuery/CoffeeScript, CSS/SCSS/Bootstrap/Foundation, and Sinatra. From there, I made a shift from that and for the past two years I've been an AngularJS developer as well, recently switching to Angular 2. In that time I've simultaneously been building my mobile skills with iOS using both Swift and Objective-C. I remember how tough it was getting started in the web dev and mobile scenes and always appreciated those who guided me to becoming the developer I am today. Now, I would love to do the same for you as I help you learn best practices and "get over the hump" of difficult concepts, or move forwa...
Piotr Solnica, top Datamapper developerHire Now
Freelance Datamapper developer in Krakow, Poland

Ruby/Rails developer with 12+ years experience

Piotr is an experienced developer specialized in Ruby and Rails, JavaScript and web-related technologies. He spent over 8 years working professionally with Rails and is an active Open Source contributor - creator of Virtus and Ruby Object Mapper projects.
Timothy Sherratt, Datamapper dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Datamapper developer in Ashburn, United States

Founding Team at Mitoo

I am a San Francisco based software engineer. I have also been a startup co-founder, web agency director, and engineering team lead. My interests lie in solving business problems with technology (rather than technological problems for their own sake). I do most of my work in Ruby/Rails where I have extensive experience building large, non-standard applications that scale excellently. However, my interests and experience are both much broader.

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