Python, Machine Learning, Data Science & Engineering

I use mathematics and machine learning to analyze & explain data. When the machine doesn't learn, I do it the old-fashioned way: I use my brain and do my own learning instead. I consider my skillset to lie somewhere in the intersection between Machine Learning, Data Engineering and Software engineering . (that is to say, in other words front-end is not my thing). I've worked with all the cool Python libraries through the whole "data lifecycle": crawling data, queuing systems, db management, training ML models, API design and deployment management (Ansible mainly) Libraries include: Pandas, N...

Data science and research-centric software maker

When I first learned how to program, it was a exhilarating; it felt like discovering fire. A couple of months later I made a program that played the boardgame Clue and asked my family really nicely (I think) to play against it. Even though it lost, I was hooked. It's this project-centric approach that can still motivate me to learn new tools, or stay up late coding. Building things is fun. And I've always tried to follow my interests towards projects and tools that excite me. I spent time making computational models in several summer internships helped design and build a serious game that sim...

Natural Language Processing Engineer

Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing engineer, Pythonista, husband, proud father. Working as a Machine Learning Engineer at LogMeIn structuring noisy textual data.

Programmer and Data engineer

I work as Data Developer where I design and develop solutions to complex business problems using data as the key element. My role involves creating data driven products and platforms, integrating them with various data sources, managing the data in a secure way and using them to build and run ML models. I have mostly used the Hadoop technology stack and Apache Spark running on cloud infrastructure to build these products. I have experience in writing data pipelines and ETLs and a background of Business Intelligence. I have worked extensively on AWS Cloud with Big data on S3, and Lambda archite...

Software engineer working at Microsoft

Working on core search technology, includes large scale data platform, ranking and selection, machine learning. I have a passion for technology and have extensive experience in industry in various technologies.

Data science practitioner | Machine Learning Engineer | Open Source developer

Availability: I am usually available between 5:00-9:00 UTC for a chat or live session on weekdays. I can make time more freely during weekends for the same. As for offline helps, I can do them on my own time once I get the details of the task. Data Scientist, Engineer and Machine Learning practitioner on a quest to build intelligent products and understand intelligence better while at it. I have worked on online courses and taken various workshops because of my inclination towards mentoring and helping others understand things better. My author profile with my current publisher: https://www....

GSOC '16, Deep Learning @ Pitney Bowes

I am currently working as a deep learning engineer at Predible Health, Bangalore. We are using deep learning and cloud computation to deliver radiology reporting on web browsers. My specialties are building deep learning pipelines, scientific computing and building high performance python libraries.

Overall Technologist deploys unorthodox methods to accomplish unbelievable feats

I am versed in many areas of technology, but consider myself a master of none. I also work closely with another associate who provides advice in some areas i do not. here is what i can promise: i will hear you out thoroughly and give you my honest opinion about your issue, and if i feel qualified to assist you with in in your allotted time frame. opinions / light troubleshooting is always free. I am generally available. reach out for top quality US based support at affordable rates Thanks!

Computer Programming Tutor

I am an experienced software developer that worked with multiple programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, C# and C/C++ help a lot of students doing the assignments or projects.

CTO at WalletSaver

Software developer that has been, in the last 15 years, working on several phases of building digital products using cutting-edge technologies, from coding small scripts to strategic planning definitions.

Systems Engineer

Experienced Systems and Reliability Engineer with a history of excelling in critical 24/7, high traffic environments.

Full stack Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineer working on a wide range of projects.
I have over 20 years of experience in software engineering, specializing in data-driven web applications and web services using open-source technologies. I have expertise in and passion for data science and machine learning. Due to a breadth of experience at start-ups as well as Fortune-500 enterprises, I have gained extensive experience in front-end / UI, database administration, design, and development, software architecture, infrastructure and systems administration. I care as much about the data processing and analysis pipeline as I do about a positive end-user experience. I have focus...

My name is Alexandru , I am an experienced Data Scientist and programmer .

Hello , I AM Alexandru , I am a MACHINE Learning and Data Science Expert that is enthusiastic about data science in general and machine learning in particular with lots of years experience in this field. I have strong training and certificates in this field, worked for local and foreing custommers in some projets , doing very well with machine learning libraries from R and PYTHON, xgboost , sklearn, good coding and data analysis skils. I am interested to see if we could collaborate regarding your data science needs . My main areas of expertis are: -linear and non linear regression -Deep learni...

Python Developer / Data Scientist / Mathematician

I am an experienced developer and a math Ph.D. specializing in data science, math, statistics, and algorithms research. While my strongest skill is using math & algorithms to solve tough open-ended problems, I also have a solid overall software engineering background, with experience ranging from low-latency trading in C++ to Apache Spark jobs doing machine learning for millions of users.

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