Mario Filho, Data mining freelance programmerView Profile
Mario Filho5.0
Freelance Data mining developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Hire the ONLY Award-Winning Machine Learning Expert of CodeMentor

I work in data mining projects that involve machine learning from small startups and consulting companies. In my free time I like to compete on Kaggle.
Vincent, Data mining developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Data mining developer in Kitchener, Canada

Helping you achieve your programming goals

Lots of experience in both academic and professional setting
Ido Adler, freelance Data mining programmerView Profile
Ido Adler
Freelance Data mining developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

Game Developer (Unity)

Data mining from 2010 - 2012 at BrightSource Energy. Worked in an integration team, which means every bizarre bug that couldn't be immediately assigned to a team, was under our investigation. I love the challenges of strange behaviors in large systems, digging into other peoples code and figuring out what's going on. We used python scripting and plsql to create our own analyzing tools.
Francisco Aboim, Data mining software engineerView Profile
Francisco Aboim
Freelance Data mining developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

FullStack App developer and Data munger

Extensive data mining/analytics experience of diverse sources
Maggie Zhou, Data mining freelance programmerView Profile
Maggie Zhou5.0
Freelance Data mining developer in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Solve your problems

3 years machine learning experience. 14 years software development experience. Deep Learning Foundation Nanodegree (Udacity) graduate Familiar with machine learning and deep learning techniques, libraries and toolkits. Familiar with scikit-learn, tensorflow, keras, nltk I have participated in some Kaggle competitions: Home Depot Product Search Relevance, placed 59th/2125 (top 3%) Allstate Purchase Prediction Challenge, placed 94th/1568 (top 6%) Homesite Quote Conversion, placed 158th/1764 (top 9%) Acquire Valued Shoppers Challenge, placed 89th/952 (top 10%) Rossman Store Sales, placed 480th/3303 (top 15%) Otto Group Product Classification Challenge, placed 532th/3514 (top 16%)
BK, senior Data mining developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Data mining developer in Ljubljana, Slovenia

data scientist, book author

Rahul Agarwal, top Data mining developerView Profile
Rahul Agarwal5.0
Freelance Data mining developer in Phuket, Thailand

5+ years experienced Data Scientist with 2+ experience in Machine Learning

A data scientist with a passion for solving statistical, machine learning and data engineering challenges in the field of personalized/ customer data analytics, resouce optimization/ operations research, natural language processing and computer vision. I like to develop re-usable common frameworks, models and components that address repeatable machine learning tasks and problems/data sets. I ensure end-to-end deployment of the code succesfully into the operations. Coursera and Udacity are my best friends and keep me updated with the latest developments and skill enhancements. I have worked with large data sets for many different business sectors such as Retail, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Manufacturing. Strengths: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Product Recommendation, Sales Forecasting, Data...
Christian Barra, Data mining software engineerView Profile
Christian Barra5.0
Freelance Data mining developer in Wrocław, Poland

(freelance developer ∪ consultant ∪ trainer) ∩ Python

I spend my days coding, learning news stuff and try to get things done, sometimes I fail but is a part of the process. I like to share my knowledge and passion for the things that I love to do, so whether you want to be a programmer or a better programmer I am here to help. I believe there is nothing more important than persistence to achieve your goals, if you have it your are halfway there.
Oshan Modi, Data mining freelance developerView Profile
Oshan Modi5.0
Freelance Data mining developer in Guwahati, India

Data Scientist

buzz me for anything data science. always learning and experimenting.
Garvit Bansal, top Data mining developerView Profile
Garvit Bansal5.0
Freelance Data mining developer in Singapore, Singapore

Software Developer

Skills: Programming(C++/JAVA/ Python), Data/Text Mining, Software Development Personal SIte:
Cory Massaro, Data mining freelance coderView Profile
Cory Massaro
Freelance Data mining developer in Encino, United States

Backend NLP Engineer

I am passionate about natural language processing generally, with specific interests in natural language understanding/generation and information extraction. I worked on Google's Speech and Keyboard team for approximately three years, during which time I built language models for a wide array of human languages. During this time, I honed my skills with and understanding of machine learning algorithms, in particular state-of-the-art neural network research. Before that, I had various internships in which I built full pipelines to extract information like topics, named entities, and relationships between entities. Much of the text with which I worked came from medicine (doctor's notes, etc.); I believe that areas such as medicine hold great promise as socially beneficial uses of NLP techno...
Peter Burns, Data mining freelance programmerView Profile
Peter Burns5.0
Freelance Data mining developer in Websterville, United States

Expert Web Developer | PHP | MySQL | Javascript | JQuery | Java | SEO | Interviewer

I've been building for the web since I was a teenager and have over a decade of experience -- but you never stop learning in this industry! I'm most often found working with PHP, a language on which multiple high-traffic sites I've managed are built upon, but I have experience and proficiency in a wide-range of technical areas, from server management to cryptocurrency programming. I'm enthusiastic about good quality code, user-experience, and helping people where possible.
James, senior Data mining developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Data mining developer in Brooklyn, United States

Professional Python Developer, Architect, Automation Expert

Professional computer engineer working as a python developer (Flask), with experience in automation and architecting web systems
György Orosz, Data mining freelance coderView Profile
György Orosz
Freelance Data mining developer in Budapest, Hungary

Natural Language Processing Engineer

Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing engineer, Pythonista, husband, proud father. Working as a Machine Learning Engineer at LogMeIn structuring noisy textual data.
Jia Pu, Data mining programmer for hireView Profile
Jia Pu
Freelance Data mining developer in Mountain View, United States

Seasoned C/C++ coder with diverse experience from working for Apple to various start-ups

I honed my coding skill and expertise in machine learning at Apple. If you are a Mac or iPhone, my work is in there. My have worked in both low level algorithm implementation in C/C++ and application development in Objective-C, Swift and Java. After almost 10 years of tenure at Apple, I series short projects at various places, including start-ups like Lytro and Navdy and big companies such as Netflix. I love to use what I know to help others to jump start or to overcome obstacles.

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