Matt Tanguay-Carel, Data binding software engineer and devView Profile
Matt Tanguay-Carel4.9
Freelance Data binding developer in Berlin, Germany

Coach at Code Branch

Co-founder of Code Branch, where we coach students and entrepreneurs.
Dhaval Shah, Data binding freelance programmerView Profile
Dhaval Shah
Freelance Data binding developer in Houston, United States

SharePoint & .Net Consultant

• Over 8+ years of experience in Technology space with primary technology focus area as SharePoint (2013, 2010, 2007) Application Development and various Microsoft Technologies. Adept in both development and consulting in order to design and deliver large and complex. • 8+ years of experience in designing and developing various applications using SharePoint, Office 365 and .Net. • Strong experience in Client side development and building rich apps in Office 365 and SharePoint using jQuery, Knockout, MVC and Entity Framework. • Vast experience on solution design, implementation and product customization on different versions of Microsoft SharePoint Products • Respond to RFP and estimation at levels like Ballpark and detailed backlog. • Worked on Server Object Model/ Client Object Model/RE...
Baljeet Singh, top Data binding developerView Profile
Baljeet Singh5.0
Freelance Data binding developer in Kapurthala Town, India

Full Stack Web/Mobile Developer, Teacher

My name is Baljeet Singh and I am a Full Stack Web/Mobile Developer. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science. I started out learning to code by building websites in PHP, but have since worked with many other technologies such as Laravel, AngularJS, Ionic, VueJS, Express etc. on both frontend and backend. I love both worlds nowadays. I have been a self-taught learner as long as I can remember and what I really love is sharing my findings and learnings with the world through blogs, websites and in-person. I highly encourage you to have a look at my website if you are curious. I love the quote “Teaching someone else is the best way to learn”. When I am not programming or designing with a computer, I like to practice vocal music and music production. I love playing computer games an...
Bhargav , freelance Data binding developerView Profile
Bhargav 5.0
Freelance Data binding developer in Hyderabad, India

Front end web developer.

Bhargav is an experienced Full stack Developer who is excited about complex problems. His passion is the web and strives to help peers build blazing fast apps for the Internet. He is able to work on : - React.js on the client and the server with Flux/Redux - React Native - Angular.js , Angular 2 and D3.js - Android , Playframework with Java and Python - Git - MongoDB and PostgreSQL Some of my repos - Timezone compare - - Trello API Promisified- - TDD in react - - Offline dictionary -
Peter Mozgovkin, Data binding software engineerView Profile
Peter Mozgovkin
Freelance Data binding developer in St Petersburg, Russia

Senior Software Developer and System Architect

Software professional with over 15 years of diverse application experience in Mobile, Enterprise, Server, Internet, and Personal Computer systems. Excellent problem solving and communication skills. Hardworking team player who is also able to work independently.
Suben Kumer Saha, Data binding dev and freelancerView Profile
Suben Kumer Saha
Freelance Data binding developer in London, Canada

Geek & freak about computer

Doing research as part of my Master's Thesis in collaboration with IBM @ Western University. I am also teaching undergrad students @ Western University. My key programming languages of choice node.js, java, python, php. I am equally sound in computer science theory and applications.
Damian Mee, Data binding freelance developerView Profile
Damian Mee5.0
Freelance Data binding developer in Bangkok, Thailand

Node.js & Android contractor in the Bitcoin space

Currently living in Asia (Taiwan), I work as a mobile¹ mobile² freelance developer. I have extensive backend experience and a passion for [Material] Design. ¹ - as in moving freely - traveling, ² - as in handheld device - Android.
doug graham, Data binding freelance programmerView Profile
doug graham
Freelance Data binding developer in Baltimore, United States

Front End Mastermind

I have worked at a fortune 100 company for two years now developing customer facing applications that are used by thousands of users daily and generates millions in revenue. I have also worked for a startup and a fortune 500 consulting company where I leveraged my knowledge across many domains and projects.
Ravi R, Data binding programmer for hireView Profile
Ravi R
Freelance Data binding developer in Ahmedabad, India

Android Developer

I am having 3.5+ years of experience and can help you with android bugs.
Bryan Crotaz, Data binding freelance coderView Profile
Bryan Crotaz5.0
Freelance Data binding developer in London, United Kingdom

Full stack software architect, expert in C#, Ember.js and AWS

I've developed automation and data integration software since 1995, for TV stations such as BBC, Disney Channel and Discovery Channel, and more recently for retail and public environments for digital signage. I now work extensively with C# and Ember.js and contribute to the Ember.js open source community. My expertise is in solving the hard stuff. I believe strongly that good software is 90% good architecture. By solving the generic problem first, the specific problem becomes easy. Changing the requirements of the problem later becomes easier, and testing and scalability tends to also be easier. I design with the future in mind, whether that is making something internet scalable or by designing the right plugin points and API early on.
Jan Shair, freelance Data binding programmerView Profile
Jan Shair
Freelance Data binding developer in Newbury, United Kingdom

Entrepreneur,IT Consultant

Its Janshair Khan! Software Engineer turned Entrepreneur and Founder of Tapdevs. My core expertise are using internet in right manner, Leading Projects related to software development that includes Mobile apps development, Website Development and anything that lies in category of Internet & Technology. My Areas of interests are Software Services: As an IT Consultant of Tapdevs, I am offering my services to manage projects in field of mobile applications engineering , Web Engineering, embedded systems and all new trends/gadgets entering in market that requires software engineering. Consulting: Taking up consulting assignments to help global enterprises set up and execute strategies for entering the Pakistani market and hiring the right people. Volunteering: Working closely with...
Chinedum Erondu, Data binding software engineerView Profile
Chinedum Erondu
Freelance Data binding developer in St Louis, United States
Bashir Ahmed Rakib, Data binding software engineer and devView Profile
Bashir Ahmed Rakib
Freelance Data binding developer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Software Engineer

I am a software developer in reputed company where my responsibility is to develop and maintain features for client according to their need. I am also passionate to share my knowledge and I believe knowledge becomes permanent when it is shared and discussed.
Michael Hernandez, Data binding freelancer and developerView Profile
Michael Hernandez
Freelance Data binding developer in Ashburn, United States

Jack of all ..

I have am a hacker. By that I mean that I solve problems. I use all the information at my disposal to achieve my goals. You will find my approaches to problems less academic than others. I follow in the vein of the more camera friendly Substack and Dominictarr of the NodeJS community. If you like the way they solve problems, well I am very similar. I have experience in many languages, frameworks, everything from programming a simple webpage, to distributed services, to game programming.
Brad Cunningham, Data binding software engineerView Profile
Brad Cunningham
Freelance Data binding developer in Ashburn, United States

Partner at Crafting Bytes / Microsoft C# MVP

I am founding partner at Crafting Bytes a small software development shop dedicated to the craft of software development. We focus on high quality software, efficient process, and overall satisfaction. I have been a Microsoft MVP for C# since 2010 I have over 15 years of industry experience developing a wide range of desktop and web based applications for many different industries. I am regular speaker at the Southern California Rock and Roll code camp events and the San Diego .NET User group I am the co-chairman of the San Diego Tech Immersion Group. I am an associate professor of C# at UCSD I teach all things .NET related for DevelopMentor

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