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Daniel Shapiro

Daniel Shapiro

Full-stack developer & entrepreneur. I work with Django & Angular to build web apps.

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
Bachelors in CS/ECE at Duke, previously coded @ ycharts.com, currently CTO @ trydesignlab.com.
Django expert help Django - 3 years experience
I've built numerous web applications with Django and am very familiar with various components of the framework. I worked as a developer at http://ycharts.com for 1.5 years and did a LOT of work with Django. Currently I am the technical lead at http://trydesignlab.com and we're using Django.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
I led the development effort at http://ycharts.com to re-write the entire front-end codebase using Angular. I also played a key role in teaching the other guys on the dev team about Angular concepts and helping them out when they got stuck. The end result was much cleaner, more concise code that powered highly complex client side applications (interactive financial data charts).
Python expert help Python - 3 years experience
Mainly from working on Django apps, but I also have some experience crunching numbers / data analysis using Pandas (https://github.com/pydata/pandas) from my work as a developer at http://ycharts.com
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
No icon CSS - 5 years experience
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
django-croppable-images 16   7
CSS Python JavaScript
vim 1   2
My .vim folder
Django-Email-Preview 1   1
A quick and dirty way to save emails on the database and view them on the admin interface. Handy if you don't have a working email setup during development.
CSS Python
svg-edit 1   1
Improvements to svg-edit
CSS PHP Python JavaScript
django-fixture-magic 1   0
Utilities to extract and manipulate Django Fixtures.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Daniel was very helpful in working out a tactical approach in tackling a Wagtail CMS implementation of a complex data structure. I would definitely hire Daniel again.
Amanda Aug 09, 2016

Get into my problem and lead me to the right solution. Highly recommended.
tigerbalm Sep 21, 2015

Daniel is awesome! Highly recommended. Helped move things forward and is a good teaher.
Ron Itelman Jul 31, 2015

Super Helpful!
tkofsky Jul 17, 2015

Genius at helping you get through javascript mental roadblocks. A+++++
Rob Sandie Apr 30, 2015

Very helpful
Steve Apr 27, 2015

Great help. Explained things thoroughly and worked hard until goal was complete.
Azmat Apr 07, 2015

Great help... explained everything in detail and the concepts as well. Solved the problem and was very courteous.
Azmat Apr 04, 2015

As a complete "newb" who's created a few scripts and 3-4 days into picking up Javascript..... Daniel crushed it helping me solve a few major javascript problems and even educated me on some of the basics around Javascript programming and working with Node. Couldn't recommend more highly.. EXACTLY the type of advice I was looking for :)
Rob Sandie Apr 03, 2015

Daniel was very helpful and helped me get to a resolution quickly. I would definitely work with him again.
Blake Feb 06, 2015

Awesome first session. Gave me great explanation in a way that I haven't heard in multiple tutorials and videos online.
Chris Huie Jan 31, 2015

Daniel was able to jump right into my complex code (3000+ lines in the core app), and help me isolate the issues I was having, as well as give me direction for improving the code structure. I will be asking for his services in the future and I'd highly recommend him.
Will Jan 20, 2015

Super helpful.
Kishan Bhoopalam Jan 11, 2015

Solid mentor
Michael Aug 21, 2014

Great help moving me along in some areas where I was stuck in Angular
Michael Aug 12, 2014

Really good service, helped me throughout. No messing about!
Jim Aug 01, 2014

I have worked with quite a few people on code mentor and I can easily say Daniel is of the of the best I have worked with so far. He is very friendly and energetic, he knows his stuff and works quickly. He was able to help me get my problem solved in record time and still some how managed to teach me along the way. What really impressed me was he also took the time to go above and beyond to help me solve some other unrelated issues as well. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone looking to solve or better understand Javascript and or CSS.
dunnston Jul 05, 2014

Did a great job understanding the issue and double-checking that he was working towards a solution I was after!
Zach Layng Jun 25, 2014