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Daniel Langdon

Daniel Langdon

Technical Consultant at TCDAL, LLC

Mountain Time (US & Canada) (-07:00)
I am passionate about using my talent in software development to solve business problems. To me, at the end of the day, it's not enough to simply write software that conforms to some specification. I seek to understand the real problem that needs to be solved, and I want to write a solution that is readable and maintainable. I once worked on a project that was first designed by another web developer whom I met only a single time. Working on that project was a great learning experience to me. When I worked with the code, it was like being in school with the other developer as my teacher. I'll never forget this experience, and I strive to write software that other people will speak similarly about. Currently, I have knowledge and experience primarily with these technologies: ASP.net MVC Entity Framework C# .net VB.net SQL Javascript jQuery Legacy Code (mostly VBScript) However, these are only tools, and if another tool turns out to be better for a particular job, I'll happily use another tool.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
I have years of experience developing front-ends to web applications using Javascript, including the jQuery and AngularJS frameworks
Sql expert help SQL - 7 years experience
I have years of experiencing using SQL databases to store data for web applications. I have experience using tools like Entity Framework, as well as using ADO.net to access data.
No icon .NET - 7 years experience
I have developed web applications with the ASP.net framework for the past seven years, including ASP.net WebForms, ASP.net MVC, ASP.net Web API, plus legacy VBScript support and maintenance.
No icon Vbscript - 3 years experience
I have experience debugging and maintaining legacy VBScript and Classic-ASP code.
HTML5_Fractal_Playground 11   0
HTML5 Fractal Drawing Application
C++ CSS HTML Makefile JavaScript
ExpressForms 4   1
Express Forms Web Development Framework
C# ASP CSS JavaScript
TableLock 0   0
Locks headline and rowdescription of a HTML table.
Perl JavaScript
WebCalculator 0   0
HTML JavaScript
WebConsole 0   0
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