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Daniel Mullins

Daniel Mullins

Full-stack developer with 15 years experience

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)
I've been a Web Developer for over 15 years. Specialize in WordPress and JavaScript development.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
My experience with JavaScript is probably different than your typical developer. I started with 'vanilla' JS and then grew into jQuery - so I really know when to let the frameworks go.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
The application I currently work with is written in Angular
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
What's special about jQuery?
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 15 years experience
I've been using HTML and CSS since before I could drive. I've watched every major revision come into being. This is my bread and butter!
Wordpress WordPress - 8 years experience
I've built several sites from the ground up. I've built themes and plugins. I've met Otto.
Php expert help PHP - 8 years experience
I've been using PHP for as long as I've been using WordPress. The two really are inseparable. I've also used other frameworks: CodeIgniter and Zend.
Java expert help Java - 4 years experience
I maintain a healthcare application that utilizes Java WebServices and Backbone.js front-end
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
I'm currently re-building an entire API using Node.
Perl expert help Perl - 4 years experience
I've built several entire ecosystems based on Perl. I've used mod_perl as well. Perl was the first language I really grew to love.
Sql expert help SQL - 6 years experience
Optimizing queries, normalizing databases and troubleshooting long-running queries
js-financial 4   0
A set of financial functions for JavaScript
datasciencecoursera 0   0
Repo for the Data Science Toolkit Course from Coursera MOOC
datasharing 0   0
The Leek group guide to data sharing
node-mysql-activerecord 0   0
MySQL ActiveRecord Adapter for Node.js (tags: nodejs, node, mysql, active record, activerecord)
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Awesome mentor!
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The mentor did an excellent job! He took the bulky plugin I referenced and created a new one from scratch using 95% less code and meeting all my requirements. I highly recommend this mentor.
Tyler Hightree Oct 07, 2014

Daniel has been a great help to me. Not only has he helped me solve problems in my code as it arises, he has also been a great sounding board in helping to make decisions of how I may want to proceed with future development.
Tim Bowser May 22, 2014

Daniel was totally helpfull working on my JS code. In no time he had functions made when he took me hours to figure it out. Great guy!
Colin May 06, 2014

Quickly solved some CSS problems that had been annoying me for a while. He also used some techniques in chrome dev tools that I hadn't seen so the session was a solid learning experience. Highly recommend this mentor.
Nate Hindman Mar 31, 2014