My love for Ionic!

Published Mar 25, 2018
My love for Ionic!

So I want to share my love for this cool framework based on my experience this past few weeks.

I resumed a job in Guaranty Trust Bank, Nigeria about three weeks ago, and my very first project was to provide the frontend code for a mobile app, in two days. The UIs were already designed in Sketch though.

Whoops! How do I go about this?

I remember I came across this framework some months ago, but I only breezed through it because I really did not need it at that time.
So this time, it came in handy.

I rushed to the site their page: and resumed a re-learning of the framework. Guess what? I loved my first experience using it 😄

So how did I go about using it?

  1. Well as we already know, the first place you want to visit is the docs page, which I did.
  2. Since all i needed to concern myself about was the UIs, that was the project requirement, to create the UIs for the Technology department to bother themselves with the logic. So I headed straight to the UI components
  3. Wow! They had everything I needed. And guess what? I finished the whole project in 6 hours.

Everyone saw me as a super hero, " this new guy, wow he's so good! ". And then, the next project came in the next day. Now I had to complete an events app in two weeks 😦
All they were going to provide were APIs for me to use.

Guess what? So far so good, it's been cool. The learning is just so cool, and a lot has been done already by the guys @ Ionic.

So guys, I want to use this medium to say a big shout out to the guys at Ionic, and I also want to implore you to check Ionic out if you've not done so already.

It's super cool!

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