How I learned jQuery

Published Mar 23, 2018
How I learned jQuery

How I learned jQuery

I'm a software developer. I started learning how to develop software in University. My first language was C++. I later on learned and specialized in PHP.

Why I wanted to learn jQuery

I wanted to learn jQuery since I started working on a Symfony application that required some jQuery and jQuery UI knowledge.

How I approached learning jQuery

I started by working on some of the tasks, since they were urgent, so I had to learn some of the concepts on the go. I later on got a mentor, did a jQuery course in Code School, and did a jQuery IQ test in Pluralsight.

Challenges I faced

At first I experienced difficulties since I was "learning on the go." When I did the course in Code School, things became easier. I learned the very basics, which provided a good foundation.

Key takeaways

You can sharpen your skills by learning on the job but the basics of a language are very important.

Tips and advice

jQuery is a very interesting language. It allows you to do more using less code. If you are trying to learn this language, aim to learn the basics, since they will provide you with a good foundation. Get a mentor to support and guide you.

Final thoughts and next steps

The approach of getting a mentor => doing an online course made it easier for me to learn and go back to building the application.

My next goal is learning Secure PHP Programming concepts.

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