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Shipped Many  iOS Apps as a Lead Engineer. Founder at ikiApps.

Hawaii (-10:00)
I’m a Founder and Software Engineer with a Masters Degree in Computer Science who has been programming for 10+ years. I love to help people learn and solve their problems. I want to help you become better at making apps. I offer the first 15 min free to new users of Codementor.
4 iOS
3 Swift
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
I code in iOS every day and I’ve shipped numerous apps to the App Store both as a lead engineer for multiple startups and as an independent developer.
Swift expert help Swift - 2 years experience
Swift is my preferred language for apps. I’m also able to fluently go back and forth between Objective-C and Swift.
No icon Objective-C - 4 years experience
I’ve worked extensively with Objective-C to build apps on the App Store.
No icon Xcode - 5 years experience
I use Xcode every day.
No icon Interface builder - 5 years experience
I’ve made apps that support multiple devices using autolayout constraints and size classes in Interface Builder.
No icon Autolayout - 4 years experience
I use autolayout for making universal interfaces and for performing animations.
No icon Firebase - 1 year experience
I'm developing apps with Firebase as a backend and as a replacement for Core Data.
No icon Promisekit - 1 year experience
I use PromiseKit to simplify some of the asynchronous tasks that are commonly required in apps.
Amazon expert help AWS - 1 year experience
I'm building cloud services in support of mobile apps with AWS.
No icon Opentok - 1 year experience
I’ve integrated this SDK to provide video calling within iOS apps.
No icon Parse server - 1 year experience
I’ve used the open-source version of Parse Server across multiple platforms.
No icon Parse.com - 1 year experience
I’ve used Parse.com as a backend for multiple apps.
MVVM-in-Swift 10   0
Exercise in translating Objective-C into Swift within ReactiveCocoa for an MVVM app.
C++ Ruby Swift Objective-C
macfusion2 5   0
Macfusion for Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8.x) and OSXFUSE.
Making-Miso-Soup-with-RAC4-and-Swift2 5   0
How to use streams of values over time to simulate cooking miso soup.
Setup-Xcode-Derived-Data-RAM-Disk 2   0
Swift Script: Get the fastest build times in Xcode. This repository is for my article linked here.
Auto-Layout-As-Math 1   0
A demonstration project showing how to use new features in Swift to make adding Auto Layout constraints look more like the math equations they represent.
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Amazing skills with debugging.
James Botts Oct 14, 2016

Very helpful!! Very pleasant to work with. I give him my highest rating. He is very patient with me. I am a neophyte and very much appreciated his professionalism, communication skills, friendliness and attitude.
James Botts Oct 09, 2016

Very helpful. Session was fantastic. Great skills, very friendly, and very professional.
James Botts Oct 06, 2016

I am a neophyte to making an Apple App. Daniel was very helpful in his explanations and his fund of knowledge was excellent. It was a very pleasant and informative session.
James Botts Oct 03, 2016

Great mentor! Patient and knowledgable!
districtonemobile@gmail.com Sep 03, 2016

Fantastic mentor!
Adam Kundrat Aug 30, 2016

Daniel is great to explain how things work and should be done. Start a session with Daniel if you are stuck or have some problems with your code. He can definitely help you!
Mikkel Jensen Aug 25, 2016

Daniel, is great. He grasped what needed to be done and helped me understand it as he worked through the various services that needed to be set up for my migration off of Parse.com to AWS.
Doug Aug 03, 2016

Amazing instructor!
malcolm parrish Mar 01, 2016

Really great!
BETH Feb 21, 2016

Very helpful and explained things in detail. Was quick to solve my problem
Codementor Jan 18, 2016

Daniel was very patient in addressing my questions, sharing tips on essential blocks needed to rethink my project. I highly recommend him.
Christine Jan 09, 2016

Another good session. Learned lots of helpful tips and tricks!
Brian Barton Jan 08, 2016

We didn't find the exact solution to my problem but Daniel courteously paused our timer to keep the cost at a minimum and still helped me after the fact. A great mentor.
Derek Jan 05, 2016

Daniel was great! He helped me solve a problem I was running into with my app and he explained everything I had questions on.
Shawn Murray Dec 22, 2015

Daniel has been helping my build an app. I knew no Swift before this and had limited experience with iOS. He's been really helpful, patient, and is making sure I am learning the key concepts along the way. It's sort of like the best 1:1 bootcamp ever with an app that I want to build at the end. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone with a particular issue or wanting to learn and work on something.
Shalini Agarwal Dec 22, 2015

Great mentor. We covered many core aspects of Objective-C and he has a strong conceptual understanding of the material.
Derek Dec 21, 2015

Thanks again Daniel. Nice work sorting through my problem.
Doug Dec 19, 2015

Great help in talking through the issues.
Patrick Dec 14, 2015

Daniel is really knowledgeable and patient. I'm looking forward to working with him on building my app.
Shalini Agarwal Dec 13, 2015

Daniel was great at grasping my problem, finding the solution, working with me to implement the changes and then making sure I understood what we had done. Would be happy to work with him again.
Doug Dec 11, 2015

Super nice guy, easy to work, knows his stuff! Look forward to more sessions with him as I am learning.
Brian Barton Dec 08, 2015

Extremely helpful. Helped me on GitHub and made sure and helped get to the core of my problem. Would recommend highly to anyone else who needs help.
Nathan Brown Dec 05, 2015

Daniel was very helpful, patient, and understanding! I'm really glad I was able to work with him.
Yoseph Nov 26, 2015

Patient. Gentle. Knowledgable.
Denise Nov 24, 2015

Great mentor. Very smart and understood my problem very quickly. Choose him!
Max Nov 23, 2015

Great session. Helped me find a method I would have never found!
malcolm parrish Nov 23, 2015

Daniel is a great mentor. He helped me through my xcode issues and solved some complicated coding with ease and explained it as he was doing it.
Omayya Nov 19, 2015

great guy, very patient, knows his stuff, look forward to working with him again in the future :)
Chris Nov 17, 2015

Helped me solve my problem and then some. Already scheduled a second session! Great mentor.
Horace Nov 17, 2015

Dan was awesome. He actually offered a free session to first understand my problem, which was pretty advanced, did some personal research to be comfortable with resolving my issues before we started the session. And he was patient and professional all through out in helping. So booking again!
Victor Adu Nov 16, 2015