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Carol Skelly

Carol Skelly

Front-end Developer with extensive Bootstrap experience

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
I'm the leading Bootstrap expert on StackOverflow, and the creator of Bootply, the Bootstap Playground. I'm also a JavaScript engineer, entrepreneur, and Web design enthusiast. I'm passionate about UX, design, and building web applications end-to-end. I also have extensive experience with WordPress, Heroku, Parse and Node.
Migrate Parse Server to Heroku

Migrate Parse Server to Heroku

$350 - Delivery in 2 Days

Parse.com announced that they're shutting down in January 2017. I will migrate your existing Parse API database instance to MongoLab. I will also set-up a Parse Server on Heroku to provide an API for your database on MongoLab. Once the migration is complete, any apps you have that the use the Parse API will now be able to speak to the new Parse server on Heroku (ie; http://myparseapi.herokuapp.com/)

Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 19 years experience
I have used HTML and CSS for a long time. I try to stay on top of the latest W3C standards and specs. It's really amazing to now see what can be done with HTML5 and CSS3.
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
I developed the entire Bootply.com backend API on NodeJS using Express and CouchDB. I have a lot of experience with routing, API development, modules and middleware.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 1 year experience
My AngularJS experience comes from a few projects that required an Angular based API client / front-end. It's great for single page apps, but I've used it for apps with complex routing as well.
Wordpress WordPress - 4 years experience
I have developed several WordPress themes and customized WordPress extensively.
No icon Heroku - 3 years experience
I've hosted many NodeJS sites on Heroku so I'm familar with various aspects including configuration, SSL, add-ons and dynos.
No icon Parse.com - 2 years experience
I hosted several site backends at Parse.com and can help with the transtionion away from Parse including migration and setting up the open source apps such sa parse-server and parse-dashboard
No icon Bootstrap - 4 years experience
I'm the leading Bootstrap answerer on StackOverflow, and I'm the creator of Bootply, the Bootstap Playground.
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