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Christian Schluessel

Christian Schluessel

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Java, Android, Php, Javascript/jQuery, Html/Css, SQL Senior Developer, Project Manager, 16+ years

Berlin (+01:00)
German, English
Java, JEE, Swing, Android, REST, Spring, Php, SQL, jQuery, Javascript, Html/Css. 16+ years Senior Developer, Team Lead, Technical Project Manager and Consultant/Tutor for major companies(T-Systems, myToys.de, Jamba AG, Virtual Identity, OXID eSales). CakePhp, Magento, xtCommerce

We'll be creating a Spring 4 Prime Faces Web App using Hibernate and MySql as backend. The configuration of the spring container will be achieved using a configuration class - not through xml. You may decide if you want to implement the ORM using JPA or through Hibernate SessionFactory. To display created entities we will be using the Prime Faces API. Duration of the live session: 120 minutes Language: English or German

Android Reactive Programming

Android Reactive Programming

$120 - Live Session

Introduction to Reactive Programming(JavaRX) within Android. We will start out with a simple example to download and process a Bitmap and then move on to creating a Retrofit client that is invoked using RX. The session will take 120 minutes.. Possible languages are English or German.

We will be creating a Joomla 3.6 plugin from scratch. The plugin will add a new tab to the article's create/edit form in the backend which allows for setting an minimum age(or any other) attribute to an article. For that we will create a custom form field type matching our needs. Default values for age ranges will be editable in the backend. The plugin will be multi lingual. From the session you will learn how to add custom attributes to joomla core components and to properly setup and...

We'll be using Android components as overlays for Google Maps V2. This is a live session of 90 minutes. where we'll be setting up a Google V2 Map using an API key that we'll be generating for your computer via Google Console. We'll then create an overlay for the map containing some sample controls that we bind to some events. Note: The app on the image is just a demonstration. We cannot build an app like that within 90 minutes but we'll get you started so you can easily develop similar...

6 Android
6 Java
4 JavaScript
4 jQuery
Java expert help Java - 16 years experience
Senior Developer and Team Lead and Consultant with myToys.de GmbH Germany Technical Project Manager with Jamba Ag Berlin Germany Technical Project Manager with Virtual Identity Freiburg Germany Senior Developer and Consultant with head4projects/t-systems Germany Senior Developer and Consultant with ICO Management Consult Germany
Android expert help Android - 8 years experience
Technical Project Manager for Jamba AG Client Projects. Datasources, REST, Architecture, Google Maps
Php expert help PHP - 12 years experience
Senior Developer with OXID eSales Freiburg Germany Senior Developer with MMV Cagliari Italy Senior Developer Third Eye Creative Sydney Australia Senior Developer and Conultant GESOP/TTI Stuttgart Germany Senior Developer q~bus GmbH Berlin Deutschland
Jquery expert help jQuery - 10 years experience
Expert level, Many client pojects utilizing jquery for animations, validation, dynamic Html, etc.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 16 years experience
Senior Developer and Team Lead myToys.de GmbH Berlin Germany Senior Developer OXID eSales Freiburg Germany Technical Project Manager with Jamba Ag Berlin Germany Technical Project Manager with Virtual Identity Freiburg Germany Miscellaneous client projects
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 16 years experience
Senior Developer and Team Lead myToys.de GmbH Berlin Germany Senior Developer OXID eSales Freiburg Germany Technical Project Manager with Jamba Ag Berlin Germany Technical Project Manager with Virtual Identity Freiburg Germany Miscellaneous client projects
Mysql expert help MySQL - 12 years experience
Data modelling, migration, impex in the B2B - B2C sector.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Again Christian has been extremely helpful when I was stuck and I now know how to proceed and know that I can come back and ask him questions if I have any problems
Kat Chandler Dec 01, 2016

Extreme patience and a manner where you feel comfortable to operate at your own level is a hallmark quality of Christian. There is a lot to gain observing his logical approach to the tasks.
Katy Des Champs Nov 14, 2016

He is really knowledgeable and teaching me MVP. He really goes all out to help me.
aliza Nov 13, 2016

Extremely helpful and demonstrates what I need to know.
Katy Des Champs Nov 10, 2016

Christian's has rendered assistance with so many of my tasks on different applications. He looks at all aspects and works out sound solutions. On top of that, he explains the process and reasoning very thoroughly with good practical analogies.
Katy Des Champs Nov 06, 2016

very helpful and to the point answers
jurriaan budde Nov 03, 2016

Very helpful and knowledgeable
Sterling Vangeloff Nov 03, 2016

Christian is always helpful and well prepared for each session. Plus has a good way of explaining concepts in a manner that you understand.
Katy Des Champs Nov 02, 2016

always recommended
Natty Virk Nov 01, 2016

I have received assistance from Christian on so many aspects of IT topics. His knowledge, logical thinking and ability to explain the process has helped me over and over again.
Katy Des Champs Oct 30, 2016

Christian has an amazing ability and perseverance to delve into the task to find a solution and fully explains everything along the way in a very clear and logical manner.
Katy Des Champs Oct 24, 2016

Excellent mentoring! would hire again!
Rami Segal Oct 23, 2016

Christian diligently works through your tasks and holds a strong determination to find the best solution, testing every step along the way to ensure it is sound. Never lacks enthusiasm. Plus he is always inclusive by discussing the process with you to ensure you understand and gain from it.
Katy Des Champs Oct 22, 2016

Christian gave me an amazing intro to Springboot and has helped me to find a path for self-study in Java including design patterns, dynamic web apps and micro services. Thanks for your help and guidance!
Greg Young Oct 20, 2016

Did just give me the solution but showed me why it works. Very quick to respond and easy to understand. Great codeMentor, would recommend!
Dominic Calderon Oct 17, 2016

Once again - Christian to the rescue! I came back to Christian following some initial help to have him help continue a problem I had. In 2 hours had me up and running with a workiing solution that could have taken me all day! THANK YOU!
Roland Rogers Oct 14, 2016

Always my "Go-TO" person for any issues I have in PHP... many thanks :-)
Natty Virk Oct 11, 2016

Thank you Christian! Despite the problem being more complex than I originally thought, you were very patient with me and we came to a solution that was faster and still flexible for use in my project! I will follow up with you if and when I need additional help!
Roland Rogers Sep 26, 2016

Christian's assistance and patience has been an incredible. He is always focused on achieving a solution and explains the processes so clearly is an easy to understand manner.
Katy Des Champs Sep 16, 2016

Christian's assistance and patience has been an incredible. He is always focused on achieving a solution and explains the processes so clearly is an easy to understand manner.
Katy Des Champs Sep 16, 2016

I can't say enough great things about Christian! He can very quickly grasp what your code is trying to do. A true master of his craft. He goes well above and beyond to help!
King Sep 13, 2016

Great guy, willing to explain and teach while he troubleshoots. Many Thanks :-)
Natty Virk Sep 12, 2016

Christian is very knowledgeable about MS Access 2013.
Jacob AI Sep 12, 2016

Christian is very knowledgeable and patient. A good value mentor I will work with him again.
Jacob AI Sep 11, 2016

A great mentor! Christian goes above and beyond to help. I'm learning a lot.
King Sep 05, 2016

Very patient and knowledgeable. Will use again.
King Sep 04, 2016

He solved the problems with my php mail file. Nice explanations an very nice guy. I would strongly recommend.
Francisco Sep 04, 2016

Once again, Christian thoroughly rendered assistance with expertise and acute knowledge exploring all possibilities to find a working solution.
Katy Des Champs Sep 02, 2016

AMAZING! Chrisitian helped me to install a java based web crawler onto my computer! He was clear and explained the whole process perfectly! I have zero experience with computers and he helped me to understand everything!
lulu mars Sep 01, 2016

Clear understanding of posted issues. I would recommend to others :)
Vu Nguyen Aug 31, 2016

Christian is AWESOME! He is such a good teacher and seems to manage to familiarise himself with my complex website really quickly. He is also incredibly flexible. I highly recommend him!
Samantha Alford Aug 24, 2016

Christian is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He is the first mentor that I've had that was able to put the concepts that I am struggling with into terms that are easily understood. Thanks for all the help!!!
Ryan Aug 19, 2016

Tremedous help has been given by Christian who thoroughly explains all concepts and code to ensure that I understand it. He also creatively wrote some amazing jQuery for my project and commented everything in a comprehensible manner. His help has been invaluable!
Katy Des Champs Aug 15, 2016

Christian is a fantastic teacher, very patient and explains things well. We were able to solve my initial challenge quickly and then move on to other issues to resolve. Highly recommend!
Samantha Alford Aug 10, 2016

I have a particularly difficult problem and we're still working on it, but for the first time I have a mentor that will teach me and is ok with all my newbie questions and explains them in a way that I understand. I'm so grateful for Christian's time and look forward to continuing to work with him to learn and solve my challenge.
Samantha Alford Aug 05, 2016

Christian is very knowledgeable. He understood the issue immediately and he knew exactly the possible reasons for the issue. He fixed the issue within minutes. I highly recommend Christian.
Eduardo Jul 28, 2016

Christian is extremely helpful, friendly, and a great teacher.
Paul T. Jul 26, 2016

Thankfully, Christain integrated the php, ajax and javascript scripts which I'm sharing with another student. Plus explain it clearly as he went along. All of that in a short notice. Such a relief!
Katy Des Champs Jul 25, 2016

Very quick and helpful mentor, honestly without his help I wouldn't have been able to complete my tasks. I Would recommend him to everyone.
Jagmail Sangha Jul 13, 2016

Christian was so helpful in helping me set up my database and giving me advice of how to go about doing this project including the security aspect. You must set everything up right from the beginning and Christian is helping me do that. He is extremely knowledgeable.
aliza Jul 12, 2016

Has been very helpful and patient.
Aditya Seshan Jul 11, 2016

Christain applies his acute php knowledge in very practical and efficient ways to help eliminate my stumbling blocks. He also gives suggestions for code enhancements with very clear explanations.
Katy Des Champs Jul 11, 2016

Great mentor!
Danny Avery Jul 05, 2016

Christain has incredible perception in troubleshooting issues and swift to pin-point and amend the php or sql that is causing faults.
Katy Des Champs Jul 04, 2016

Great as always.
Paul T. Jul 04, 2016

With very little description given to Christain, he understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and wasted no time in writing snippets. Also he displayed a lot of patience and guided me through the initial set-up.
Katy Des Champs Jun 29, 2016

Competent as always!
Paul T. Jun 27, 2016

Christian is a talented teacher and an extremely competent php programmer.
Paul T. Jun 22, 2016

Christian is incredibly competent and a great teacher.
Paul T. Jun 21, 2016

Christian really knows what he's talking about. He was able to quickly get an overview over a very complex app I'm working on and pointed me into the right direction on several issues I was stuck with. He is an extremely talented teacher and explained everything thoroughly.
Paul T. Jun 20, 2016

Christian gave me some great ideas how to do something. In the end we decided to go a totally different route but we needed to talk it out and realize which was the best way to get it done.
aliza Jun 19, 2016

Christain is really helping me along - he helped me figure out what was causing the error - something that I spent hours trying to figure out myself!
aliza Jun 01, 2016

Christian once again helped me and is even researching something for me on his own time.
aliza May 25, 2016

Cristian is so knowlegable and helped me to continue.
aliza May 18, 2016

Cristian is very up to date on latest architecture and best practices and is helping me implement them.
aliza May 15, 2016

Christain had been thinking about my project(on his own time) and gave me tthe ways to improve it.
aliza May 12, 2016

quick and useful help.
Noah A May 08, 2016

Really worked through the problem with me and even spent extra time troubleshooting Server settings with PHP.
Oran May 02, 2016

Really informed Mentor for my project on Android/PHP/SQL. Very willing to explain what was going on as we went.
Oran May 01, 2016

Very helpful
Jeff Draney Apr 25, 2016

Many thanks for the assist
blateebla Apr 25, 2016

Very helpful and patient. Stayed up until 3:45 his time to help me finish the project. This was the second time I got help from him and both were exceptional. Thanks again.
G romero Apr 23, 2016

He is helping me good and his solved my problem.
shailesh Apr 22, 2016

Finally finished my work + with a quick fix too. Money well spent.
Amolak Apr 22, 2016

Yet another incredible tuition. Thank you so much. Even better than my own professors at university. I really do highly recommend his services to anyone looking for assistance in their work. Top work! Thank you again :)
Elliot Apr 21, 2016

Very good mentor, helped me in my desperate time of need! I would highly recommend him to anyone. Also paused the video towards the end to help me finish my code. Thank you! :D
Elliot Apr 21, 2016

Very respectful, friendly, helpful, and has been on every detail , was great for my first time using codementor, problem solved! will definitively contact him again , Thanks!!
Cristian David Apr 20, 2016

professional help in timely manner.
Noah A Apr 19, 2016

Great person Highly recommended !
jeelnaic Apr 18, 2016

Very clear and concise! a good mentor :)
Jimbo Slice Apr 12, 2016

Great work and very professional
George Lucas Apr 10, 2016

Helped a whole lot on my most immediate issues. Some lingering but less urgent but was very honest in where his expertise lies which was great.
Serg Masís Apr 08, 2016

Really knowledgeable of the topic and provided great insight on the aspects of Java.
Jonathan Moreno Apr 08, 2016

great having worked with Christian. professional, agile and friendly. Recommended!
Benson Rukantabula Apr 05, 2016

Something I spent hours on- he fixed within 5 minutes
aliza Apr 04, 2016

Did good job to understand my requirement and helped me to structure the code in an object oriented concept.
Dinesh Mar 31, 2016

Chrisian is really helping me clean everything up and write clear concise code.
aliza Mar 31, 2016

Christian really helped me clean everything up. I know I would have not been able to do it without him! He helped me to set up the data model.
aliza Mar 30, 2016

Christian once again gave great advice and showed me better programming practices.
aliza Mar 27, 2016

Very helpful.
Wale Mar 25, 2016

Good knowledge related to the topic. Helped me understand my issues.
vak Mar 23, 2016

Fast and Very knowledgeable
Amir Mar 20, 2016

Christian is a great mentor when it comes to explaining java concepts.
Barath Ezhilan Mar 20, 2016

Very helpful, knew what the issues were, and identified other problems I didn't know about.
Charles David McQuitty Mar 18, 2016

Wanted to hash out an idea of how to do something but Christian steered me in a better direction.
aliza Mar 14, 2016

christian was really helpful. Enjoyed the session and will surely get help again.
Barath Ezhilan Mar 13, 2016

Helpful and friendly.
Tom Boltwood Mar 07, 2016

I was crashing and spent many hours trying to figure it out. Christian knew what it was immediately!
aliza Mar 07, 2016

Chris was a very helpful mentor. He worked with me through several Java issues, which took me over hours to complete on my own. I truly recommend his work to anyone.
Caedus Mar 06, 2016

Wonderbar! Very helpful and descriptive.
Jesse Richard Mar 04, 2016

Very thorough in explanation and fix. Highly recommended!
Vincent Hofmeister Feb 29, 2016

Christian helping me use best practices in my code!
aliza Feb 28, 2016

Christian knows his stuff. He was quickly able to fix my issue without dragging it too long.
Abhi Feb 26, 2016

Christian was a terrific help! I struggled for days to figure out what was wrong and he solved the problems quick. Thanks Christian!!
Robert Ryan Feb 24, 2016

Christian was a great help. He helped to refactor my code in a simple and helpful way and made sure I was able to understand the process. He also let me know the limitations of the problem and didn't waste time on an unsolvable problem. Thanks!
Jack Lemon Feb 23, 2016

Christian is guiding me with my project - working with parse objects and list views.
aliza Feb 22, 2016

Excellent and very helpful!
Patrick Feb 17, 2016

Helped me with better practices.
aliza Feb 15, 2016

Christian Schluessel explained everything clearly and helped me patiently, a breath of fresh air after trying to get help over on Stack Overflow and being very demoralised!
Kat Chandler Feb 11, 2016

Christian gave me a better way to go about doing what I wanted to do.
aliza Feb 09, 2016

Christian is patient and extremely knowledgeable. I will hire him again.
Jim Walker Feb 08, 2016

We worked on scrolling tabs and fragments and Christian was extremely knowledgable and helpful
aliza Feb 07, 2016

Another great session.
aliza Jan 25, 2016

I felt like he actually cared about my problem and he even offered to review my project after the session was done which was very nice of him!
Oscar Rydqvist Jan 15, 2016

Christian is a pleasure to work with!!! He really knows his stuff. I will definitely try to work with him again. Thank you Christian!
Nate Jan 13, 2016

another great lesson!
aliza Jan 11, 2016

Christian is really good at explaining and is helping me to understand what is going on.
aliza Jan 07, 2016

Very helpful for newbies. He shows me how works MVC architecture and how to work in a professional environement. That was not my problem at the beginning but I had to know what he learned to me.
Sebastien Mercier Jan 05, 2016

He was a great teacher and very patient!
aliza Dec 27, 2015

Helped us understand the issues we were experiencing in magento log files. Huge help in distinguishing errors from notices.
National Tank Outlet Dec 26, 2015

Tyler Bauer Nov 20, 2015

Christian was very helpful going through some example code I wanted to use for prospective clients. Would use again.
Kevin Saunders Nov 04, 2015

Very helpful
Yusuf Sep 03, 2015

Nice mentor. Good at teaching :)
Sajid Latif Jul 20, 2015

Quick and good solution.
Giancarlo Jun 03, 2015

Christian was very helpful in reverse-engineering some code and making changes and suggestions on adding a new feature. Good communication. Will work with him again.
Gene Billingsley Jun 03, 2015

Christian's English was very good and he understood my problem very quickly. It's not a problem that could be solved in 15 minutes, but his guidance was helpful.
Narayan May 25, 2015

Great experience, professional tutor!
Deborah May 24, 2015

Really helpful, clear, quick and solved the problem.
Trevor Sather May 08, 2015

Robert May 04, 2015

This guy is like gold dust and he even was up in the middle hours of the morning to help! what a guy! He solved my problem very quickly and he is quite personable to get along with, a brilliant mentor and i will be using him again soon!
Jamie Apr 22, 2015

Wonderful Mentor, helped me debug my application and database.
Guillermo Ithier Apr 22, 2015

Great, worked with several times and always a pleasure. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Khoa Nguyen Apr 07, 2015

Very Efficient.
Onyx Apr 04, 2015

Truly an exceptional experience. Understanding and reliable, as well as committed to helping you fix your problems. He is definitely the best mentor i've experienced here on codementor.
leron Apr 01, 2015

He is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and an excellent communicator!
Onyx Mar 28, 2015

Fantastic helper & very kind.
Andrew Mar 23, 2015

Fast and efficient, problem solved in no time. budget friendly :)
Robert Neary Mar 22, 2015

Very polite mature and helpful!
tom Mar 08, 2015

Thanks for the discussion, gives me a few options to move forward. Will contact you again when I have more information on this. Thank you
Craig Mar 06, 2015

Fabian Laubis Mar 06, 2015

Great, helped me through my issues and was very knowledgeable.
Khoa Nguyen Mar 04, 2015

Was extremely helpful!
Orit Mar 03, 2015

Very friendly and helpful!
David Feb 19, 2015

Would recommend very helpful and quickly understands what im trying to do even with my bad description. Thanks
itsme123 Feb 19, 2015

Wasn't able to help me set up .Git as I hoped. Not sure what is wrong on my systems end. Gonna do some research and we will attempt to resume.
Brandon Feb 16, 2015

Thanks for pointing out any issues in my code and helping me.
itsme123 Feb 16, 2015

Christian was fantastic as always.
Jamil Feb 09, 2015

Christian understood my issue and was very helpful; I would definately recommend. 5 stars Thank you again.
itsme123 Feb 08, 2015

Very professional. I would recommend Christian and would ask for his help again.
john Feb 06, 2015

Christian is a very friendly mentor with deep insight into programming.
Thai Feb 03, 2015

Great teacher
Daniel Lopez Jan 31, 2015

Extremely helpful. Very clear explanations and my issues were solved within the hour. Great mentor!
Andrea Stone Jan 19, 2015

Couldn't ask for a better mentor. Extremely polite and very efficient.
Marshall White Jan 01, 2015

Christian is the best mentor I've encountered yet. He's knowledgeable and speedy. I learned a few new tricks, and had my problem solved very quickly.
Marshall White Jan 01, 2015

Very understanding and matured personality. Code expert and code specialist. quickly understands your problems and gets into your detailed requirements.
Sheela Dec 26, 2014

knowledgeable and to the point
Daniel Dec 17, 2014

Helped in short time, very helpful and observing!
anwar Dec 11, 2014

A very helpfull mentor.
Jigal Sanders Dec 09, 2014

A very patient mentor. We didn't fix everything yet but we're getting there. Thanks for the great mentoring.
Jigal Sanders Dec 08, 2014

Christian was great - gave a clear explanation with examples as well as the theory behind it all.
Daniel Dawson Dec 08, 2014

Awesome! Helped a ton and I learned alot.
ryan Dec 05, 2014

Very professional!
Rob Nov 20, 2014

Great website! My mentor Christian was great at explaining MVC, and design patterns using php oop. I look forward to another great session again soon.
Alex Cruz Nov 19, 2014

He explained really well! easy to understand..highly recommended!
fadhil suhendi Nov 02, 2014

Clear, detailed, explanations. Very helpful.
Jack Oct 29, 2014

Christian was very helpful for all my questions. He is highly experienced in what he does. He could answer all questions in depth. I am looking forward to working with him again.
Tim Grob Oct 28, 2014

Helped me debug a highly confusing problem with my rake configuration.
Daniel Roberts Oct 14, 2014