satya prasanna, senior Cross browser developerView Profile
satya prasanna4.9
Freelance Cross browser developer in Bengaluru, India

Sr Front End Developer | HTML | CSS | Javascript | JQuery | Bootstrap | Accessibility | Photoshop | WordPress Theming | SASS | Flexbox

I like to fix alignment and all sort of cross browser hacks specially issues happens for Internet Explorer..what i meant to say you know :)
Matt Tanguay-Carel, Cross browser software engineer and devView Profile
Matt Tanguay-Carel4.9
Freelance Cross browser developer in Berlin, Germany

Coach at Code Branch

Co-founder of Code Branch, where we coach students and entrepreneurs.
Ricardo Zea, Cross browser freelance programmerView Profile
Ricardo Zea5.0
Freelance Cross browser developer in Bradford, United States

Web Designer willing to go the extra mile

Navigating Web Design and HTML + CSS comes naturally to me. I understand the relevance of future technological direction and its impact on the design formats we use today. Just as I love Web Design, HTML and CSS, one of my passion is to share my experience and knowledge through collaboration where all participants benefit. I make sure every person I mentor takes away new, solid knowledge condusive to their fields. I mentor with simple to understand language and terminology, clear examples and honest patience. Every time you have a lesson with me, I guarantee you will level up. 🎓 My knowledge in Web Design can be found in further detail in Smashing Magazine: If you are more interested what I have to say about this realm, below are t...
Kevin Poorman, top Cross browser developerView Profile
Kevin Poorman4.9
Freelance Cross browser developer in Brownsburg, United States
I'm a full time developer working on Apex (Salesforce), iOS, Android, Visualforce (Salesforce html/css) as well as Ruby, Rubymotion, Rails, Angular.js and the rare php project.
Ioan Pokorny, Cross browser freelance coderView Profile
Ioan Pokorny4.5
Freelance Cross browser developer in Segovia, Spain

Senior Full Stack web developer | Sysadmin

I am a Senior Full stack web developer and SysAdmin. I have dedicated my past years in CMS platforms, extending and improving them. I am an expert in Wordpress custom development, Shopify, magento, drupal and Craft. I am an expert in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, JSON, API's. I am a web security specialist and speed optimizer. In addition to everything mentioned above I have great visual assets do design and customize responsive and fluid designs. My ultimate goal is exceeding customers expectations, and I don't stop until I reach that.
Wouter Verweirder, Cross browser freelancer and developerView Profile
Wouter Verweirder5.0
Freelance Cross browser developer in Kortrijk, Belgium

Lecturer at HOWEST

>15 years of coding experience. Faculty member of HOWEST university. Also owner of a company called "Happy Banana," where I work on web projects, mobile apps & interactive installations.
John Ryan, freelance Cross browser programmerView Profile
John Ryan5.0
Freelance Cross browser developer in Grand Forks, United States

Full-Stack Web Developer & Hybrid Mobile Developer (Ionic 1 / 2 / 3 + Angular 1 / 2 / 4) | Previously: Senior Software Engineer @ SmartThings / Samsung

Web (JavaScript, Python, Django, Angular) & Mobile Developer (Swift iOS, Hybrid Ionic, etc) passion for building awesome apps that wow. Also have experience teaching command-line tools, Git + GitHub, JavaScript to over 200 engineers at large corporation. Really enjoy teaching programming & application development to anyone looking to become a developer. More Projects can be found on my GitHub: Languages & frameworks I have experience with: Python Django Javascript jQuery NodeJS AngularJS MeteorJS UnderscoreJS PostgreSQL MySQL Front-end Design: HTML5 Twitter Bootstrap Foundation CSS3 Responsive/Adaptive Design Media Queries Mobile UI Design Mobile Development (Native) iOS 9 + Swift 2.1 Mobile Development (Hybrid)...
Ashish, Cross browser programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Cross browser developer in Noida, India

JavaScript Expert, Front end Developer and Web Engineer

Ask me anything :) I'll do my best guiding you in areas of front end development as well as back end development using JavaScript, Version Control System (Git) and best development practices. I'm an open source developer and has created several projects that are used by thousands of developers. I'm proficient in major frontend frameworks ie React, Angular and Angular JS. I've been to a lot of hackathons, won some of them nationally. Currently, I'm doing independent freelance projects and helping developers in area of web developement.
Nick Beukema, Cross browser freelance coderView Profile
Nick Beukema5.0
Freelance Cross browser developer in Grand Haven, United States

Web Developer who loves front end JS frameworks

I am a full-stack developer and have gotten my hands dirty in over a dozen languages. I specialize in Ruby on Rails and EmberJS, focusing on high availability, and efficient code to allow for a high-scale userbase.
Ran Shem Tov, Cross browser freelance coderView Profile
Ran Shem Tov5.0
Freelance Cross browser developer in Haifa, Israel

Front end Developer

Front-end Developer from Israel. Developer for the web since 2013. Passionate about AngularJS, React, Node.js and the family.
Prem Rose, freelance Cross browser programmerView Profile
Prem Rose5.0
Freelance Cross browser developer in Loule, Portugal

JavaScript programmer, ES6+, Node.js, HTML5, SVG and CSS

A JavaScript programmer with over 15 years experience. I am based Portugal, originally from the UK. I have built open source libraries like Pablo, a JavaScript library for manipulating SVG graphics, and other JavaScript and Node.js projects. Mainly, I work as a web programmer, taking on the creation of web app projects or assisting on existing ones. I also teach JavaScript to new programmers. I am happy to help with either front-end or Node.js enquiries.
Bradley Culley, senior Cross browser developerView Profile
Bradley Culley
Freelance Cross browser developer in Philadelphia, United States

Full Stack Professional Java and JavaScript Developer

I am experienced software engineer who works full-time as a full-stack developer (Java and JavaScript) at a software company in New Jersey. I also have a background in education, with many hours of professional experience doing private tutoring, working in learning centers, and doing other work in the education space. I understand how to help you while making you feel good about what you learn. I am very conscious of keeping my students from feeling overwhelmed or lost. I meet you wherever you are in your current skill level, and I understand that everybody starts a given topic as a complete beginner. Learning with me is enjoyable and empowering.
Auster Chen, Cross browser freelance programmerView Profile
Auster Chen5.0
Freelance Cross browser developer in San Francisco, United States

Expert Frontend Software Engineer

Hi! I'm a frontend software engineer at a highly valued startup. I have experience in javascript/html/css and have built many pages/ui features that are used by millions of users a month.
Daniel Srb, Cross browser freelance developerView Profile
Daniel Srb5.0
Freelance Cross browser developer in Prague, Czechia

Front End Developer and Interaction Designer

Coding websites since 1999. Worked on almost every type of website: one page interactive websites, online news, internet bankings, intranets, online maps, a search engine, e-shops… Worked both alone and as a part of a team. For small and large companies and even some opensource projects. Lately spending increasing amount of time mentoring junior developers.
Chris J Mears, top Cross browser developerView Profile
Chris J Mears5.0
Freelance Cross browser developer in San Diego, United States

Full Stack Web Developer. Technical Advisor for Non-Technical Founders

I am a software engineer consultant, entrepreneur, and technologist with over 15 years of experience in web development, UI / UX, IT, and telecomm with start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies. I've held roles such as Front End Web Engineer, Web Software Developer, IT Manager, Project Manager, and Telecom Specialist. Along with co-founding an Internet start-up, I've architected and maintained several websites and content management systems, developed e-commerce platforms, integrated cross-platform invoicing systems, and organized social media, SEO, and online advertising strategies. Specialties: web development, front end development, e-commerce, online advertising, display advertising, social media, project management, SEO, SEM, usability and QA testing.

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