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Alejandro Corpeño

Alejandro Corpeño

Ruby on Rails developer, 15+ years web dev. experience, Heroku for production apps

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Spanish, English
Creator of the "Become a Heroku Rails Ninja" course at Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/become-a-heroku-rails-ninja/ Co-Founder at Icoms Technologies (http://icoms.co) and Lead Platform Architect for Kamio (http://kam.io), the platform that powers photo manipulation mobile apps such as The Walking Dead Dead Yourself app, which has been the #1 app on the iTunes AppStore and has surpassed 8 million downloads. The platform runs completely on Heroku and has been able to support intense traffic and load spikes. Over the last 15 years I have worked on a variety of projects as a consultant, developing web applications for large companies and small startups. I also have developed several personal projects and prototypes for startup ideas of my own, most of which I host on Heroku as well. I have been developing dynamic database driven web applications since 1999, initially with PHP & MySQL and since 2006 started working with Ruby On Rails.
No icon Heroku - 7 years experience
I have been using Heroku since its beginnings, and have seen it grow from an early startup, up to the enterprise level solution they are now. Over the last three years I have recommended Heroku to all of my clients to host the apps I develop for them, and I've had the opportunity to work one on one with technical account managers at Heroku (with their premium service) to learn more about how to optimize the apps and setup for high scale production level.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 9 years experience
I learned Rails in 2007 after 8 years of experience developing web applications with technologies like PHP and ASP. Ever since moving to rails have been developing all of my personal and professional projects with it, since version 1.x up to now on 4.x
Ruby expert help Ruby - 9 years experience
I learned Ruby on Rails in 2007 after 8 years of experience developing web applications with technologies like PHP and ASP. Now I am have a good level of expertise with Ruby as a language, mostly under the Rails framework but also for general scripting.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 17 years experience
Started doing web development back in 1997, first with plain text editors and then moving along with editors like Dreamweaver, then back to text editors for simplicity and for writing the code directly. In that process I have become very familiar with all aspects of a web page, web application and its interactions with the browsers.
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Thanks for the great quick help.
Max Feb 07, 2016

Excellent. This evening Alejandro used rails and javascript to help me set up google maps markers in a short amount of time.
Kevin Jun 24, 2015

Excellent as usual
Kevin May 20, 2015

Alejandro is awesome!
darius goore Mar 12, 2015

I really enjoyed the experience with Alejandro as mentor, he helped me resolve some difficult problem that took too much time to me, he has a lot of experience on the subject and teach with patience, i recommend for any one else!
Pablo Graviel Seo Jan 09, 2015

Did a great job identifying the problem and getting to the answer.
Bob Cook Jan 08, 2015

Alejandro is very experienced with Rails and can quickly solve problems where you are stuck. He is also a good teacher showing you where you made the miscue in your code.
Tom Neary Dec 24, 2014

Another great session! Quick to schedule, helpful and thorough explanations. Would definitely use him again.
Dave Sick Dec 06, 2014

worth the price!
Bradley Dec 03, 2014

Helped me understand my issues, trouble shot getting everything to work and left me in a good state.
Dave Sick Dec 03, 2014

Unreal mentor. Do it.
Nick Nov 26, 2014

Excellent as usual - cut right to the chase and solved it in a jiffy. Thanks Alejandro!
Dominic Eden Nov 24, 2014

Alejandro is very a quick troubleshooter, I really enjoyed working with him. He went through all the options trying them in order and explaining all details on each step, and then we finally solved the problem reinstalling the newest version of Ruby. Will definitely recommend Alejandro to any developer running into Ruby/Rails roadblocks.
David Montricher Nov 21, 2014

Very Very good mentor
Nick Nov 19, 2014

Absolutely Fantastic! Alejandro was so helpful, with the help he gave as well as explaining what was going on. I would definitely recommend him to everyone.
Shane Nov 18, 2014

Alejandro is a super helpful, friendly guy who cut right to the chase and solved my issue. Couldn't have wished for a more helpful mentor. Thanks!
Dominic Eden Nov 14, 2014

Alejandro made things clear quickly and efficiently. He was a real pleasure to work with, he is friendly, concise, and full of knowledge. Highly recommended!
Dan Nov 06, 2014

Quick to identify issues - patient and nice guy. Thoroughly recommend
Edward Nov 04, 2014

Great at explaining each step of the code.
Rebecca Oct 28, 2014

Usual high standard!
Rebecca Oct 27, 2014

excellent. problems all solved with clear explanations.
Rebecca Oct 24, 2014

Rebecca Oct 23, 2014

He explained everything in an easy to understand fashion and I went from being frustrated ALL DAY to leaving the office with a smile on my face. Well worth it!!
Ben Oct 09, 2014

Very patient and would thoroughly recommend
Edward Sep 28, 2014

Alejandro is very competent and friendly. He answered all my questions and solved my problem by walking me through all the steps and explained each one and all the code modifications very well. I will definitely use him again and highly recommend him as a code mentor.
Andrea Trapp Aug 29, 2014

Really excellent. Quickly picked up the problem I was having in a complex Rails app and worked through it in a logical way. I learnt a lot. Highly recommended.
Ed Wallitt Aug 28, 2014

Alejandro was very helpful in solving our problem. We will work with him the future.
Tony Castiglione Aug 27, 2014

Uploading, processing, and displaying youtube videos through Youtube_it API
Devin Flynn Aug 07, 2014

Video uploading to youtube via youtube_it gem
Devin Flynn Aug 05, 2014

Very helpful, as always, and gets right to the answer to the problem.
Kevin Jul 25, 2014

Alejandro was instrumental in helping me create ajax functionality across my pages.
Tyler Jul 24, 2014

Alejandro helped me fix a few bugs and also added extra features to my Rails app.
Tyler Jul 21, 2014

Alejandro did it great with his explanations and indications.
Javier Jul 21, 2014

Alejandro did it great with his explanations and indications.
Javier Jul 21, 2014

Today Alejandro and I had our 3rd mentoring session and it keeps getting better and better. Highly recommended!
Tyler Jul 19, 2014

Alejandro helped me setup Koala to retrieve a friends list via facebook. Great help!
Tyler Jul 18, 2014

Alejandro was super helpful and was able to solve my issues. He is the man.
Mike Betts Jun 09, 2014

Excellent. Will definitely work with Alejandro again.
Kevin May 27, 2014