Brendan Lee, Coreanimation freelance programmerView Profile
Brendan Lee
Freelance Coreanimation developer in Columbia, United States

iOS Developer with over 40 apps in 5.5 years. Get some help for free.

I began writing iOS apps professionally in the late days of iOS 2. Since then I've helped to bring over 40 high-quality apps to the App Store for clients in a wide range of industries. I specialize in helping companies turn complex desktop software into intuitive, fast, and great looking mobile apps. I also lead a team of developers and designers where we take amazing products from our clients and help turn them into incredible mobile apps. Why am I helping for free? Easy: I was self-taught and know how hard it is to find good people to answer questions. Knowledge should be free, even if manpower for implementing it isn't. I'll get you an answer so you can complete your project and move on to the next challenge. Periodically I also help teach "Let's Learn iOS" workshops for intere...
Zaid Pathan, Coreanimation freelance programmerView Profile
Zaid Pathan4.8
Freelance Coreanimation developer in Ahmedabad, India

Top Rated Mentor

iOS developer who believe in Quality over Quantity Learning Machine Learning, AI.
Andrew Milham, top Coreanimation developerView Profile
Andrew Milham5.0
Freelance Coreanimation developer in Santa Barbara, United States

Software Development Consultant

I've been doing software development consulting for over 20 years. More recently, I got in on iOS development before the official SDK was even available, over 8 years ago. I'm fluent in a number of programming languages, for client-side, server-side, and web development.
Chris Budro, Coreanimation freelance programmerView Profile
Chris Budro5.0
Freelance Coreanimation developer in Kalispell, United States

iOS Developer

I'm an iOS developer with a serious obsession with efficiency. No matter what it is, there's a better way to do anything, and I'm always in search of it. I am proficient in both Objective-C and Swift. Although iOS is definitely my focus and the platform on which I'm most proficient, I love learning new things and consider it a necessity for my own happiness. I have experience working with Java, JavaScript, Node.js and I've also done some work in Python. I have a Bachelor's degree in music production and engineering which has given me plenty of experience with project management. In my free time I love the outdoors especially when I can combine it with my love for travel. I'm also obsessed with fly fishing.
Ludovic Galabru, Coreanimation software engineerView Profile
Ludovic Galabru
Freelance Coreanimation developer in Thiais, France

Mobile (iOS) to Server (Ruby on Rails) Developer + UX Design

Hello, I'm Ludovic. I'm french, and I'm a cofounder in a startup where I'm leading the product and the mobile team (3 developers). I can help you on your iOS issues, but I'm also competent server side if your working with Ruby (Rails, Sinatra, Padrino). Bonus: I'm also passioned by beautiful pixels, so I can also challenge you on your designs.

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