Top Senior Core php Developers - Dec 2017

Freelance web developer and drupal consultant

I am an experienced PHP and Drupal Developer with over 4+ years of experience. I have worked on many projects (some small to medium as well as highly scalable product development) over this time. I have the capability to develop web applications using Drupal and other supporting technologies. My hobby and passion is mentoring team members by sharing knowledge and helping them with troubleshooting. I am capable of understanding requirements and providing solutions throughout the "stack". I am having the ability to design and develop the concept to reality independently as well as a team member.

Laravel Application Developer

Laravel Application Developer by profession and a wannaprenuer. I love to make new solutions which impacts people. I believe in the quote "Anyone can write code which a computer understands, the goal is to make it understandable by a human"

A backend developer with DEVOps Experience

A backend developer with experience of building scalable architecture who loves hacking and tinkering and finding new ways to optimal solutions,Diehard fan for linux and open source .I am always on look out for new challenges .I get motivated when my work impacts lives of people or community . I enjoy being part of culture where creativity and problem solving goes hand in hand .

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

- After 10+ years I could now be classed as a veteran of the digital media world. I have a great understanding of what makes a product (or project) feasible, cost effective and interesting - I also help startups and entrepreneurs in the digital space with technical strategy, roadmap planning and technical Development to get the project off the ground. - Full lifecycle experience in scoping, designing, developing, deploying, and supporting business application using software Methodologies. - Proven success at turning new ideas into launched products through building successful cross-functional teams, fostering a culture of design-driven product development and user experience innovation Let's converse if your Start-up needs any of my following areas of expertise: Front-end technical leadership including Responsive HTML5 Working on charts using D3.js Wrote backend PHP code whenever required using Laravel framework. NodeJS, AngularJS, JavaScript, or reusable web components Chat It (iPhone) - social ephemeral messaging app with the ability to send text, pictures and stickers Stealth project (iPhone) - social app incorporating all media aspects of the iPhone (images, videos, comments, etc.) Framework & toolkit selection or development matched to business & technical reqs Problem Solving with tooling, build automation, continuous delivery, UI best practices & design patterns, coding standards maintenance quality future-proofing, browser standards & compatibility, REST APIs, UX & usability, responsiveness I love coding in Python and Angularjs and I have written many Nagios plugins and custom tools useful for Infrastructure management. I play around with opensource projects like Cassandra, Influx DB, psutils, Docker. I use tools/frameworks like Chef, Ansible, Nagios, Logstash, Splunk, Jenkins, Razor, Cobbler, Vagrant, Infoblox and code in Python, Perl, Javascript(angular), Sqlite, Cassandra, Influxdb an so on.

Chief Marketing Officer & Business Development Manager at I can infotech

I am passionate about customers! I describe myself as a "strategic doer." Many CMOs think about customers and talk using the latest "marketing speak." I believe in "walking the walk" and not just "talking the talk." Great strategy is essential but means nothing if it is not successfully implemented. I solve problems with the "troops" in the "trenches" and do not tolerate managers who dictate orders and walk away. I can successfully manage large scale complex projects. I understand how to integrate different technologies. I tend to be the "go-to" person to get stalled projects moving again. I effectively facilitate cross functional groups for input and then make decisions to move forward. I am experienced in brand management, public relations, and communications (internal and external). I have business-to-consumer (b-to-c) and business-to-business (b-to-b) branding experience.

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