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Seth Price, Common lisp freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Common lisp developer in Okinawa, Japan

Love problems

Avid fan of CommonLisp and Scheme for personal exploratory programming. Actively developing a fork of biwascheme, moving towards a more ES6 centered approach, as well as removing 3rd party bindings to jquery and underscore, in favor of vanilla javascript abstractions, so that the language stays library agnostic. Huge fan of the Make A Lisp project This project is why I encourage atleast a basic understanding of lisp like languages, then work through it in a language you already know, or want to know, and when you understand what is going on, the next time you would like to shift languages, you can browse the implementations in your target language, while working through it in that language, you will pick up idioms as well as see what makes the approach diff...
Alexander Artemenko, Common lisp consultant and programmerHire Now
Freelance Common lisp developer in Zhukovskiy, Russia

Founder of

I use Common Lisp for some of my personal opensource projects. It is great and very powerful language, not limited by functional programming and any other paradigms. Will definitely invest more in evolution in this direction.
Deepak Surti, Common lisp freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Common lisp developer in Thane, India

The programmable programmer.

I developed a search tool that would dynamically generate SQL Queries for an Oracle database at runtime based on the input search parameters. This was for the marketing team at one of the top 6 Hollywood movie studio. (SBCL, Lisplets) (, this was before Rich Hickey gave us Clojure! I prototyped an itinerary builder in Common Lisp (SBCL) for Disney theme parks using the TSP algorithm. I have prototyped an entire scene graph (drawing a lot of design inspiration from SceneKit) with OpenGL 4.x, that supports lights, cameras, colors, textures. This also has a reference Lispworks 3d implementation for actual rendering, but as I am using a closed source OpenGL binding from LW, I have not been able to open source it....
Charlton Wilbur, Common lisp software engineerHire Now
Freelance Common lisp developer in Spofford, United States

Software Engineer, Teacher, Explainer and De-Mystifier

I'm a software engineer with over ten years of exprerience in software architecture, client-server programming, and dynamic languages -- Perl, Python, Ruby, Javascript. I'm also a humanist who's overeducated in music theory and history, with experience teaching in a college classroom and in a software boot camp environment. If you're learning to code or struggling with a problem that's just out of your grasp -- the best way to learn! -- I can help you break problems down, understand the pieces, and create a solution.
André Thieme, Common lisp freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Common lisp developer in Marbella, Spain

Engineer, Entrepreneur and Thinker of solutions that work

Started learning CL in early 2003. I used it to some extent in 2005-2006 professionally in a web application. In 2007 I worked on a project where we used Common Lisp to do artificial intelligence, predicting developments on the stock market. From 2009 till 2014 I worked in a company whose rule-based AI engine was written in CL. Let me know when you need support to get started with Lisp!
Martin Bähr, Common lisp freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Common lisp developer in Beijing, China

Free Software Architect - CTO Consultant - Blockchain Tech Advisor

a few years ago i started developing a commandline application to learn common lisp. this application has then branched off in two different ones that i am still using and maintaining.
John Skilbeck, top Common lisp developerHire Now
Freelance Common lisp developer in San Francisco, United States

Clojure enthusiast, obsessed with computers

Code therapist here, talk to me about your code! I am here to help. I am a backend software engineer, and use my bash/Clojure ninja skills to write fault-tolerant data processing applications; wrap in docker, and deploy on a distributed systems Unix environment.
Jona H., Common lisp developer for hireHire Now
Gulshan Kumar, top Common lisp developerHire Now
Freelance Common lisp developer in Delhi, India

Can get things done.

Full stack developer, can make code work.
Daniel Dombrowsky, Common lisp freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Common lisp developer in Washington, United States

Full stack engineer focusing on backend javascript

Hi I'm Dan. I have been coding javascript for 13 years on the both the server and client side. Would be happy to help you with your projects.
John, top Common lisp developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Common lisp developer in Newville, United States

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